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StarInsights - Scouting The Best Fully Vegan Restaurants in London, United Kingdom

Scouting The Best Fully Vegan Restaurants in London, United Kingdom

Veganism is the lifestyle that rejects animal exploitation for any commodities such as food, clothing, or other purposes. It has gained massive mainstream attention over recent years. Nowadays, in every country, there is at least one or a handful of restaurants catering to vegans, whether fully or partially. In today’s article, we are travelling to London to scrutinise its vegan restaurants and pick the top ones as per the people’s choices. 

The Vegan Restaurant Scene in London

According to the study by Happycow, London ranks number one city in the world with the most vegan-friendly cities as of 2022. To come to such conclusions, the study was based on various indicators. These included the number of purely vegan restaurants within a 10 km radius of city centres, the number of other vegan establishments such as shops and bakeries, and the density of vegan businesses per capita. London boasts over 200 100% vegan restaurants, according to this study. As such, we were triggered to unveil the best among the competing players in the city. 

We searched Google web to find the best 100% vegan restaurants in London. Publicly available data from the restaurants’ Google My Business profiles were used to contrast the entries using their star ratings and reviews. We obtained 150+ entries that were sorted based on the highest ratings and the most reviewed as shown below: 

Best Rated Vegan Restaurants in London, UK

Restaurant Rating Number of reviews 
Dauns 5.0 287
My Vegan Yummy Muffins 5.0 5
Hooyo’s Vegan  5.0 10
Vegan World 5.0 5
Vegan Yes Shoreditch 4.9 1080
Amrutha Lounge 4.9 873
Hibox 4.9 258
Addis Vegan Kitchen 4.9 316
Sen Viet Vegan Restaurant 4.9 348
Plates London 4.9 32

Most Reviewed Vegan Restaurants in London, UK

Restaurant Number of reviews  Rating 
Mildreds Soho 3481 4.5
Temple of Seitan 3048 4.4
Mildreds Kings Cross 1996 4.5
Farmacy 1954 4.3
Mildreds Camden 1863 4.5
Purezza Camden  1698 4.6
Unity Diner 1478 4.6
222 Vegan Cuisine 1376 4.5
Peachy Goat 255 4.1
Thenga Cafe 239 4.1

The eKomi Commentary on the Findings

According to this research, the best-rated vegan restaurants in London exhibit either 5.0-star or 4.9-star. The top 5.0-star restaurant is Dauns with 287 reviews, whereas the principal 4.9-star restaurant was found to be Vegan Yes Shoreditch with 1080 reviews. 

Overall, half of the restaurants in this chart have decent customer feedback, while the other half has quite a low review count, as few as 5 reviews. It is high time for these restaurants to deploy efforts into collecting more of their customer opinions to remain a player worthy of note in the competition. 

Over the most-reviewed restaurants’ chart, the number of reviews is staggeringly high, except for two establishments with around 200 reviews. The top contender in this chart was found to be Mildreds Soho (4.5-star) with 3481 reviews. This is an incredible volume of customer-generated content that implies leadership in the vegan restaurant industry. 

Indeed, two other entries in the top five are taken up by other branches of Mildreds located in different areas of London with reviews between 1996 and 1863. Congratulations to Mildreds for affirming themselves on the market. 

Other establishments deserving a special mention are Temple of Seitan (4.4-star) with 3048 reviews, the runner-up on the chart, Farmacy (4.3) with 1954 coming fourth place, and Purezza Camden (4.6-star) with 1698, coming sixth place. 

We congratulate all the restaurants that made it to our listings, either as best-rated or most-reviewed. A feature in our industry insights means that your business has a noticeable foothold in the industry in which you operate. However, as commented earlier, your business may need to improve on your review collection systems in order to showcase that your products and services are appreciated by the public. 

Conclusions and Recommendations

eKomi is here to make a difference for your business, whether you are not collecting customer feedback or you wish to leverage your established popularity to rocket your sales revenue from user-generated content. 

Our proprietary software-as-a-service streamlines your review collection process from the time of purchase to its end-using on your website. This, in turn, tremendously boosts your digital marketing efforts. 

As a Google review company, the reviews you gather are synchronised with Google Seller Ratings, which means better visibility, ranking, and traffic to your website. Book your consultation today to get started. 

Stay Tuned

In three months’ time, we will re-evaluate Vegan restaurants in London to determine which ones are leading the industry leaders. Stay tuned to the eKomi blog to discover your business positioning. 

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