South Africa Online Retailers and Payment Options

South Africa Online Retailer and Payment Options

South Africa Online Retailers and Payment Options

Generally, online stores that want to cater to a greater market share must provide customers with a superior user experience. One of the best ways to do so is to provide a variety of online payment systems. No wonder why the digital world is abuzz right now with emerging payments, and for good reason.

In the past year, a whopping 95% of all customers have used one of the new digital payment methods that are now readily available to them to make an online purchase. (Business Tech Report: 2021) Customers have jumped at the chance to start grabbing payment methods for their online purchases and enjoy the variety of choices made available by merchants and online retailers.

In order to provide customers with a variety of safe, secure, and simple ways to pay for their goods, contactless, cryptocurrency, biometrics, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), open banking, and account-to-account payments are thriving and expected to simply accelerate over the next few years.

Security remains the top concern for all customers, but rewards and ease of use are also highly desired elements in the payment industry. Although the majority of customers are enjoying the options that are being offered to them, traditional payment methods like swiping or inserting are still thought to be more secure.

Therefore, many people wonder if having several options is worthwhile and if the ROI  (Return On Investment) justifies the money spent and the resources used for payments. 

Brands all over the country and the world are avoiding the difficulties posed by a variety of payment options and giving their customers the options they want. This translates into a stronger customer base for the business and higher monthly revenue. But how do they manage to do it?

Most, companies are gradually beginning to streamline payments, from managing multiple payment channels to enhancing security, opening up communication with customers, and creating seamless operations in the backend.

Consequently, for customers, online reviews and testimonials are all that matter in building trust. That’s especially true for ecommerce sales, it’s clear, then, that a lack of online reviews will be a huge detrimental to a brand.

Surveys in the form of reviews and ratings today impact purchases greatly and are a manual for informing buyers about the sort and nature of services offered by the online retailer. Online evaluations act as references when they produce positive reviews, which, when combined with appropriate counsel from review agencies like eKomi, equal sales growth, and overall company improvement.

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