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A Market Analysis of the Recreational Vehicle Industry in Canada

According to a report from the Recreational Vehicles Dealers Association, (RVCA) they estimate that around 2.1 million households in Canada have an RV. Given such a statistic, it’s common sense that one of the most beneficial things you can do to extend the lifespan of an RV is to adhere to regularly scheduled RV service and repair maintenance. Typically, routine maintenance should be performed in a series of intervals recommended by the manufacturer or dealer. Today’s article is based on the market assessment of recreational vehicle repair shops in Canada.  

eKomi’s Market Analysis of recreational vehicle repair shops in Canada

A recreational vehicle is a large automobile, generally used for camping and travelling. It includes driving and living quarters and is a home on wheels. They vary in having basic to luxurious amenities and can be a single or double-deck. Canadians love to travel,  and a recreational vehicle is usually right up their alley. Such big vehicles are subject to wear and tear engine failure, and other problems associated with their nature as an automobile. eKomi has assessed the capability and nature of administration of recreational vehicle shops in Canada, considering the reviews and assessments by clients on Google Maps to convey the going with tables underneath:

Most reviewed recreational vehicle repair shops in Canada

Name of Shop

Most Reviewed 

RV Canada  422
Caliber RV  184
Tedco RV Supplies  109
Tom’s RV Service and Supplies Ltd  94
Fennell’s RV Repair Ltd  92
Hobo Camper Country Ltd  83
Swift RV Repairs  73
Lone Pine R V  70
Murphy’s RV Parts & Service  64
Adventure RV Center, Ltd  53


Best reviewed recreational vehicle repair shops in Canada

Name of Shop

Best Rated

Swift RV Repairs  4.9
Lone Pine R V  4.8
Tedco RV Supplies  4.7
Caliber RV  4.5
Fennell’s RV Repair Ltd  4.5
Adventure RV Center, Ltd  4.4
RV Canada  4.2
Murphy’s RV Parts & Service  4.1
Tom’s RV Service and Supplies Ltd  4.0
Hobo Camper Country Ltd  4.0

According to data collated in the table, the most reviewed recreational vehicle repair shop is RV Canada, with 422 reviews. Next is Caliber RV at 184 reviews, closely followed by Tedco RV Supplies at 109 reviews. EKomi understands that reviews are the reinforcement of any business, since they go about as references to progress and sell the recreational vehicle shop. Reviews in like manner sway the mind of the client, considering the way that a huge load of vehicles can stall any place in the city, and positive reviews go far to convince them in their conclusions concerning the shop they would contact to fix their recreational vehicles.

We also aggregated data based on the ratings on Google Maps, and the top three best-rated companies are Swift RV Repairs, Lone Pine R V, and Tedco RV Supplies with the three averaging ratings of 4.9, 4.8, and 4.7. EKomi is happy with the promising assessments; in any case, we saw that these top evaluations have few reviews and desire recreational vehicle repair shops in Canada to foster their positive surveys by selecting a survey office like  eKomi, which can convey the best examinations and reviews using purchaser studies to reflect the maintenance shops services. Such positive reviews also address sales development and further foster client-care relations.

eKomi praises the CEOs of the best assessed and most surveyed recreational vehicle shops in Canada while reminding them that we will guide another assessment of the recreational vehicle industry in the accompanying three months, and we state that those 5-star evaluations ought to compare with a sufficient number of reviews to make them acceptable. eKomi is offering a free consultation to choose how to move your repair shop to a predominant level in the genuine market and moreover give thoughts on how the business can update sales, publicizing, and client relations.

Remain tuned to the blog for the accompanying report on the advancement of the recreational vehicle industry in Canada.

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