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Re-Assessment of Moving Companies in Cape Town, South Africa | eKomi StarInsights

StarInsights - Re-Assessment of Moving Companies in Cape Town South Africa

StarInsights - Re-Assessment of Moving Companies in Cape Town South Africa

Re-Assessment of Moving Companies in Cape Town, South Africa

Over three months ago, eKomi StarInsights published an article about moving companies in Cape Town. Due to the changing nature of business, technological, economic, and social dimensions, we have created a new category for business review and evaluation forums.

Today’s article is a follow-up report from Star Insights, which includes comparing previously recorded reviews with online reviews and learning from the review experience. It is a process in which both businesses and consumers look back, reflect on what they have learned, and reflect on how the lessons learned can be used to develop and improve businesses in different sectors. This article provides an in-depth study of the best moving companies in Cape Town as of the 14th of November.

Industry Overview

In general, moving companies are often called by different names. However, a fundamental feature is that these companies move family or company ownership from one place to another. Movers are in the logistics industry, and logistics is big business. Every day, people move goods from one place to another. Everyday economic activities are heavily dependent on logistics. It is a lucrative business and every industry needs logistics services to keep their business running smoothly.

As part of the logistics and supply chain, movers are becoming more specialized and diversified. Due to the different types of goods and products that require special handling, there are many different types and services that movers specialize in.

When selecting a mover, most people consider the company’s reputation in the market, years of experience and qualifications, the number of vehicles, and employees. Apart from these factors, for this StarInsights report, we pay close attention to his company reviews and ratings on Google Maps, considering the number of reviews and ratings, and rank them accordingly.

Here is the current list of the top ten moving companies in Mother City that have been earning rave reviews from satisfied clients. The report will make a cross-reference to the previous rankings and the current ones accordingly.

Comparison of Moving Companies in Cape Town

Moving Company (Previously) Rating Reviews Moving Company (Current) Rating Reviews
dude & van – Cape Town 5.0 142 dude & van – Cape Town 5.0 156
Go Gorilla Movers (PTY) Ltd 5.0 47 Two Men and a Truck, Cape Town *** 4.9 1138
Iron Horse Relocations 4.9 76 FAST MOVERS*** FURNITURE REMOVALS 4.9 61
365 MOVES 4.9 54 365 MOVES 4.9 61
Cape Removals 4.7 148 Iron Horse Relocations 4.9 47
Biggles Furniture Removals SA * 4.7 76 Go Gorilla Movers (PTY) Ltd 4.9 48
LoadALot 4.6 140 Moving Company 4.8 72
Leopard Movers* 4.4 194 Conneck Moving Services 4.8 66
Mr Cheap Transport* 3.9 270 Cape Removals** 4.8 53

***New entry Moving Companies **Previously top-rated *No longer in the top 10

As of today, dude & van – Cape Town is the best rated with an astonishing 5.0 out of 5-star rating. It recently got to first place thanks to its consistency in doing business, and high customer service. Two Men and a Truck, is a new entry to our curated list, they exceptionally do well as reflected in their stable rating of 4.9 stars from1138 reviews. These results are all the more amazing because having a good rating with large sample size is a very desirable feature.

The new entrants have outshone the previously top-rated moving companies of the previous StarInsights. It’s evident that these companies have invested in tools that enable them to improve their reputation. In the recent past, companies have shifted more of their focus towards addressing the negative comments and reviews on their services. This builds more customer trust and consequently a dramatic increase in revenue and growth.

Most reviewed moving company in Cape Town

Moving Company  Number of Reviews
Two Men and a Truck, Cape Town 1138
Mr. Cheap Transport 363
Leopard Movers 256
Eezi Move (Cape Town) 202
LoadALot 162
dude & van – Cape Town 156
Cape Removals – Cape Town Moving Company 152
Lennie’s Removals, Bakkie & Trailer Hire 113
Stuttaford Van Lines, Cape Town 97
Biggles Furniture Removals SA – Moving Company  84

In terms of the most reviewed moving company, Two Men and a Truck have sits on the top position  having collected 1138 reviews. It is followed by, Mr. Cheap Transport with 36 reviews and Leopards Movers in third place with 256 reviews. To have such a good response from customers, these moving companies have systems in place to motivate feedback generation. Hence, they generally have a competitive advantage over other companies.

Congratulations are also in order for the CEOs of the top three companies, and the rest of the listed moving companies, for their great leadership that reflects in the high reviews. Today, price comparison is not enough to make a decision on which mover is best for you.

eKomi’s Recommendation and Conclusions

Choosing moving companies in Cape Town ultimately boil down to having all the information. It is quite simple to select the least expensive alternative or to be persuaded by the enormous claims of quick actions and low prices made by numerous fly-by-night businesses.

It is always best to thoroughly study potential companies before entrusting them with your possessions. In this digital world, we live in today; it’s easy to read reviews on Google, conduct web searches, and keep an eye out for both positive and negative evaluations.

This will make it much simpler to select moving firms that will give you complete peace of mind during the entire moving process. And, for the moving companies, invest and work with eKomi, a Google feedback company that will equip you with all solutions to position your business adequately.

Numerous businesses from various industries have benefited from eKomi‘s help, raising their profits. eKomi will essentially increase this sector’s exposure while reducing its risk.

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