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eKomi releases StarInsights™ on World’s Top Rated Hotel Chains

Best Rated Hotel Chains in the World

Best Rated Hotel Chains in the World

BERLIN, June 06, 2017 – eKomi, the world’s largest provider of user-validated ratings and reviews, has just released its first StarInsights™ (Ref.# 20052017) study with a focus on World’s largest Hospitality Chains.

After weeks of intensive research, eKomi’s team of hospitality experts compared multiple indicators mentioned in various reports online about World’s Largest Hospitality Chains, along with many others found on each chain home websites and so today, present those that exhibited outstanding performance over the past 12 months.

World Hotel Chains Market Overview

The analysts define the term hotel chain. World Atlas gives a detailed description on that together with its own ranking of World’s Largest Hotel Chains: “A hotel chain is a group of hotels owned by one company (..) and manages several hotels across different locations. (…) The chain provides similar services as a franchise in terms of management (..) and the brand operates the hotel by making day to day decisions on behalf of the owner. There are some hotels that exist as hotel chains in different parts of the world making them the shakers and movers of the hospitality industry.”

Bisnow portal explains on its article on world’s top hotels, that physical expansion, together with simplified hotel experience and better connection to the customers with the adoption of new technologies are keys to the success of Hotel Chains.  Loyalty traveler compiled also data including pipelines of hotels expected to open and named top 11 hotel chains worldwide ordering them based on the number of rooms each of them holds. Based on the same portal “room count is the more important data point to the hotel industry for measuring hotel chain size since every room is a potential revenue stream.”

Taking into consideration the research being made online by eKomi analysts together with the use of publicly released Google Seller Ratings and Reviews available in Google shopping seller, the list of World’s Top Rated Hotel Chains is right here.

eKomi StarInsights™ on World’s Top Rated Hotel Chains:


Several key players have hit the top chart on our first StarInsights™ study in the category Best- Rated Hotel Chains in the world. Joint first position for Marriott and Hilton that entered with a stunning 5-star rating, despite having no active seller reviews to date. “If one of those big players had introduced and activated their online review system and had started collecting reviews through Google seller rating, a huge market opportunity would arise against their competitors,” commented Michael Ambros, CEO and Founder of eKomi.

And although Marriott completed the acquisition of Starwoods Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., creating the world’s largest hotel company  (source), the later has scored so far, an absolutely perfect 5 out of 5 star rating through Google Shopping seller. “The merge is expected to change the global hotel chain landscape, so releasing public reviews is a great opportunity to capture potential customers, help build trusted and open relations with them and also strengthen their online presence in the global market” said Michael Ambros.

Intercontinental, Wyndham Worldwide and Hyatt stood out with an average star rating of 4.9 out of 5! This is an almost perfect star rate for the joint third position and the popular hotel chains. Unfortunately, none of them has released their public reviews in Google, potentially leaving space for other hotel chains to take advantage and conquer the market in the following years.

Choice hotels demanded some attention as well since they are on top sixth position and an average star rating of 4.8 out of 5. Best Western and La Quinta achieved an impressive average star rating of 4.7!  Motel 6 received a considerably low average star rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars and it is found in position number nine of our StarInsights list.

Last but not least, Accor Hotels despite an average Star Rating of only 3.5,  is the only hotel chain that gathered a respectable amount of 1,632 reviews empowering its customers online trust and gaining ground of the hotel chain industry pie.

List of Top Hotel Chains with neither reviews or rating

On the latest StarInsights eKomi also analyzed other Top Hotel Chains, that did not manage to activate their Google review system so far.

Prospective customers pay attention to past reviews and pick up their next destination based on reviews and ratings found online. “Especially when it comes to the tourism industry, established brands need to empower their position, by allowing guests review and share their experience online” commented Michael Ambros, CEO and Founder of eKomi.The landscape in World Hotel Chain today


The Crucial Importance of Ratings and Reviews

As many marketing managers now recognize, customer ratings and reviews are absolutely essential for success in the online marketplace – especially when those scores are integrated into Google search results. Although a comprehensive, user-friendly site is obviously crucial, public reviews build trust before visitors even click the site’s link, significantly increasing its chances of receiving traffic.

Reviews and ratings also boost revenue-generating activity and inspire even more positive reviews – setting off a “virtuous cycle” in which a well-reviewed website’s popularity continues to skyrocket. Poor reviews, on the other hand, can set off a downward spiral: a site’s sudden disappearance from top search results can abruptly destroy its customer base.

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