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The Best-Rated Hair Salons in Cape Town, South Africa

Hair salons provide a variety of services for people who want to take care of their appearance. Services such as hair cutting, hairstyling, and hair colouring are all available at most hair salons. Some salons also offer other services such as nail care and skin care.

Services provided by hair salons are usually considered a necessity by most people, as it is difficult to cut and style one’s own hair.  Therefore, hair salons will continue to be in demand and will always have a place in society.

When a customer needs to find a hair salon in an unfamiliar area, Google Maps will be their search assistant. More often than not, recommendations left by complete strangers will be their trust pilot. That is, customer feedback matters. Today, your customer opinions are the flesh and blood of businesses online, they are storefronts. This is the reason customer satisfaction is the top priority to ensure that your business can stay ahead of the competition.  

Cape Town’s Best Hair Salons 

There are a myriad of hair salons based in Cape Town. We browsed Google Maps to highlight the best hair salons that Cape Town has to offer. We retained the top 10 based on their star ratings and reviews. The results of 01 November 2022 were obtained as follows: 

Best Rated Hair Salons in Cape Town

Companies Rating Number of reviews 
Ierephaan Hair Salon 5.0 63
Hermanos Barber Shop 5.0 135
Blonde Hair Studio 5.0 43
Akora Hair Salon 5.0 36
Hermanos Barber Shop 5.0 54
Mode Hair and Beauty 5.0 39
TK Hair Studio & Beauty Products 5.0 34
Davina Divine Hair 5.0 21
At Stylar 5.0 21

Most Reviewed Hair Salons in Cape Town

Companies Number of reviews  Rating 
Excentric on Kloof 585 4.7
KidStation 370 4.5
Bionic Hair And Beauty 345 4.5
Just Peachy Hair 322 4.9
scar 314 4.6
EDGE for Men Cavendish Square 289 4.6
Carlton Hair Canal Walk 259 4.4
Blokes Hair 257 4.8
Style Bar Cape Gate 230 4.6
Excentric on Point 226 4.7

Industry Leaders in the Hairdressing Arena

The best-rated hair salons in Cape Town are all 5-star rated salons. The most distinguished salon in this category is Hermanos Barber Shop with 135 reviews, the highest review count on our list. Congratulations on standing out on our charts. The following contender is Lerephaan Hair Salon with 63 reviews. The rest of the 5.0-star establishments feature between 54 and 12 reviews. 

In terms of highly reviewed companies, the top 1 space of our chart is taken by Excentric on Kloof with 585 reviews next to its equally remarkable 4.7-star rating. The rest of the entries on this chart are just as exceptional, their review count is between 345 and 226. Considering that, they have an aggregate rating between 4.9 and 4.4-star. eKomi is highly pleased with such customer feedback and would like to extend a profitable offer. 

Indeed, while browsing through each hair salon’s website, we did not encounter any featuring their great customer opinions. Customer feedback is one of the backbones of gaining customer trust as well as loyalty. It plays a big part in customer decision-making and raises confidence that they are choosing the right service. So, what would it be like to feature your reviews on your website? 

The eKomi Feebdack Contribution 

Traditionally, businesses would have to spend time on the back end of their digital platforms to embed their past customer reviews into them. It is a tedious task, not every business has the skills to do. Thankfully, you can now leave it into our hands while you focus on other areas of your business. 

We are eKomi, The Feedback Company. We provide stellar services that help businesses catapult their digital marketing by fully managing their customer feedback through our intelligent software-as-a-service. 

How does it work? Well, we gather your transaction-based feedback, which guarantees authenticity, and then our skilled customer feedback management team vets your reviews before they are published on your website. We provide you with our trust seal to increase credibility among your prospects and existing customers. Our solution is fully integrated with Google Seller Ratings to give you an edge on visibility and ranking over the competition. 

Book a free consultation with us to collect more reviews and improve your digital imprint. 

Stay Tuned

In three months’ time, we will re-assess hair salons in Cape Town using the same methodology to find out which business is ahead in the market. Stay tuned to the eKomi blog to discover your industry insights. 

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