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A Review of Security Guard Services in Munich, Germany

No matter the size of your company, it is critical to manage security issues including theft, vandalism, employee disputes, and workplace assaults. These security risks put the lives of your employees at risk, as well as the infrastructure of your organization and perhaps even the company’s reputation. Every institution must therefore employ trained security personnel to maintain a safe environment and reduce the likelihood of theft, assault, and other crimes. 

There are many factors to consider when making this decision, including cost, experience, and the company’s size. Many security guard companies are available, so it can be tough to decide which one is the best fit for your needs. As a result, today’s StarInsights report provides a comprehensive analysis of the highly commended and most reviewed security guard companies in Munich based on user reviews and ratings.

Security Guards Companies Industry Overview in Munich, Germany

One would ask whether Germany has a high crime rate or not. But as we all know, contrary to popular assumption, crimes happen everywhere, however, they can also happen less frequently. In Germany, crime rates are quite low, and there are well-established, globally networked investigation bodies.


Like in all EU/EEA countries, the private security sector in Germany is subject to authorization (Art. 34a of the Trade Regulation Act (Survey German Private Security Report:2021). Security personnel is necessary for a variety of reasons. They support the protection of essential buildings such as shops, banks, and schools. They safeguard not only the environment, but also the populace. Many well-known individuals even get to the extent of hiring bodyguards or a security guard business to protect them.

For that reason, security firms provide clients with important customer care services. Such services include offering directions, guarding property, admin, and escorting clients. They, therefore, provide vital services that can be gauged by customer experience. Nowadays, practically every element of companies has been altered by technology, resulting in new business models and internet platforms. The majority of consumers today primarily rely on search engines and online reviews, though advertising and word-of-mouth recommendations still have a place in the purchasing process.

In light of this, eKomi has evaluated the security guard companies in Munich and has produced results through an in-depth study taken on Google Maps. Below are tables that outline the best and most-rated security services companies in Munich.

Highest rated security services in Munich

Security Company


Number of Reviews

Most Wanted Security GmbH 5.0 23
MSG Münchner Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH 5.0 17
GSD Gesellschaft für Sicherheits-Dienstleistungen GmbH München 4.9 46
Nik Security Sicherheitsdienst München 4.9 27
Autarcs | Brandwache 4.9 12
Laris Security 4.7 12
DB Sicherheit GmbH, Regionalbereich Süd 4.4 17
United Security Group 4.3 24
sdm Sicherheitsdienste München e.K. 4.2 39
Münchner Sicherheits- und Werkschutz GmbH 4.2 15

Congratulations to the most reviewed and best-rated security guard companies on this list. Most Wanted Security GmbH and  MSG Münchner Sicherheitsgesellschaft mbH top the list with an amazingly perfect score of 5.0 stars. The only difference between the two is in the number of reviews, 23 and 17 respectively. We, however, recommend these two companies to invest more in their collection of reviews because having a good rating with a large sample size is a very desirable feature.

Kudos to the CEOs of these firms for their relentless pursuit of securing truth, equity, and justice. The race for excellence has resulted in a massive output of results for their customer base, who have consistently tested the precision in their research and accuracy of their theories upon definite research. It is necessary to acknowledge these feats as they set an example for other security service providers.

With a sufficient amount of evaluations, your security services agency may also top this list. There are numerous security guard companies in Germany, yet many will go unnoticed if they are not observed. This is why eKomi’s review service includes a review system that allows you to obtain reviews regarding the use of your service and how it may meet the pressing demands of both prospects and customers.

Please keep in mind that the aforementioned listings will be updated in three months. Security guard services will require two things to reach the top of the listings in this time frame: a consistent supply of reviews about their services and a trustworthy service structure that will not only answer to the wants of the customer base, but also to their senses. Maintain a good level of customer service, and you will retain your customers for life (i.e. old or new).

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