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Deluxe Make-Up Services in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“You cannot achieve good make-up without good tools.” – Francois Nars

We may be the best at knowing our own faces than anyone else, but make-up artists are experts in their field. Professional make-up has gained popularity recently and is now regarded as necessary for beauty, and fashion, The make-up service providers understand how to create naturally groomed brows, bounce lovely light across features, and encourage make-up to look its best on an individual.

The beauty of Brazilian women cannot only be credited as a positive result of the ethnic blending that has been going on for centuries, but the country also has the highest make-up services for obvious reasons. As such, selecting a make-up artist who fits one’s aesthetic is crucial, just like figuring out a personal style in clothing. So, whether you’re looking for flawless skin, barely-there eyeshadow, or an epic Instagram beat, in this StarInsights report we’ve put together a list of the top Rio de Janeiro make-up services that stand out among the rest based on their ratings and reviews

Top-rated make-up services 

Make-Up Service Rating Number of Reviews
Studio Lais Piubel 5.0 102
Make-up & Academy Marina Lins 5.0 34
Maquiadora Kelly Nunes 5.0 33
Maquiadora de Noivas | Marcela Marques 5.0 30
Jéssica Mariane | Maquiadora Profissional 5.0 20
Denise Pellozzi Cabeleireira 5.0 19
Jeane Santos, Beauty e Maquiagem 5.0 14
Lu Make Up 5.0 14
Estúdio Carla Barraqui 5.0 12
Studio Conceit 4.9 74

Most reviewed make-up services 

Make-Up Service Number of Reviews Rating
Studio Lais Piubel 102 5.0
Studio Conceit 74 4.9
Studio Lu Rech – Barra 55 4.9
Makeup & Academy Marina Lins 34 5.0
Maquiadora Kelly Nunes 33 5.0
Maquiadora de Noivas | Marcela Marques 30 5.0
Jéssica Mariane | Maquiadora Profissional 20 5.0
Denise Pellozzi Cabeleireira 19 5.0
Jeane Santos, Beauty e Maquiagem 14 5.0
Lu Make Up 14 5.0

According to the tables above, the majority of the listed spas have high ratings, in the first instance all make up services in Rio have perfect scores of 5 stars out of 5.0, except for Studio Conceit that has a 4.9-star rating. The difference among these services lies in the number of reviews, therefore, the distinction can be understood in accordance with the reviews obtained.

In terms of the most reviewed, Studio Lais Piubel leads the pack with an astounding 102 reviews with a 5.0-star rating. Followed by Studio Conceit with 74 reviews and Studio Lu Rech – Barra with 55 reviews in third place. Due to the fact that Studio Lais Piubel has a 5.0- star rating from 102 reviews, their results are all the more impressive, because a high rating and a large sample of reviews is a very desirable characteristic.

Congratulations to the owners and teams of the listed make-up services in Rio de Janeiro for taking a customer-centred approach that enables trust in their brand. In this increasingly competitive business, the executives recognized that gaining favourable evaluations and maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings is critical to success.

eKomi’s Recommendations and Conclusions

After evaluating the data, eKomi sees that the top ten make-up services listed in the tables above understand the importance of having a significant number of positive reviews as they conduct operations that many people enjoy. They deal with customers daily, and it is important that other prospective bookers see positive reviews online, as they are a great influencer of choice.

Check out our blog in three months to read our next assessment on which make-up services will be the best-rated and most reviewed.

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