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StarInsights eKomi | A StarInsights Review of Dis-Chem Pharmacies in Pretoria

StarInsights Disc-Chem Pretoria South Africa

StarInsights Disc-Chem Pretoria South Africa

A StarInsights Review of Dis-Chem Pharmacies in Pretoria, South Africa (SA)

E-commerce has rapidly grown in the recent past, and so has the online presence of pharmacies in SA. This is backed by the fact that there are many pharmaceuticals available in every City, making this industry busy and highly competitive. As part of our objective at eKomi to help consumers make the right choices, and businesses to have a consumer-focused approach in return for business growth and revenue; today’s StarInsights report reviews the most rated and reviewed pharmacies in Pretoria, based on consumer experiences across the following categories:

Against this context, particular reference was given to Dis-Chem, and we evaluated outlets in Pretoria using publicly disclosed findings from Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated system of ratings and reviews. We opted to examine it from a digital marketing standpoint to reveal how they are currently positioned with regard to reputation.

An Industry Overview of Dis-Chem Pharmaceuticals 

Dis-Chem has become the best pharmacy in SA. Trusted by more than 400,000 customers, this independent pharmacy has set itself apart from the rest of the competition. Dis-Chem has 165+  stores across the country, with its predominant exposure in Gauteng, including four stores in Namibia and 1 in Botswana.

Growth has been continuous for Dis-Chem, through the use of its new ecommerce website. By combining their physical pharmacies with an eCommerce, platform, they have created a huge footprint. Additionally, it should come as no surprise that Dis-Chem’s online presence has created additional consumer touchpoints for their business. The more of these touchpoints, the easier it has become to engage with clients and retained them to come back.

On the contrary, when buying things, modern consumers use a variety of outlets. Many people begin their searches online, where they may quickly compare options from several merchants. In this case, therefore, a customer’s experience (CX) will ultimately define Pharmaceutical growth because, in the digital world, reviews and ratings have become a global trading currency. 

Being two-sided, Reviews are great for both the business and the customers. When patients come in for treatment and medications, and they give reviews, it immediately affects the way another patient would see the brand. Given, that there are many Dis-Chem outlets, reviews and ratings become the major determinant of which store gets a bigger market share based on customer experiences. 

In the end, this could be a case of why does one location generate positive cash flow while another location doesn’t? Immediately, several questions come to mind: Were there not enough customers? Poor service? Budget? Etc. But let’s face it. We live in a world of instant gratification, where information and endless options for communication and sharing are constantly at our fingertips.

Therefore, where there are positive reviews and the brand pops up to those searching for pharmacies around them, the good service is also replicated in another body. Without further ad, let’s delve into the stats.

Top-rated Dis-Chem in Pretoria

Branch name


Number of Reviews

Dis-Chem Pharmacy Tshwane Regional Mall 4.2 6
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Mams Mall – Mamelodi East 4.1 23
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Castle Gate – Erasmus Kloof 4.0 66
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Zambezi Junction 4.0 23
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Glenfair – Lynnwood Manor 3.8 104
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Brooklyn Mall 3.8 99
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Olympus – Pretoria 3.6 175
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Loftus Park – Hatfield 3.6 82
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Wonderpark – Karenpark 3.6 63
Dis-Chem Pharmacy The Club Surgical – Hazelwood 3.6 36
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Wonderboom Junction 3.5 104
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Woodlands Mall 3.5 85
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Menlyn Park – Pretoria 3.5 84
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Montana – Kollonade 3.4 101
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Lynnwood Lane 3.4 57
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Hazeldean – Silverlakes 3.2 102
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Waverley – Villieria 1.5 13

The most reviewed Dis-Chem in Pretoria

Branch name

Number of Reviews

Dis-Chem Pharmacy Olympus – Pretoria 175
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Glenfair – Lynnwood Manor 104
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Wonderboom Junction 104
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Hazeldean – Silverlakes 102
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Montana – Kollonade 101
Dis-Chem Pharmacy, Brooklyn Mall 99
Dis-Chem Pharmacy, Woodlands Mall 85
Dis-Chem Pharmacy, Menlyn Park – Pretoria 84
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Loftus Park – Hatfield 82
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Castle Gate – Erasmus Kloof 66
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Wonderpark – Karenpark 63
Dis-Chem Pharmacy, Lynnwood Lane 57
Dis-Chem Pharmacy The Club Surgical – Hazelwood 36
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Mams Mall – Mamelodi East 23
Dis-Chem Pharmacy, Zambezi Junction 23
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Waverley – Villieria 13
Dis-Chem Pharmacy Tshwane Regional Mall 6

The best rated Dis-Chem in Pretoria is Dis-Chem Pharmacy Tshwane Regional Mall with a 4.2-star rating. Followed by Dis-Chem Pharmacy Mams Mall – Mamelodi East with a 4.1-star rating. In third place is a tie between Dis-Chem Castle Gate – Erasmus Kloof and Dis-Chem Pharmacy Zambezi Junction both with a 4.0-star rating, the difference only lies in the number of reviews 66 and 23 respectively.

In terms of the most reviewed, Dis-Chem Pharmacy Olympus – Pretoria leads the pack with 175 reviews, followed by Dis-Chem Pharmacy Glenfair – Lynnwood Manor and Dis-Chem Pharmacy Wonderboom Junction which could not be separated, both with 104 reviews. Dis-Chem Pharmacy Hazeldean – Silverlakes follows closely with 102 reviews.

Congratulations to the top-listed Dis-Chem Pharmacies in Pretoria in both categories for their excellent performance and imaginative marketing attempts! They’re going above and beyond in every way possible, including boosting their online image through extreme measures that will help them achieve greater success moving forward! We commend the owners for their dynamic and resilient styles of leadership, making the world a better place for healthy citizens. They have been able to foster a winning mentality in their industry by curating great experiences with clients thus far!

Pharmacies in review

Surely, reviews can make or break a business. Perceptions of your brand or business are a major determinant of your market share. You can use this knowledge to create marketing strategies that take advantage of your competitor’s weaknesses and improve your own business performance. eKomi can assist in reviewing and rating increments for Pharmaceuticals. eKomi has been of assistance to many businesses by generating exceptional reviews and in attaining a high ranking on most search engines. You can schedule a free consultation to discuss increasing the Google review count for your pharmacy.

One thing about the list above is that it will be reviewed in three months. Many Dis-Chem pharmacies have new clients all year round. A fraction of this clientèle is benevolent enough to drop reviews. The better the reviews a pharmacy has following an amazing service delivery, the higher they go in the ranks. Therefore, as you may be planning to top this listing on the next review, be ready to improve your client satisfaction ratio.

Stay tuned to learn about interesting changes that will occur in three months!

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