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StarInsights Industry Insight Into Caterers in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Industry Insight Into Caterers in Amsterdam, Netherlands

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

Caterers are large-scale providers of food services. They’re commonly hired for weddings, corporate events and other large gatherings where many people need to be fed at the same time. In addition to providing food, caterers often provide all the equipment necessary for serving meals or beverages during the event. The location can be indoors or outdoors, at a private home or business, in a rented hall or restaurant.

Catering services typically offer a wide array of menu options that can be customized to suit your needs. Some caterers specialise in specific types of cuisine, while others offer more general menus that cater to a wide range of tastes and culinary styles. Many catering services also offer special menus that feature foods from specific regions or cultures.

In this Star Insight report, we looked into the food catering industry in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We investigated which business is doing well based on their featured reviews and star ratings on Google. The results of 19 October 2022 were obtained as follows: 

Top 10 Rated Caterers in Amsterdam, Netherlands



Number of reviews 

Cocktail Catering Amsterdam | Cocktail workshop | Event Planning | The Cocktail Agency 5.0 95
Bbq catering and paellas catering in Amsterdam El Momento 5.0 43
Rond ‘t Fornuis Catering 5.0 39
Mama’s Koelkast 5.0 27
Borrelbox Amsterdam 5.0 25
Ana’s Mexican Roots 5.0 22
Delight Catering Amsterdam 5.0 21
Dol & de Lange 5.0 18
GEWOON eten en meer… 5.0 16
The Eet-Team 5.0 14

10 Most Reviewed Caterers in Amsterdam, Netherlands


Number of reviews 


Small World Catering 4.8 311
Mitsos Greek Traiterie 4.8 229
Holy Ravioli Amsterdam 4.5 176
Pacomer Caterer 4.5 173
Italiaanse cateraar – Eatalia Gastronomia 4.8 167
Peperwortel 4.4 167
Vicio Il Mastro Pastaio – Italian Restaurant & Sicilian Experience 4.8 163
Mondo Mediterraneo Traiteur and General Food Store 4.7 120
Saffraan Traiteur Brasserie 4.1 100
Traiterie Chef | Traiteur & Patisserie 4.8 99

The eKomi Summary of the Findings 

The best-rated caterers on Google in Amsterdam all possess 5.0-star ratings. However, in comparison to the top-reviewed businesses, they have relatively fewer reviews. 

The most reviewed caterer was found to be Small World Catering, with an outstanding 311 reviews. In general, all top-reviewed catering services were found to have somewhat a substantial number of reviews. We congratulate these results.

Nonetheless, during this study, we found that Amsterdam-based caterers’ websites did not have customer reviews on their website for visitors to look at. 

We, eKomi, The Feedback Company, would like to propose to caterers in Amsterdam, an opportunity to collect more of your transaction-based reviews and ratings. Our intelligent service provides a premium collection, screening, and publishing system that will help you be more exposed to your potential clients on Google. When our review collection process is completed, all your reviews are made available on your website and integrated into Google Seller Ratings. This syndication helps you improve your ranking in Google search results, attract more visitors to your website, and increase your return on investment. 

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