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StarInsights Re-evaluation of Flowers and Gifts Shops in Kenya, Nairobi

Re-evaluation of Flowers and Gifts Shops in Kenya, Nairobi

Flowers and gifts are some of the most thoughtful ways to make someone feel special and enlighten their day. Whether the person receiving the bundle has romantic ties with the sender or the receiver is not so healthy and admitted to a hospital, flowers, and gifts are the perfect way to add sparkles and elevate someone’s mood. 

Three months ago, we assessed this topic. As part of our industry updates, the time has come to review the flowers and gifts in Nairobi, Kenya. Therefore, today, 23 November 2022, we took a new one-way trip to the city to peruse its streets and locate flowers and gifts people rave the most about from a Google My Business standpoint. 

StarInsights is the editorial segment where we use Google reviews to contrast competitors in the same industry. The goal is to raise awareness of their Google My Business profile and remind them of the impact of customer feedback

Three months back, the top three rated Nairobi-based were found to be Jospah Florist Nairobi (5.0-star), Nairobi flower & gift shop (5.0-star), and Fuzzy & Fluff Gifts Nairobi CBD (4.9). The three most-reviewed establishments were found as Same-Day Flower Delivery (594), Jospah Florist Nairobi (428), Fuzzy & Fluff Gifts Nairobi CBD (405).

What are the new tendencies in this industry three months later? Without further ado, let us explore the subject of the day. 

The Flower Industry in Kenya

The flower industry is a large contributor to the country’s economic growth. It is estimated that 1 billion US dollars are generated annually from flower exports. The horticulture sub-sector makes up about 1.45% of the national GDP and 1.1% of it originates from foreign sales. Kenya is a lead exporter of rose cut flowers, with a mighty market share of almost 40% on the EU scale (Africa Business Pages, 2022). 

The flower industry supports an important number of people that make up an active workforce. About 100,000 Kenyans are directly employed in the industry, 500 000 depend on it, and nearly 2,000,000 livelihoods are supported by this industry (Africa Business Pages, 2022). The industry is booming. Between the forecast period of 2022-2017, it is projected to witness a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.1% (Mordor Intelligence, 2022). 

The floriculture industry is divided into the types of flowers including Hypericum, Gypsophilia, Roses, Carnations, Lilies, and other cut flowers, cuttings, and other types of flowers. 

What Are the Nairobi’s Best Flowers and Gifts Shops? 

Considering the prominence of the Kenyan flower industry, flowers, and gift shops have a task to uphold the best customer satisfaction to keep their business running. The competition is tough because there are enough options for people to buy from. The slightest mistake can put your business at stake and ruin your reputation

As such, maintaining good star ratings and positive reviews are the armed tools the respective establishments possess to stand out. What flower and gift shops set themselves apart in Nairobi, Kenya?

To answer this puzzling question, we examined Google Maps to find the best-rated and most-reviewed shops. We arranged the results from highest to lowest. The entries were obtained as shown below: 

Best Rated Flowers and Gifts Shops in Nairobi, Kenya 

Shop Rating Number of reviews 
Nairobi flower & gift shop 5.0 45
Cheche Flowers and Gift Shop 5.0 37
Nectar Flower Shop  5.0 17
Rumgifts Flower Delivery 5.0 14
Jospah Florist 5.0 453
Jikei Investments 5.0 22
Fikisha Flowers 5.0 74
Emkay Flowers  5.0 12
Zen Gifts And Decor 5.0 22
Same Day Flower Delivery 4.9 620

Most Reviewed Flowers and Gifts Shops in Nairobi, Kenya

Shop Number of reviews  Rating 
Same Day Flower Delivery 620 4.9
Jospah Florist  453 5.0
Fuzzy & Fluff Gifts 403 4.9
Pablo Gift Shop & Florist 378 4.4
The RED Petal Florists 351 4.9
Simona Flowers and Gift shop 287 4.9
Flowers By Mimi Ltd 252 4.9
Nairobi Florist Fresh Flowers 201 4.9
City Market Florists- The Nairobi Florist 177 4.2
Chichi Flower Shop 93 4.9

The Entries Side-By-Side, eKomi’s Eye

Almost all the best-rated shops are 5.0-star rated. Jospah Florist Nairobi was previously a 5.0-star three months back, and it maintained its stellar rating. Same Day Delivery and Jospah Florist are the best highlights of this table, they have the most reviews as of three months ago and the number has augmented by 26 and 25, respectively. Moreover, Same Day Delivery has increased in rating from 4.8 stars to 4.9 stars. Congratulations to these establishments that keep operating at a leadership level. 

The rest of the entries, albeit their 5.0-star rating, remain far behind their competitors. These businesses may want to invest more in their review collection systems in order to keep afloat with the competition and make an impression for themselves in the face of users searching for their products and services. eKomi would be glad to partner with Nairobi-based flowers and gift shops to boost their count of customer feedback. 

The most-reviewed shops are equally the two previously mentioned highlights, Same Day Delivery and Jospah Florist with 620 and 453 reviews, respectively. The rest of the entries are quite engrossing, with many points to raise when contrasting the older report of August 2022. 

Two businesses have principally collected more reviews than others, Simona Flowers and Gift shop (287 reviews) and Nairobi Florist Fresh Flowers (201 reviews), have 40 and 52 more reviews than previously, respectively. Well done to these two shops for achieving this. Conversely, the rest of the businesses do not possess the same trends. Fuzzy & Fluff Gifts’ review count decreased by 2 reviews and The RED Petal Florists, 351 reviews, has amassed only 1 more review since the last report. 

eKomi’s Conclusive Statements 

Businesses dedicated to high customer service deserve to have the right tools to showcase their high standards. From our research, most Nairobi-based flower and gift shops have remained among the top players, however, some may have not significantly improved their review count. This is far from an ideal business stance, and it may be high time to look after this aspect for business growth. 

eKomi is here to help flowers and gift shops in Nairobi collect authentic reviews, which means transaction-based ones that reflect the true experience of their loyal customers. Not only does this increase your review count, but it puts your business on a higher competitive pedestal by benefitting from the add-ons we offer. These are higher Google ranking, better visibility, and more traffic to your website. 

Become Nairobi’s most-reputed flowers and gifts shop. Simply book your free consultation and let us offer you a tailored solution that fits your business vision. Competition waits for no one, you can start collecting reviews at any time, but today is best. 

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