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StarInsights Drug Stores in the Liège Province, Belgium

Top Customer-Rated Drug Stores in the Liège Province, Belgium 

The drug store is a place where anything from toothpaste to pain relievers and even aspirin can be found. Other ranges of products carried are cosmetics, hair products and even snacks. At a drug store, you will be able to buy almost anything that you need when it comes to health care items.

Nowadays, a lot of drug stores have clinics that offer health care services, including flu shots and general checkups. These clinics are often cheaper than going to a doctor’s office or urgent care facility, but they may not be covered by insurance plans.

Drug stores in the Liège Province of Belgium are varied. From herbal medicine to department drug stores, there is excellent provision for all types of customers. 

In today’s StarInsights article, we browsed Google to find the most rated and reviewed drug stores in the Liège Province in Belgium. Results of 25 October 2022 were obtained as follows: 

Best Rated Drug Stores in the Liège Province, Belgium

Drug Store


Number of reviews 

Pharmacie Piedboeuf 5.0 21
Pharmacie Swinnen 5.0 10
Herboristerie Rue St. Adalbert 5.0 2
Pharmacie Heynen 5.0 11
Pharmacie Henry 5.0 3
Pharmacie de Robermont 5.0 6
Pharmacie by Medi-Market Group Belle-Ile 5.0 1
VPharma Alleur 5.0 4
Pharmacie Santis de Montegnée 5.0 3

Most reviewed Drug Stores in the Liège Province, Belgium

Drug Store Number of reviews  Rating 
Newpharma 4.3 4078
L’Herboristerie 4.0 127
Kruidvat (Bd Pasteur 47 – Seraing) 4.0 115
Pharmacie Dartois-Guillemins 4.0 35
Pharmacie Santis de Grace Hollogne 4.5 30
Pharmacie de Campine 4.8 29
Pharmacy Laveu 4.3 26
Pharmacie & Herboristerie Gillissen 4.0 24
Pharmacie C.Piron 4.4 22
Pharmacie Piedboeuf 5.0 21

Analysis of Drug Stores Reviews and Ratings 

All top-rated drug stores accumulated a staggering 5.0-star rating on Google, with a number of reviews ranging from 21 to 1. On the list, the drug store with the highest number of reviews, 21, is Pharmacie Piedboeuf. The runner-up is Pharmacie Heynen with 11 reviews. 

The results found on the most reviewed drug stores have quite a different trend. The top contender on this list is Newpharma with reviews that wholly outrank any drug store listed on our report with an outstanding number of reviews as 4078 next to an equally top rating of 4.3 stars. These are incredible data to ooze popularity and satisfaction among customers. The second most reviewed drug store was found to be L’Herboristerie with 127 reviews and 4.0-star rating. After these two drug stores, the number of reviews spans from 115 all the way down to 21. 

The company eKomi is proud to service one top achiever in our report. This company is none other than Newpharma. As can be seen from these data, Newpharma is far ahead in terms of Google customer feedback that no other drugstore is attaining. We are extremely elated to witness the brand positioning of Newpharma after putting its trust in eKomi for its collection and management of reviews. 

To date, eKomi has collected 183,002 worth of transactional reviews on behalf of Newpharma, which has increased its market share and helped boost its digital presence. 


eKomi congratulates all the Liège drug stores that made entries into our lists. Customer testimonials are needed add-ons for any business to thrive. Finding ways to display them and let them be advertisements for your excellent services and products is as paramount. This is why eKomi exists. We provide businesses with state-of-the-art digital solutions to rocket your customer feedback lifecycle. Contact today to collect reviews effectively. 

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