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An Analysis of Pest control companies in the United States | An eKomi StarInsights report

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An Analysis of pest control companies in the United States (US)

Pests in the home or business is vexing. These pests can transmit illnesses and bacterial infections to humans. Bedbugs, for example, are more difficult to remove because they acquire chemical tolerance. This is when expert pest control services come in useful. This StarInsights report looks to mirror the performance of these pest control services in the US as measured by the users of their service.

Pest control companies – Overview

America has a wide expanse of land and as a result, land creatures as well. One of the biggest downsides to this phenomenon is the pulsating population of pests in places ranging from huge warehouses down to the corner of every other home in the local neighbourhood. This is why there are several pest control services in operation. 

These pest control services are instrumental in domestic and industrial environments to curtail the colossal damage that pests could cause on a farm, in the home, in a production line, and to the health of workers and home occupants. Sometimes, you may see DIY suggestions online. But these solutions also come with adverse consequences as they either involve the use of harsh chemicals or they are not effectively applied enough. 

Pest control services help homes and industries identify the pest, discover its source, and cut down the damage it causes to the barest minimum. This, in turn, improves the health of the company workers and home occupants as well. However, several homes and companies go through the pest crisis but do not know the right company to contact to combat this issue. 

Reviews like the ones below are necessary for people who need quality pest control services. It allows them to find these services faster. This informs other persons of the quality of service rendered and how they view it. Reviews are essential because they have an impact on the company’s reputation and image.

Best-rated pest control in the United States  

Pest Control



U.S. Pest Control 5.0 5
American Pest Control 4.9 1,099
Defense Pest Control 4.9 537
Knockout Pest Control 4.9 519
Carolina Exterminating 4.9 395
Sustainable Pest Systems 4.9 115
Usa Pest Control 4.9 13
American Pest 4.8 596
Truly Nolen Pest & Termite Control 4.8 377
United Pest Solutions 4.8 356


Most-rated pest control in the US

Pest Control



American Pest Control 1,099 4.9
American Pest 596 4.8
Defense Pest Control 537 4.9
Knockout Pest Control 519 4.9
Carolina Exterminating 395 4.9
Truly Nolen Pest & Termite Control 377 4.8
United Pest Solutions 356 4.8
Sustainable Pest Systems 115 4.9
USA Pest Control 13 4.9
U.S. Pest Control 5 5.0

The best-rated pest control listed above have shown superb standards of customer satisfaction. Customers of the American Pest Control gave a total of 1,099 reviews with a 4.9-star rating. This massive result was reciprocated by users of Defense Pest Control, who gave a 4.9-star rating from 539 reviews. The third top company is Knockout Pest Control, with 519 reviews and a 4.9-star rating.

One significant thing to note about these companies is that they don’t run independently of humans. Congratulations to the CEOs of the top three companies for their extraordinary leadership and professional qualities geared toward seeing that every nook and cranny of homes and companies are rid of pests. Their efforts come from the standpoint of effect a healthy populace, not one held down by diseases from destructive pests.

eKomi posits a structure that allows your pest control business to also rank top among the pest control service providers through reviews. You can contact eKomi to schedule a free consultation that would help your business grow in customer and size. These reviews will allow you to show up easily for search results including pest control services.

The name of companies on this list will be updated in three months. This is because companies would have garnered new reviews and ratings which would allow them to climb the ladder. This is why reviews are necessary for you to also top this listing. They are rungs of the ladder to topping the charts of best pest control services in the US. Who knows? You might as well be topping this list when the next review is published in three months’ time! Look forward to it!

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