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Best Private Investigation firms in Sydney, Australia

When you need the services of a private investigator, it is important to find the best one for the job. In Sydney, there are numerous private investigators, but not all of them are of equal stature. This StarInsights report will compare private investigators who are reputable and credible when employed in cases.

Overview of Crime and Private Investigators in Sydney, Australia

The question, “Is there a lot of crime in Sydney?” depends on whether one trusts the numbers or the truth. But we all know that every town has crime. Contrary to popular belief, crime occurs everywhere; the types and frequency of crimes vary.

In any country’s Justice system, putting someone up to court is not the first priority, however, investigations must be done to examine the actual facts of any form of a case. But considering the number of people who walked out of court due to a lack of evidence or received an unfair ruling, one may look at the question and begin to wonder why private investigators exist.

Private investigators often have one responsibility to locate and provide the evidence required by their clients. This is normally done quietly, without drawing the attention of a government detective. A Private Investigator (or PI, as they are often known) follows the same procedure as an average investigator, that is, developing ideas, locating occurrences to support such beliefs, and finally reaching an empirical conclusion.

A PI, unlike a detective, works more independently, unless they work for a private detective agency that has a policy of keeping their customers’ information as confidential as possible. While it may appear to be a cloak-and-dagger operation, it has evolved into a full-fledged enterprise that operates in the same manner as a CIA room, however, no one in the room wears a badge in this instance.

Movies portray a lot about the private investigation system, but the public still has to be aware of the service’s existence around them. Reviews within a locality are vital if other members of that community want to use the services of a private investigator as well. These reviews reveal the quality of service offered and how they satisfied the customer’s desires.

Most reviewed & Top-rated private investigators in Sydney

Private Investigator

Number of Reviews


Sydney Private Investigations 44 4.7
Truth Investigations Sydney 32 4.9
Integral Investigations Sydney 30 4.9
Spousebusters 30 4.7
Prime Investigations Sydney 24 5.0
National Inquiry Agency 20 5.0
Lyonswood Investigations & Forensic Group, Sydney 20 4.9
My Spy – Private Investigators, Sydney 17 5.0
My Private I 14 5.0
NSW Private Investigations 13 5.0

Congratulations to the most reviewed and best-rated private investigators on this list. Sydney Private Investigations comes first with the highest number of reviews, 44, and a 4.7-star rating. Second, on this list is Truth Investigations Sydney with 32 reviews and a 4.9-star rating. In third place, Integral Investigations Sydney and Spousebusters are in the same spot tied with 30 reviews, and the difference lies in the ratings of 4.9 stars and 4.7 stars ratings, respectively.

Kudos to the heads of these firms for their relentless pursuit of truth, equity, and justice. The race for excellence has resulted in a massive output of results for their customer base, who have consistently tested the precision in their research and accuracy of their theories upon definite research. It is necessary to acknowledge these feats as they set an example for other private investigation service providers.

With a sufficient amount of evaluations, your private investigation agency may also top this list. There are numerous private investigators out there, yet many will go unnoticed if they are not observed. This is why eKomi’s review service includes a review system that allows you to obtain testimonies regarding the usefulness of your service and how it may meet the pressing demands of both prospects and customers.

Please note that the listings above will be updated in three months. To reach the top of the listings in this time frame, PI’s will need two things: a regular supply of reviews about their services and a dependable service structure that will not only respond to the demands of the client base, but also to their senses. Maintain a high level of customer service, and you will keep your clients for life (i.e. old or new).

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