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Leading Insurance Companies in Kenya

Leading Insurance Companies in Kenya

Fun is like insurance, the older you get, the more it costs.” – Kin Hubbard

The Insurance Market in Kenya

Insurance companies aim to financially protect their policyholders in case of a loss or damage that may affect their property or life. Whichever scheme one chooses, among general, medical, or life insurance, insurance may withdraw the risks or fears related to unplanned expenses.

According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA, 2017), the entity that regulates insurance companies in Kenya, there are 49 registered insurance companies in that country. Most of them operate centrally in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

With the vast array of options on the market, StarInsights researched the leading Nairobi-based insurance institutions, either companies, agencies, or brokers, that offer composite policies such as general, life, and various value-added products. Google Maps was used to collect the data. Herein, we present our report below.

Top 10 Rated Insurance Companies in Kenya 

Companies Rating Number of reviews 
Dawit Insurance Agency 4.6 67
Chancery Wright Insurance 4.5 56
GA Insurance Limited 4.4 211
Icea Lion 4.4 410
The Heritage Insurance Company Kenya Ltd (Headquarters) 4.3 144
Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Ltd  4.3 335
Geminia Insurance 4.2 151
Kenindia Assurance Co. Ltd 4.1 127
Madison Group – Head Office 4.1 325
The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya 4.0 261

Top 10 Reviewed Insurance Institutions


Number of reviews 


Icea Lion 410 4.4
Liberty Life Assurance Kenya Ltd  335 4.3
Madison Group – Head Office 325 4.1
The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya 261 4.0
APA Insurance Limited 254 4.0
GA Insurance Limited 211 4.4
Geminia Insurance 151 4.2
The Heritage Insurance Company Kenya Ltd (Headquarters) 144 4.3
Kenindia Assurance Co. Ltd 127 4.1
Dawit Insurance Agency 67 4.6

Market Analysis of the Top Insurers

Between the top 10 best-rated and the top 10 most-reviewed insurance companies in Nairobi, some interesting facts were obtained. Firstly, all 10 leaders have star ratings ranging between 4.6 and 4.0. These are grand results are highly commendable. The company eKomi congratulates all companies featured in this report.

Dawit Insurance Agency is among the top 3 listed insurance company on Google Maps when searching entering the phrase “best personal and life insurance companies in Nairobi” although it only has 67 reviews. This highlights the importance of a good star-rating. In contrast, The Jubilee Insurance Company of Kenya, with 261 reviews and only a star rating of 4.0, ranks as the first company suggested by Google. This company has a much lower score compared to the highest one on this light, 4.6, but thanks to its large number of reviews, it tops the chart.

Another example shedding light on ratings is Chancery Wright Insurance. With a total of 56 reviews, the company was not featured in our most reviewed chart and was also at the bottom of the Google Maps ranking despite its good star-rating of 4.5.

What Is The Impact of Reviews and Ratings For Your Business?

Star ratings and reviews are a crucial factor needed to be discovered on search engines. It is so paramount that we are urging every business with an online presence to accentuate their efforts into collecting reviews from customers they service. Your customers are your best salespersons, and in today’s digital world, a big portion of potential buyers will come from your online traffic.

Nonetheless, we are aware that Google reviews may not always reflect the genuineness of your service because anybody can write a review for a business, whether bad or good. But, the main objective of this article is to show that ratings and reviews boosts the discoverability of an established business online.

Leading Insurance Companies in Nairobi, Kenya

According to Google Maps, some insurance companies in Nairobi, Kenya, with high ratings and reviews rank really high, but it is not always the case. This may pose a problem when you know you offer the best service, but your business is not easy to find online.

The guaranteed way to achieve visibility on the web is increasing the number of reviews that you obtain from your customers. By virtue of this business need, eKomi proposes its proprietary review collection system. Our intelligent method involves gathering all your authentic transaction-based ratings and customers’ opinions and integrate them into search engines to elevate your rankings. The result is enhanced ranking, more traffic, and more conversion.

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