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Mexican Restaurants in Durban, South Africa 

People in Durban have very diverse appetites. If they’re not gorging on masala-dipped pineapples, they’re searching for the greatest fish and chips or spiciest prawns, then why not Mexican food? The best part is, once they discover it, they stick with it forever!

Durbanites and Mexican food in South Africa

From freshly made nachos daily, as well as homemade tortillas. Great chilli poppers, awesome frozen margaritas, and ice-cold tequila. The menu list is never ending when we start talking about Mexican food because Durban’s Mexican food scene is so much more than tacos. 

Statistics prove that the Mexican restaurant sector has been diversifying recently, bringing with it more varied and rich Mexican meals to be enjoyed. If you are seeking a place for authentic Mexican food, comfort, and good vibes, then you should consider stopping at the listed places in this article. Today’s StarInsights report reviews Mexican restaurants in Durban based on user reviews and ratings obtained on Google Maps.

eKomi’s Review of Mexican Food

As a feedback company, eKomi, regards Mexican restaurants as a highly aggressive industry, with customer reviews and ratings to separate the good from the bad. Reviews are very essential to the industry because they track the effectiveness of service from client to client and use such collated information to provide better service to retain clients, attract new ones, and boost the sales and marketing department. It is vital to have a high number of positive reviews, as customers are more inclined to believe reviews from other clients, as opposed to a website brochure. 

We, definitely, understand the correlation between quality services and positive reviews. Therefore, we researched using Google Maps the top Mexican restaurants in Durban, ranking the best ten established through ratings and number of reviews in the tables below:

Most reviewed Mexican Restaurant in Durban

Restaurant name

Number of Reviews

Circus Circus Beach Cafe 3087
Chippewa Spur Steak Ranch (Halaal) 2272
House Of Curries 2067
Havana Grill 1227
La Rosa Mexican Grille – Suncoast 1064
Mochachos Chicken Villages 982
Coyote Canyon Spur Steak Ranch 886
Salsa Mexican Grill Umhlanga 870
Casadena Spur Steak Ranch 746
Mochachos 665

The gathered information revealed that Mexican restaurants in Durban prioritize customer surveys and reviews. The findings revealed that this influx of reviews demonstrates competence within the shortlisted businesses. All businesses know the impact of online reviews on sales growth, which is not limited to their websites but also encompasses social media and transport apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Maps just to mention a few.

The leading Mexican restaurant with a high number of 3087 reviews is Circus Circus Beach Cafe. Second place is Chippewa Spur Steak Ranch which has a number of 2272 reviews, followed by House Of Curries with 2067 reviews. At the bottom is Mochachos with 665 reviews, and this actually reveals how good the Mexican restaurants are doing.

Furthermore, below is the aggregation based on ratings. Ratings are essential because before a client clicks on the reviews of a company, the ratings must have impressed them to want to get more information. 

Top-rated Mexican restaurant in Durban

Restaurant name


Lawmans Cantina 4,7
Locked’NLoaded 4,6
Circus Circus Beach Cafe 4,3
Chippewa Spur Steak Ranch 4,3
Havana Grill 4,3
Coyote Canyon Spur Steak Ranch 4,3
La Rosa Mexican Grille – Suncoast 4,2
Casadena Spur Steak Ranch 4,2
Jalapeño Cove 4,2

As seen above, the leading restaurant is Lawmans Cantina, with a 4,7-star rating. In second place is Locked’NLoaded with a 4,6-star rating, and in the third position is JULIOS RESTAURANT with a stable 4.4-star rating.

The data looks promising, and it is worthy of note that these restaurants have enough reviews to justify such ratings. The good thing is, eKomi runs an agency that provides an increase in customer ratings and reviews to all Mexican restaurants and offers a free consultation to discuss customer relationship strategies that will give establishments the much-needed exposure to boost organic traffic and sales development, as one can never have too many positive reviews or ratings.

We plan to conduct an appraisal in the next three months and urge all Mexican restaurants to partner with agencies like eKomi, to record a distinct increase in customer reviews when assessed. 


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