eKomi | A StarInsights Assessment of Mortgage Brokers in Cape Town, South Africa 

An Assessment of Mortgage Brokers in Cape Town, South Africa 

An Assessment of Mortgage Brokers in Cape Town, South Africa 

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security.” Suze Orman

A mortgage is usually a good decision for home-owners and the only way most people can afford a property. For this reason, South Africa has many options for mortgages, but choosing the best one with a tailored offer might be difficult. As a result, before making a decision, you should look about, get as much information as possible, and select a strategy that meets your needs and financial constraints. 

This StarInsights report provides a comprehensive analysis to curate a list of the top-rated and most reviewed mortgage brokers in Cape Town. It’s purely independent of the company’s opinions, but based on sourced from the aggregate of personal opinions that the users of this service have given over time.

Industry Overview of Mortgage Brokers in Cape Town, South Africa

In a word, a mortgage is a long-term loan designed to assist in buying real estate. Financial institutions such as banks, microfinance organizations, building societies, and others provide it. In a mortgage plan, the home buyer utilizes the house and the surrounding property while the bank maintains them as security until one has paid off the loan balance and any accrued interest to the lender.

Mortgage brokers, on the other hand, start negotiations and handle both residential and commercial properties. They play a crucial role in the mortgage system, since they consistently identify the best mortgage choice for their clients from the many possibilities they would have personally compiled. This aids consumers in saving time, which ultimately aids them in saving money.

Because their abilities are so little known by their clients, mortgage brokers’ adaptability to client demands might occasionally go unreported. Users are expected to provide frank feedback on the services they use when working with a mortgage broker. There are extremely detailed explanations available online, but consulting customer reviews of each type of mortgage broker can make the explanations far more relatable.

Other individuals notice these evaluations and use this suggestion to start dealing with the broker whose ratings they are most pleased with. These evaluations reflect a customer’s assessment of the mortgage service received, as well as their level of confidence or mistrust for the company they have previously used.

Most reviewed Mortgage Brokers in Cape Town

Mortgage Company

Number of Reviews

Mortgage Express 85
Sable International: Cape Town 43
MarketDirect.co.za 35
Cape Holdings Home Loans 30
SA Finance Corporation 25
Property Loans – South African Bond Originators 19
Granite Finance – Property Bridging Finance SA 12
FundingHub 11
Personix Insurance Brokers 4
Goodsure Brokers 3

Congratulations to the most reviewed mortgage brokers. They had secured the spot by starting and completing the most convenient mortgage plans for their clientèle. Mortgage Express comes first with 85 reviews. This is followed by Sable International: Cape Town with 43 reviews and Market Direct completes the top three list with 35 reviews.

Ratings are also quite significant to a business’s importance, and in the long run, they boost customer satisfaction and sales. eKomi understands the importance of ratings, and so we completed the StarInsights assessment by putting together a list of the top ten highest-rated Mortgage Brokers in Cape Town.

Top-rated Mortgage Brokers in Cape Town

Mortgage Company


Mortgage Express 5.0
Cape Holdings Home Loans 5.0
SA Finance Corporation 5.0
Property Loans – South African Bond Originators 5.0
Granite Finance – Property Bridging Finance SA 5.0
Personix Insurance Brokers 5.0
Goodsure Brokers 5.0
FundingHub 4.9
MarketDirect.co.za 4.8
Sable International: Cape Town 4.2

The CEOs of these businesses also deserve praise for their well-considered responses to Cape Town’s mortgage-related problems. Their imaginative pursuit of perfection led to an ongoing creative push to continuously delight their clientèle. The mortgage industry is large and unrestricted. They have, however, not only been able to meet a sizable portion of this amount, but have also done it to an exceptional degree of precision.

eKomi provides a system that helps mortgage brokers receive honest and convincing reviews about their services within the areas they cover. Whether the broker operates a physical store or can get clients via their website, the reviews can still work. You can contact eKomi for a 100% free consultation that would guide you into getting the reviews that would shoot you to the top of the mortgage broker league.

In three months, this StarInsights report will be re-evaluated. House hunters also provide feedback to brokers who help them discover the ideal home that fits their preferences when services are rendered to them. As a result, the positions of the brokers on the table alter continuously. One of the main secrets to becoming a successful mortgage broker is this. Obtain reviews, provide excellent services, and increase the number of reviews. You would soon be topping the tables, we bet.

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