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An Analysis of Car Rental Agencies in Marrakech, Morocco

When you are planning a holiday, there are several options to choose from. U-Haul and Avis are a few possibilities, but what about local ones? Whether you need to book a holiday car or pick up a Large SUV for your family trip, there are not many foreign car hire agencies around Morocco. This article contains extensive research on the top car rental services in Marrakesh, Morocco, where you can rent a car for a good deal. 

Overview of Car Rentals in Marrakech, Morocco

Morocco is a colourful country with great cuisine and wild and varied landscapes. It has perfect surfing beaches, snow-capped Atlas peaks, and Sahara dunes. In other words, there is a lot to discover. Discovering Morocco is easy by train or bus, but if you want to make a stop along the way, a rental car will give you the freedom to do so.

The car hire sector, which spans many adjacent industries, is a pillar of the country’s economy and the primary driver of macroeconomic growth and stability. The car rental industry in Morocco is very competitive and there are two different ways of renting a car in Morocco.

It can be done either through an online agency or get better deals from local rental agencies. The bigger international car rental companies are picking up on the consistent increase in tourism in Morocco. That’s why there are now car rental locations in every major Moroccan city.

Numerous car hire service companies have emerged in the market and have changed the basis of competition from car designs, prices, and quality services. As a result, the industry is highly competitive, and the importance of reviews in the sector cannot be overstated.

Reviews are crucial to rate car rental agencies as they disclose the quality of service, due to the fact that agencies interact with customers every day, and feedback usually determines a business’ place in the competitive industry. Below are tables that deliver information about the top ten reviews and ratings of these services.

Top-rated car rental agency in Marrakech



Jacaranda Car Rental Airport 5.0
Rental Car Marrakech 4.9
BelinaCar 4.8
AVIS® 4.6
Wafajet 4.6
Luxury Car Rental 4.4

Most reviewed: Marrakech car rental agency


Number of Reviews

AVIS® 546
Jacaranda Car Rental Airport 80
Wafajet 29
Luxury Car Rental 18
BelinaCar 16
Rental Car Marrakech 12

Ratings are one of the most important elements in the review of a company, and in this StarInsights report we have gathered the best reviews and worst-reviewed car hire services in the tables above. According to the data, Jacaranda Car Rental Airport is the top-rated car agency, scoring a perfect 5.0-star rating. This is followed by OYAMA CAR and Rental Car Marrakech, both of which are tied for the second spot with 4.9-star ratings. The least-rated car rental agency is EUROPCAR MARRAKECH with only 3.3 stars.

In terms of reviews, AVIS® is by far the best-reviewed car  rental agency, registering a walloping 546 reviews. OYAMA CAR is in second place with almost half of the top listed with 280 reviews. These two services have displayed some measure of quality according to customer interactions, which act as a referral for the company. Next in line with 186 reviews is YACOUT TOURS followed by Jacaranda Car Rental Airport with 80 reviews.

While these statistics are not too poor, this report encourages car hire services to contact trustworthy agencies like eKomi to infuse a quality check into their services and note where the service is lagging behind, and what it can do to jumpstart such areas. 

Go and book a rental car!

Congratulations to the CEOs of the top three best-rated and most reviewed car hire services, but expects a solid improvement, especially in the number of reviews. A company or service cannot grow without being constantly audited in terms of quality, and eKomi is willing to provide a free consultation to help each business determine where they are in terms of quality and what to do to improve. 

In the next three months, we will re-evaluate this StarInsights report, on that account set notifications for the blog to read the improvements or decline in quality and our judgment.

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