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The Industry Leaders in Marriage Counselling in Johannesburg, South Africa

Marriage counselling is an important therapy that couples may opt for to help them resolve their differences and better their marital relationship. It may also be a valuable tool in preventing conflict from escalating into violence. Couples who go through marriage counselling often report increased satisfaction with the dynamics of their marriage. In general, the benefits that come with marriage counselling include increased communication and understanding, increased closeness, and improved conflict resolution. 

The journey to marriage counselling begins with finding a practitioner that meets the requirements of the couple and their goals. In general, the skills of a good counsellor include problem-solving abilities, comfort, respect, ethics, and relationship-building. Word-of-mouth referrals from friends and family may help if they also have experience, but that is not always the scenario. In today’s society, there are people who still regard counselling as a taboo topic, they are not comfortable having their community know about it. 

As such, behind a personal electronic device, searching on the internet may provide a more discreet experience, safer for some individuals. However, though, the vast majority of people today search for services on Google. Based on their expectations and past positive testimonials and ratings, a couple seeking counselling services may pick a counsellor from Google reviews

Marriage Counsellors in Johannesburg, South Africa

We interrogated Google on the marriage counsellors operating in Johannesburg. We obtained over 25 practitioners as of 28 October 2022, however, many with neither reviews nor ratings. The bunch that possessed reviews and ratings were picked and those with the highest results were presented as shown below: 

Best Rated Marriage Counsellors in Johannesburg, South Africa

Companies Rating Number of reviews 
Douglasdale Therapy Centre 5.0 2
Meraki Counselling 5.0 20
Carol Nader Counselling 5.0 5
Michael Kallenbach 5.0 5
Hanifa Ebrahim 5.0 1
Janine Clark Registered Counsellor 5.0 1
Amber Mahony Psychologist 5.0 2
Sindy Lerm 5.0 10
Psychologist (Registered Counselor) in Mulbarton 5.0 5
Couples Help 5.0 1

Most Reviewed Marriage Counsellors in Johannesburg, South Africa

Companies Number of reviews  Rating 
Psych Central- Psychologist Rivonia 131 4.8
Spiritual Coaching 38 4.7
Rachel Molongoana-Psychologist 21 4.9
Meraki Counselling 20 5.0
Meaningful Minds Psychologists Germiston 15 3.9
Family & Marriage Society of SA – F.A.M.S.A. 12 2.7
Sindy Lerm  10 5.0
Bare Counselling 9 5.0
Living As 1 9 4.9
Life Counsel – Johannesburg 8 4.4

Analysis of The Data 

The bulk of best-rated counselling practices have 5.0-star, however, a low review count. Meraki Counselling stood out with 20 reviews, while the rest have between 10 and 2 reviews. Such a number of reviews may be not significant enough to attract the clientèle. It is paramount for these practices to begin collecting more reviews from their existing customer base.  

The most-reviewed counsellor, Psych Central- Psychologist Rivonia, showcases 131 reviews annexed to its 4.8-star rating. This is a brilliant result achieved by this practice in comparison to the rest. The runner-up on this list is Spiritual Coaching, with 38 reviews and 4.7-star. The rest of the competitors on the list possess between 21 and 8 reviews. 

Marriage Counsellors in Johannesburg Can Collect More Customer Feedback Now

Overall, Johannesburg marriage counsellors have a limited volume of customer reviews and ratings from their past clients. Today, you can partner with eKomi to streamline your review collection process and improve your digital marketing. Nowadays, potential clients find you on Google and check your testimonials to make decisions. Therefore, it is imperative to amass as many reviews as you transact with your clients. eKomi is here to make a difference. Get a free consultation today and let us know about your business needs. 

Stay Tuned 

In three months, the updated list of the best marriage counsellors in Johannesburg will be revealed, so stay tuned to the eKomi blog and find out if your practice is still leading in the industry. 

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