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An Analysis of Air Force Bases in the USA | An eKomi StarInsights report

StarInsights Air Force Base USA Feedback Ratings Reviews

StarInsights Air Force Base USA Feedback Ratings Reviews

Assessment of Air Force Bases in the USA

StarInsights report is an ongoing series on a specific sector’s market research data, assessing leading companies and businesses with a decent number of positive user ratings and reviews. Today’s article is based on research into Air Force Bases in the USA.

eKomi’s Review of Air Force Bases in America

An air force base is a centre used as a military base by a military force for the operation of military aircraft. It is a place where military airliners land, take off, are serviced, etc. Multiple staff also live on air force bases, and they can additionally be referred to as military airfields, air stations, or air force stations. 

eKomi believes that reviews and ratings are essential to the development of a business and its growth and so, we conducted a study on the best and most rated Air Force Bases in the USA using reviews and ratings left on Google Maps.

Most Rated Air Force Bases in the USA

Name of Air Force Base

Number of Reviews

Luke Air Force Base 261
MacDill Air Force Base 187
Sheppard Air Force Base 156
Hill Air Force Base 147
Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling 127
Dover Air Force Base 94
Scott Air Force Base 91
Dobbins Air Reserve Base 91
Langley Air Force Base 89
Goodfellow Air Force Base 70

Luke Air Force Base is at the top of our most rated list with 261 reviews, most of which are from the veterans who work or were posted there, and residents in that area who complain about the noise the aircraft make. With 187 reviews, MacDill Air Force Base is next on the list, and their reviews mostly consist of compliments on their air shows and their facilities and services. Sheppard Air Force Base follows with 156 reviews, most of which are by army veterans who worked there at some point in time.

At the bottom of our list, we have Langley Air Force Base and Goodfellow Air Force Base with 89 and 70 reviews each. Goodfellow is described as a great place to expand boundaries, and Langley is said to have lots of variety. 

These Air Force bases understand the importance of these reviews to their online presence. In addition to these reviews, ratings are also quite important to the growth of a business and in the long run, they boost client satisfaction and sales. 

eKomi understands the importance of ratings, and so we completed the StarInsights appraisal by assembling a list of the top 10 highest-rated Air Force Bases in America.

Highest Rated Air Force Bases in the USA

Name of Air Force Base


MacDill Air Force Base 4.5
Scott Air Force Base 4.5
Whiteman Air Force Base 4.5
McChord 4.4
Luke Air Force Base 4.3
Hill Air Force Base 4.3
Langley Air Force Base 4.3
Los Angeles Air Force Base 4.2
Hanscom Air Force Base 4.2
Dobbins Air Reserve Base 4.0

The top 3 Air Force Bases in this highest rated list all share a rating of 4.5 stars. MacDill Air Force Base is at the top and with 187 reviews, it is obvious that this Air Force Base is a wonderful facility, and that is reflected in its reviews. The Scott Air Force Base is next on our list, with reviews painting it as well maintained and introducing vast cultures to their community. It should be mentioned, however, that the Whiteman Air Force Base has only 28 reviews to its name, even with a 4.5 rating.

Our bottom two on this list, Hanscom Air Force Base and Dobbins Air Reserve Base, each have ratings of 4.2 stars and 4.0 stars. This is a testament to their understanding of the importance of these ratings and reviews in their industry.

eKomi commends the top three Air Force Bases in both categories for their excellent services and urges all their counterparts to reach out to a review agency like eKomi, which works with a creative and efficient team to produce reviews that are credible and reliable. The eKomi team presents all businesses with an offer to assess customer satisfaction, and this includes a free consultation to determine the level of growth a business is at and to heighten its online traffic and sales development.

Check out eKomi’s blog in three months to follow up on our assessment of which Air Force Bases will be the best and most rated in America.

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