Rental Cars Market Australia – eKomi StarInsights Award 2022

Rental Cars Market Australia - eKomi Starinsights 2022


One of the most competitive industries in Australia is the car rentals industry. Not just are there several car rental services, but excellent ones, at that. It is, therefore, imperative to have a fair idea of which rental service stands out.

This is where we, at eKomi, come into play. After carefully analyzing market trends, digital presence, and online reviews, we have a new winner of the Ekomi StarInsights 2022 for the car rentals services. 

What company is it? Let’s find out!

Industry Overview

Every major industry in the world has been affected in a way by the coronavirus pandemic; some industries more than others. Globally, the car rentals industry is one of the rather more affected ones.

There has been a worldwide shortage of electronic chips used in the manufacture of cars, concurrently causing a shortage in the number of new and old cars available in the car market. This shortage in electronic chips is no direct fault of manufacturers, as the demand for the chips for various electronic products used during lockdown was unprecedented.

Since the car rentals industry directly depends on the state of the car market, there has been a steady increase in car rentals prices over the last year. However, despite the general uptick in the cost department, the demand for car rental services has only increased.

According to Kayak, one of the foremost travel search engines, the number of people searching for rental cars more than doubled between December 1, 2021 and January 31, 2022, compared to the year before.

This further reinforces the need for a reliable car rental company in the midst of increased demand and price hikes. Fortunately, there are many good car rental companies in Australia, with seven of the best outlined below.

  • East Coast Car Rentals
  • Avis
  • Europcar
  • Budget
  • Hertz
  • Thrifty
  • Alamo

Given the increased demand for rental services, rental companies in Australia have sought to increase their output by buying more cars. That is not unexpected, and neither is the healthy competition currently existing between the top companies in the car rentals industry of Australia.

Most Reviewed Car Rental Companies

One of the more reliable indicators of a company’s brilliance is the quantity and quality of its reviews. If several people care enough to comment about a company, then the company is either doing something very right or something very wrong. The former is the case for all of the top seven companies we will consider.

We have scoured through the major platforms for reviews about these companies. On eKomi, the most reviewed company is none other than East Coast Car Rentals with 34,311 reviews. This is significant because eKomi is the global leader in providing user-validated ratings and reviews.

Company Total reviews Rating
East Coast Car Rentals 45,223 4.10
Hertz  18,525 3.17
Avis  11,854 2.74
Budget  8820  2.63
Alamo  4566  3.10
Thrifty  3436  2.98
Europcar  3205  1.90


From the table above, East Coast Car Rentals is the clear winner in both the total reviews and ratings department, holding a significant lead over the next placed companies. Having a high rating with high sample size is a very desirable feature, which makes East Coast Car Rentals results all the more impressive.

eKomi’s StarInsight 2022

Aside from the reviews and ratings of these companies, we have considered several other factors in deciding the winner of StarInsight 2022. Some of these factors include online visibility, website traffic, and overall digital presence. 

From our research and expertise, the winner of the eKomi’s StarInsight 2022 is East Coast Car Rentals. This company excels in every category and metric for the success of car rental companies, but so do a few other companies. So, what sets them apart?

2022 Winner

For starters, East Coast Car Rental Services is regarded as the biggest independent car rental company in Australia by Tripadvisor. The company services 12 locations, including Adelaide Airport, Brisbane Airport, Brisbane City, Cairns Airport, Gold Coast Airport, Hobart Airport, Launceston Airport, Melbourne Airport, Melbourne City, Sunshine Coast Airport, and Sydney Airport.

Furthermore, East Coast Car Rentals offers one of the best pricing and cancellation policy in the industry, making them the most cost-effective of the car rental companies in Australia. 

An analysis of East Coast’s customer reviews indicates that customers are pleasantly surprised after experiencing the service and comments are specific around the personable experience that East Coast delivers away from the hustle and bustle of a busy airport. Our research tells us that the majority of East Coast’s cars are less than 12 months old, customers can be assured of the cleanliness of both the interior and exterior of the cars. Another advantage of East Coast Car Rentals is the ease with which customers can pick up and drop off vehicles including free shuttles to and from major airports. The company has really built its business model around service and you can see the evidence coming through in their reviews. Many customers even drop off the vehicles at entirely different locations from where they picked them up.


There is a very high demand for car rental services in Australia right now. However, there is a global shortage of electronic chips important in manufacturing cars. Nonetheless, the top car rental services in Australia have upped their game in a bid to match the increase in demand.

Luckily, there are many top car rental companies in Australia. We have considered many factors, including reviews and ratings, digital presence, cost-effectiveness, and online visibility to choose the best of lot and winner of the StarInsight 2022.

The clear winner is East Coast Car Rentals, as they combine quality with affordability and convenience. It is also no surprise that they are regarded as Australia’s biggest independent rental service.

We can confidently recommend this service to anyone in Australia looking for the best car rental service.

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