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StarInsights Art Gallerie Finland

StarInsights into the Best Art Galleries in Helsinki, Finland

“A painting is worth a thousand confused art-gallery visitors.”

If you’re an art enthusiast, these words probably resonate with you, don’t they? While art has been around for almost forever, the first art gallery came into being in 1908. And art galleries have been the prime destination for all sorts of activities, from shows to painting exhibitions, to inspiring young and blooming artists, you name it, these places have it all. In fact, art galleries are just as famous and well-visited as museums these days. So to say the least, these places serve multifaceted roles, both visible and invisible. Therefore, without further ado, let’s dive right into the statistics on the best art galleries in Helsinki.

Best Art Galleries in Helsinki, Finland

Industrial speaking, an art gallery is defined as a place where retail-oriented artwork is put up for sale and purchased by companies or individuals all across the globe. The rights of the artwork, however, remain with the artist under all circumstances. Nevertheless, art galleries are on the decline due to the increase in digital art and innovation. Not many people want to spend the time and effort anymore to put their art up for grabs. Instead, putting it up online seems like a much or economical option. To prove this with numbers, the industry grew at a CAGR of 4.3% originally but is now expected to grow at a CAGR of 3% i.e. a 1.3% decline. This goes to say that while the industry was able to grab $11.4 billion in revenue over the past year, this might not remain the case for very long i.e. it might become hard for these places to keep their doors open for very long. Therefore, it is on us to revive older forms of art and prevent them from disappearing in the midst of this rapid technological growth of today. 

Diving into statistics about Helsinki, the city has the most art galleries in Finland as of yet. Therefore, let’s look deeper into statistics about art galleries in the city that are a must-visit.

Best Rated Art Galleries in Helsinki

Art Gallery


Number of Reviews

Mila iloria Art 4.9 42
MAKE YOUR MARK Gallery 4.8 110
Galleria Rankka 4.8 40
Laterna Magica 4.7 90
Finnish Museum of Natural History – Art Gallery 4.6 4387
Mannerheim Art Gallery 4.6 386
Ateneum 4.5 6277
Gumbostrand Konst & Form 4.5 581
Galerie Forsblom 4.5 141

qMost Reviewed Art Galleries in Helsinki

Art Gallery


Number of Reviews

Ateneum 4.5 6277
Finnish Museum of Natural History – Art Gallery 4.6 4387
HAM Helsinki Art Museum and Gallery 4.1 3162
Design Museum and Gallery 4.2 2751
Amos Rex 4.4 2750
Didrichsen Art Museum and Gallery 4.4 1230
Sinebrychoff Art Museum and Gallery 4.4 1184
Laponlahden Lahde 4.4 887
Art Gallery Helsinki 4.3 760

For the purpose of this analysis, data was obtained from the Google Business Profile on October 8, 2022. Based on these numbers, the best rated art gallery in Helsinki is Mila iloria Art – a relatively new art gallery with 42 reviews and a 4.9-star rating. This is followed by MAKE YOUR MARK Gallery and Galleria Rankka, both with 4.8 star ratings.  MAKE YOUR MARK Gallery trumps Galleria Rankka in terms of the number of reviews with 110 and 40 each respectively. All three of these galleries seem rather new. And for them to have made it to the top, they deserve a round of applause. 

Coming to the number of reviews ranking, Ateneum- the Finnish National Gallery ranks the highest with over 6000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. This is followed by Finnish Museum of Natural History – Art Gallery in second place with almost 4400 reviews and HAM Helsinki Art Museum and Gallery with 3162 reviews. These galleries are the relatively older ones, and the fact that their review numbers are still on the rise is commendable. They deserve to be congratulated on this achievement and are playing a remarkable part in inspiring the younglings towards art. We hope that they can keep their doors open for many more years to come. 

Best Art Galleries in Helsinki

Overall, the art gallery is a remarkable industry with tons of room for improvement and possible rejuvenation. And to say the least, we owe to our ancestors and fellow struggling artists to not let the industry die. It must be noted, however, that an online presence and good digital marketing strategy plays a key role in keeping businesses open these days, even if it’s art galleries. Thus, if you wish for some guidance on how to go about your business profile online, go book a consultation with us, here at eKomi!

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