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StarInsights Online Gadget Store Cape Town South Africa

A Review of Online Gadgets Stores in Cape Town, South Africa

Where do you buy your tech kit? Every person has a different answer to this question, often based on one’s location. In Cape Town, there are some fantastic electronic stores filled with everything one could want or need regarding tech gadgets. However, finding the right one might take some time and a little bit of research. Today’s article is based on research into online gadgets stores in Cape Town. 

Industry Overview

A gadget is a small machine that provides some sort of entertainment or utility. Gadgets have been around for a long time, and they have become an integral part of our daily life. We are surrounded by different electronic gadgets around the world. Just envisage a day without mobile and the internet. We cannot imagine a life without technology. The fact of the matter is that our lives have become so closely entwined with technology and gadgetry.

Everyone owns a smartphone, Bluetooth device, speaker, television, camera, or other electronic devices, mostly because these products make our lives more convenient and comfortable. With fresh items being produced every day and demand growing at the same time, there may now be a gadget store on nearly every corner.

With the introduction of online shopping and the growth of massive e-commerce merchants, a substantial part of consumers who formerly visited these establishments have now shifted to online shopping to acquire their favourite devices. Websites to buy gadgets make it possible for Capetonians to purchase various goods without leaving their house. This typically saves time and money while also increasing the likelihood of receiving high-quality items. We’ve seen people order food and clothing items, and the same thing can go for gadgets as well.

Based on the knowledge that gadgets come with numerous features. Shopping online allows consumers to rapidly obtain information about any product, even if they have never heard of it. Based on the results, expert evaluations, pros, negatives, reputation, and much more. One may make informed judgements and even avoid falling victim to conventional sales strategies used by sales personnel in stores.

eKomi believes that reviews and ratings are essential to the development of a business and its growth and so, for the purposes of this report, we conducted a study on the best and most rated online gadgets stores in Cape Town using reviews and ratings left on Google My Business Profiles.

Most reviewed online gadget store in Cape Town

Gadget Store

Number of Reviews

Loot 459
Chaos Computers 367
Incredible Connection 357
Cellucity – Cavendish Square 244
Tangled Accessories 172 137
Shopstar 94
Micropoint SA (Cape Town) 60
iWant Gadgets 48
OmniBlend Commercial Blenders 41

Loot SA is at the top of our most reviewed online gadget stores with 459 reviews, mostly commended by customers for quality, affordable products, great salesmanship, and customer care. With 367 reviews, Chaos Computers is next on the list, and their reviews mostly consist of compliments on their customer support services. Incredible Connection follows closely with 357 reviews, reviewed as having a wide range of gadgets.

Such findings reveal that these online gadget stores understand the importance of these reviews to their online presence. In addition to these reviews, ratings are also quite important to the growth of a business and in the long run, they boost client satisfaction and sales. So we completed the StarInsights appraisal by further examining the ratings.

Top-rated online gadget store in Cape Town

Gadget Store


Gadgetgyz Online  5.0
Shopstar 4.9
iWant Gadgets 4.9
OmniBlend Commercial Blenders 4.9
Tangled Accessories 4.7
Micropoint SA (Cape Town) 4.6
Cellucity – Cavendish Square 4.5
Chaos Computers 4.5 4.4
ZEEK 4.4

The top-rated online gadget store is Gadgetgyz Online with a perfect rating of 5.0 stars, it is obvious that this store provides top-notch gadgets, and that is reflected in its reviews. Nonetheless, their reviews are few, which in most cases is not a desirable outcome, the opposite is highly commended i.e. a high rating and a large sample of reviews. Shopstar, iWant Gadgets, and OmniBlend Commercial Blenders are tied for the second spot, sharing a 4.9-star rating.

We salute the Owners of the listed online gadget stores in the two classifications and commend them for reliably providing quality goods and services that result in positive reviews. Notwithstanding, we ask all online gadget stores to work with survey agencies like eKomi to enhance the number of reviews. Reviews are vital for ecommerce sites, to the extent that the vast majority of sites now display reviews and other user-generated content on their sites.

Be sure to check out eKomi’s blog in three months to read our follow-up assessment on which online gadget store will be the best and most rated in Cape Town.

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