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Where to Learn English in Cape Town, South Africa

Over recent years, Cape Town has become one of the epicentres for English language learning. Hundreds of thousands of non-native English speakers from all walks of life fly to Cape Town every year to begin or advance their English language learning. As such, eKomi felt compelled to investigate the English schools that were most raved about by international students. 

English Schools in Cape Town 

Cape Town is a city of learning, with a rich history and an inspiring future. The city is home to world-class universities, colleges, and schools that are committed to providing students with an excellent education. It has been a centre of learning for hundreds of years and has produced many leaders in politics, business, and culture.

Today, English is the language of international communication, as such non-native speakers are increasingly interested in speaking English for their career needs, but also for global integration. 

Cape Town is the preferred destination of many English learners. The city has a number of English language centres welcoming foreign nationalities year in and year out. We ran a search on Google to find the best English schools in Cape Town, using their ratings and reviews as benchmarks. The results of 27 October 2022 were obtained as follows:

Best Rated Cape Town English Schools



Number of reviews 

English Plus Academy 5.0 14
English Course with Excellent Academy Of Skills 5.0 3
Language Link College 5.0 4
ACA International English Language Camps 5.0 1
Cape Town International School of Languages 5.0 1
International House Cape Town 4.6 79
UCT English Language Centre 4.5 42
Good Hope Studies (Newlands) 4.5 50
Eurocentres Language Centre Cc 4.4 18
LAL Language Centres 4.4 54

Most Reviewed Cape Town English Schools


Number of reviews 


EF International Language Campus  90 4.2
International House Cape Town 79 4.6
EC Cape Town English Language School 69 4.3
LAL Language Centres 54 4.4
Good Hope Studies (Newlands) 50 4.5
UCT English Language Centre 42 4.5
Good Hope Studies (City Centre) 38 4.3
Cape Studies  36 4.3
Language Teaching Centre, LTC 35 4.3
Eurocentres Language Centre Cc 18 4.4

Evaluation of Cape Town English Schools Against Their Customer Feedback

Chart 1: Best Rated 

All 5.0-star rated schools have relatively lower reviews compared to schools rated 4.4-star and above on the same chart. Namely, International House Cape Town, UCT English Language Centre, Good Hope Studies (Newlands), and LAL Language Centres, all have good ratings and a fair number of reviews in contrast to other schools with 5.0-star ratings. eKomi congratulates these institutions for distinguishing themselves from their competitors. 

Chart 2: Most Reviewed 

EF International Language Campus came out as the top-reviewed English language school in Cape Town with 90 reviews next to its equally appreciable 4.2-star. The following entries after this school are the previously mentioned ones, which topped chart 1, along with a new entry, EC Cape Town English Language School for its 69 reviews. The rest of the entries on this chart feature between 38 and 18 reviews for either 4.3- or 4.4-star ratings. 

In general, Cape Town English schools have good ratings, however, their review count can be increased. When international students are still in their home countries, past testimonials will be a deciding factor in choosing the school. If your school does not feature enough reviews, they could assume that your school has not been in business for long enough or that you do not appeal to many students. These are perceptions your potential students could have, although they may not be true. So how do you maximise your opportunities of aggregating testimonials and star ratings and making an impression at every website visit? eKomi has a tool for you.

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Stay Tuned 

In three months, we will re-evaluate Cape Town English School and determine which makes it to the top. Do not miss out on updated industry insights. 

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