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The Best Indian Medical Tourism Companies | eKomi StarInsights

StarInsights Indian Medical Tourism Companies 

StarInsights Indian Medical Tourism Companies 

A Look Into Indian Medical Tourism Companies 

The ground of all happiness is good health.” – Leigh Hunt

Medical tourism is as old as mankind. Several millennia back, populations travelled to foreign destinations in search of healing. Today, increasing numbers of people fly to developed as well as developing nations for diverse healthcare needs. 

What Is Medical Tourism? 

Medical tourism describes when people travel to another country to receive medical care. There are many weighing factors prompting medical tourists, to seek medical treatment which is unavailable in their native country or lower healthcare costs. 

The attractiveness of a country for medical tourism includes the country’s economy, public reputation, and the quality of healthcare. Millions of flight tickets are reserved around the world under medical travel for various health needs spanning cosmetic surgery procedures, dental care, to highly specialised medical procedures.

Medical Tourism Agencies in India

India is a destination of choice in global medical tourism for its expert doctors, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, and low-cost treatment. Additionally, medical tourists may indulge in the wellness benefits of Ayurveda and Yoga, traditional practices that originated in India. If you are planning a trip to India for medical reasons and want to contact a facilitation service with industry knowledge in medical tourism, we have made it easy for you. This StarInsight report presents the top 10 medical tourism agencies/health consultants required for your travel to India. 

The data were collected from Google Maps and segregated based on their ratings and reviews as follows:

Best Rated Medical Tourism Companies in India



Number of reviews 

Indira Medical Tourism 5.0 13
India Treatments 5.0 114
Health & Hopes  5.0 8
WellBeing Medical Tourism 5.0 1
Medsurge India 4.8 50
IndiCure Health Tours 4.8 8
ClinicSpots 4.8 45
Alam Medical Tourism India 4.8 21
Tropical Tourism 4.8 22
Dr Prem and Associates 4.7 40

Most Reviewed Medical Tourism Companies in India

Companies Number of reviews  Rating 
Vaidam Health Private Limited 195 4.7
IRCTC 179 4.2
India Treatments 114 5.0
Medsurge India 50 4.8
ClinicSpots 45 4.8
Medico International HR 44 4.3
Dr Prem and Associates 40 4.7
Tropical Tourism 22 4.8
Alam Medical Tourism India 21 4.8
Indira Medical Tourism 13 5.0

Industry Analysis of Indian Medical Tourism Companies 

The 10 most rated Indian medical tourism companies featured star-ratings between 5.0 and 4.7. The highest-rated company was found to be Indira Medical Tourism followed by India Treatments, Health & Hopes, and WellBeing Medical Tourism all featuring 5.0-stars. These are very high scores achieved by the companies and we at eKomi congratulate them. 

Nonetheless, three companies with 5.0-star ratings have customer reviews below or just above 10. Such a number may not be significant, considering that the most reviewed company has up to 195 customer reviews with 4.7-star ratings. The other highly reviewed companies, Vaidam Health Private Limited, IRCTC, and India Treatments all have ratings over 100 and above 4-star ratings. Well done to these companies for topping our chart.

Our Conclusion 

While reviews and ratings on Google may not be reflective of customer service, they still remain a reputed starting point for people searching for services and products. There are other solutions to building a positive customer feedback system for your business to thrive. We invite you to contact eKomi to manage your reviews to rank high on search engines all over the web, gain more traffic to your website, and make more sales. 

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