StarInsights eKomi | Best Coffee Shops along the Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town, South Africa

StarInsights Best Coffee Shops along the Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town, South Africa

Best Coffee Shops along the Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town, South Africa

“Life is too short for bad coffee” – Gord Downie

Coffee Shops, A Unique Experience

Coffee shops are often seen as an escape from daily life. They offer a place where you can relax with friends or family and enjoy some good company. Coffee shops are also fantastic places to connect with people who share similar interests and common values. 

Another reason why people go to coffee shops is that they like the taste of coffee. Many people drink coffee on a regular basis, so they can stay alert throughout the day or even use caffeine as an energy booster before exercising or doing something else that requires focus and attention.

The Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town offers a plethora of coffee shops, often referred to as cafés. This is certainly a contributing factor to why this area is such an attractive place that allures locals and tourists searching for entertainment along one of the coastlines in Cape Town. Herein, we present a list of the top ten coffee shops along the Atlantic Seaboard. 

What Coffee Shops Does Google Suggest? 

To find out what the best coffee shops are along the Atlantic Seaboard from Google Maps, several search queries were tested to discover which query would provide the most centralised results to the area of interest. It was found that either “coffee shops on the Atlantic Seaboard” or “best-rated coffee shops on the Atlantic Seaboard” offered the largest pool of options for coffee along the Atlantic Seaboard.

Top results for “Coffee Shops on the Atlantic Seaboard”

Coffee shops


Number of reviews 

Shift Espresso Bar (Waterway House 4.5 328
Bootlegger Coffee Company (Aquarium) 4.2 152
The Coffee Power Station, V&A Food Market 4.4 14
Caffe Neo 4.1 759
The Deck 4.6 92
Native Coffee Roasters 4.4 90
Enmasse Espresso & Tea Merchants 4.9 7
Pauline’s 4.7 158
Shift Espresso Bar (Green Point 4.6 386
Seattle Coffee Company (Green Point) 3.9 9
Coco Safar Artem 4.5 1428

Top results for “Best-rated Coffee Shops on the Atlantic Seaboard”

Coffee shops


Number of reviews 

Coco Safar Artem 4.5 1428
Caffe Neo 4.1 759
Pauline’s 4.7 158
Native Coffee Roasters 4.4 90
Mischu Coffee 4.2 120
Vida e Caffe St Johns 4.1 54
The Deck  4.6 92
Shift Expresso  4.8 93
Black Insomnia Coffee South Africa 4.0 4
Bootlegger Coffee Company (Halaal)  4.3 470
Seattle Coffee Company (Sea Point) 4.4 326

Our golden coffee findings

The results obtained from Google Maps show a few interesting nuances. Whether you enter “coffee shops on the Atlantic Seaboard” or add the keyword “best” to your search on Google, the results are staggeringly close. We found that 4 coffee shops feature on both lists namely Coco Safar Artem, Caffe Neo, The Deck, and Native Coffee Roasters. In addition, three shops listed on both tables are coffee shops from the same coffee companies, Bootlegger Coffee Company, Shift Espresso Bar, and Seattle Coffee Company. As far as ratings and reviews are concerned, with or without entering the keyword ‘’best’’ on Google, the coffee shops featured in the top ten possess high ratings and a considerable number of reviews. The ratings on this list are between 4.6 and 3.9 and the highest number of reviews is achieved by Coco Safar Artem with 1428. 

These findings show collectively that when users look for products or services, search engines such as Google prioritise businesses carrying high ratings and a great number of reviews. When a search is specified with the keyword “best”, businesses with reviews containing the same keyword or a synonymous term have a higher chance of being discovered when users are actively searching for their products or services. Most coffee shops had at least one review that highlighted the good quality coffee they offer their customers. 

The company eKomi wants to congratulate all the coffee shops mentioned in this article for achieving such impressive results on Google’s organic search.

Coffee Shops in Cape Town

When high-standard products and/or services are coupled with an online presence representing social proof, businesses have a greater chance of conversions and generating sales. Reviews and ratings are the vehicle that attracts more customers to your company without strenuous efforts. 

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