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Real Estate Agencies in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town, South Africa

Learning how real estate agencies operate through reviews gives customers insight into how the business operates, what previous buyers have said, which agencies have good customer service, and whether they should consider that agency. In this StarInsights, we present insight into customer feedback based on Google My Business Ratings. The focus is on ten select real estate agencies in Cape Town Southern Suburbs.

Southern Suburbs of Cape Town at a glance

The Southern Suburbs are a collection of neighbourhoods in Cape Town, Western Cape, SA. According to Google Maps, Observatory, Mowbray, Pinelands, Thornton, Rosebank, Rondebosch, Rondebosch East, Newlands, Claremont, Lansdowne, Kenilworth, Bishopscourt, Constantia, Wynberg, Ottery, among others are the main spots within this demarcation.

Real Estate Agencies and Customer Reviews

Whether you’re looking to rent, sell, or buy a home, this StarInsights will help you compare real estate agents in Southern Surbubs of Cape Town to find the best agency for the job. You can read real estate agent reviews, see real estate agent complaints and compliments, leave reviews, and look at property agent ratings.

It’s a two-pronged situation: while reviews are important for the end-user, they’re also critical for the Real Estate Agency’s reputation. In this real estate industry, perceptions of your brand or business are a major determinant of your market share. Everyone is looking for any and all tools to help them build, maintain, and improve their reputation. Without a doubt, the key to improving any business’s operations is sitting online right now.

When looking for a place to rent, budget and location are obviously important considerations, but so is the reputation of the real estate agency. Online reviews are important because they allow customers to make an informed decision about the type of service they can expect. Good ratings can make or break an agency’s or individual’s ability to achieve the best possible result.

Top-rated Real Estate Agencies in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Agency Rating Number of Reviews
Robshaw Property 5.0 103
Property Alliance 5.0 54
Craig Nelson, Southfield Estate Agent, Cape Town 5.0 24
Just Property Constantiaberg 4.9 19
Norgarb Properties 4.9 45
PropertyFox 4.9 414
Just Property Claremont 4.8 97
Atmosphere Property Group 4.8 18
Jawitz Properties, South East Suburbs 4.7 48
Century 21 Southern Suburbs 4.6 8

Most reviewed Real Estate Agencies in Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Agency Number of Reviews Ratings
PropertyFox 414 4.9
Eazi Real Estate 120 4.1
Robshaw Property 103 5.0
Just Property Claremont 97 4.8
Quay 1 International Realty 68 4.3
RE/MAX Premier: 59 4.4
Property Alliance 54 5.0
Norgarb Properties 45 4.9
Pam Golding Properties, Southern Suburbs 41 4.0
RE/MAX Living Property – Cape Town – Gardens 32 4.1

Findings: Based on the official Google+ MyBusiness ratings, as of November 1, 2022, the best-rated Real Estate Agency in the southern surburbs Cape Town, includes Robshaw Property, Property Alliance and Craig Nelson, Southfield Estate Agent, Cape Town. These agencies sit on top of the list having registered a 5.0-star rating, with the difference existing in the number of reviews 103, 54, and 24 reviews respectively.

In terms of reviews, PropertyFox leads the pack with an astonishing 414 reviews, followed by Eazi Real Estate with 120 reviews, while Robshaw Property sits in third place with 103 reviews. It’s crucial to understand that with enough reviews, real estate companies can get an overall rating. On average, consumers are looking for 50+ reviews to determine if the overall rating is authentic. On the other end of the spectrum, people are easily swayed by negative feedback. Specifically, over 90% of consumers said a negative review convinced them to avoid that business.

Congratulations to the best-rated real estate agency for their exceptional performance and innovative marketing efforts. These agencies are putting forth tremendous effort to increase their reviews in order to improve their online image and visibility. The findings indicate how some agencies took a forward-thinking strategy by emphasizing real client connections.

eKomi’s Recommendations and Conclusions

Reputation management is key to a real estate company’s success, while reviews are a sure way for the client to select an agency. One can gain a competitive advantage over competitors and build a strong brand reputation. Customers continue to want a clear and complete picture of what it means to work with a given agency. What do you value as a company? How does your purchasing procedure look? How has your customer service, support, and success been?

There are many prospects on the verge of converting, just waiting for the final detail to confirm that they’ve made the right decision. And reviews could be just what they need to take that final step.eKomi can assist real estate agencies in improving their ratings and reviews. eKomi has helped countless companies from various industries increase their bottom line by providing excellent ratings and achieving a high ranking on key search engines.

Be sure to check out eKomi’s blog in three months to read our follow-up assessment on which real estate agency will be the best and most rated in Cape Town’s southern suburbs.

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