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The Outstanding Hammam Centres in Casablanca, Morocco

The hammam (bath) is an ancient tradition that dates back to the Roman era. It’s believed to have originated in Ancient Greece and Rome, where public baths were used as social spaces where people could relax and be entertained by musicians and dancers. Muslim civilisations later adopted the Roman baths and adapted them to reflect their traditions and culture. For today’s article, we are taking a trip to Casablanca and assessing the customer feedback from its hammam centres. 

The Hammam, A Place for Unwinding and Rejuvenation

The hammam is a traditional oriental bath in Muslim countries. The word is derived from the Arabic word “hamma”, meaning hot, warm or heat. It is a communal bathhouse accessible to both men and women in many Muslim countries. 

Hammams are still popular among Moroccans today, especially among women who visit them regularly for socialising and relaxation purposes. They are trendy during winter due to their hot temperatures that allow people to relax their muscles after long hours spent under cold weather conditions outside.

The benefits of going to the hammam include: 

Relaxation – A hammam is a relaxing place where you can let go of stress. Relaxing in a hot room helps improve mood thanks to its calming effects on the mind as well as its benefits for stress relief by reducing cortisol levels (a stress hormone) in your body. One does not have to do anything but sit back and enjoy the experience. 

Health – The hot air helps open the pores and release toxins from the skin, which are then flushed out through perspiration, which will leave you feeling more energised and healthier than ever before!

Exfoliation – Exfoliation is tantamount to healthy and glowing skin. The hot bath helps loosen up dead skin cells, and they slough off more easily when scrubbed during exfoliation treatments at the hammam. 

Hammam Centres in Casablanca, Morocco

Hammams are deeply rooted in Moroccan culture and heritage. The hammam centres in Casablanca have been around for centuries. They are a great way to meet locals who are keen to show off their city’s best-kept secrets. Today, there are three types of hammam institutes found in Casablanca: 

Traditional Hammam: A public bathhouse where people go to relax and enjoy themselves. In most cases, they are located near mosques or religious institutions.

Private Hammam: Private hammams can be found in some hotels or private residences. They often have separate spaces for men and women, but they also offer massages and other services that are open to both genders.

Day Spa: Day spas offer various services including massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures to name just a few.

We were eager to uncover the best hammam centres Casablanca offers. We conducted thorough research on Google Maps on 27 October 2022 and curated our entries based on their ratings and reviews. The results were obtained as follows: 

Best Rated Hammam Centres in Cairo, Egypt 

Centre Rating Number of reviews 
Spa Only Casablanca  5.0 15
Centre Dream PH Asiatique Spa Massage  5.0 24
Spa Shiatsu Massage  4.9 221
Spa les Bulles Bleues 4.9 246
Ô-Zen Spa 4.8 12
Clin d’Oeil Spa Hammam 4.6 53
Spadiva Massage & Hammam 4.6 33
Yanis prestige  4.5 30
Cattleya Spa 4.1 79
Gauthier Bain Turc 3.8 104

Most Reviewed Hammam Centres in Cairo, Egypt 


Number of reviews 


Spa les Bulles Bleues  246 4.9
Spa Shiatsu Massage  221 4.9
Istanbul Hammam & Spa 200 3.7
Gauthier Bain Turc 104 3.8
Cattleya Spa 79 4.1
Clin d’Oeil Spa Hammam  53 4.6
Yanis prestige  30 4.5
SPA Casablanca – O Spa Kenzi Tower Hôtel 26 3.5
Centre Dream PH Asiatique Spa Massage  24 5.0
Spa Only Casablanca 15 5.0

Analysis of Hammam Places in Casablanca, Morocco

The 10 best-rated hammam centres in Casablanca have ratings between 5.0 and 3.8 stars. The top contenders on this chart are Spa Only Casablanca and Centre Dream PH Asiatique Spa Massage, both with 5.0-star. 

However, these two centres have a relatively low number of reviews, 15 and 24, respectively, compared to the two following establishments, Spa Shiatsu Massage and Spa Shiatsu Massage with 221 and 246 reviews, respectively. These two establishments with a high volume of reviews also possess super ratings, they both have a 4.9-star score. These are very good results, that, naturally, threaten competitors. It is time for them to better their game in terms of collecting customer feedback. We, eKomi, are your industry partner to help you collect more reviews. 

Another company that stands out on the list of best-rated centres is Gauthier Bain Turc with 3.8-star and 104 reviews. The star rating is not far from 4.0, and seeing the number of reviews, it seems to be quite a popular centre as well. This means, with a concerted effort to get more customer reviews, this number can easily go higher and reach 4 stars and above. 

The most-reviewed hammam centre was found to be the previously mentioned Spa les Bulles Bleues with 241 reviews, closely followed by Spa Shiatsu Massage as earlier. Congratulations to both of these establishments for being top-rated and most-reviewed in this eKomi report. Customer satisfaction is one of the best advertisements a business can run. On the other hand, the rest of the centres showcase reviews between 200 (Istanbul Hammam & Spa) and 15 (Spa Only Casablanca). 

The eKomi Contribution 

Hammam centres in Casablanca that have not been collecting enough reviews or do not have the rating they think they merit now have a chance to turn things around. eKomi deploys an intelligent solution that will improve your customer-feedback collection process and positively impact your digital marketing. Contact us today to know more.

Keep Updated 

In three months, the same research with the same research methodology will be conducted to find out which Casablanca hammam centre is topping the charts. Keep an eye on the eKomi blog to keep track of the position of your establishment on Google. 

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