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StarInsights eKomi | A review the best Beauty Clinics in London

StarInsights Top Beauty Clinics London

StarInsights Top Beauty Clinics London

A review of Beauty Clinics in London, UK

Whether you’re after anti-wrinkle injections, chemical skin peels, laser tattoos, or hair removal services, you want to ensure that you book in with reputable clinics. These treatments aren’t as invasive as plastic surgery, but they still require precision and expertise. In this StarInsights report, all beauty clinics actually face a rigorous examination, which includes local reviews, history, business standards, ratings, satisfaction, trust, price, and their trading excellence, to bring you the most reputable beauty clinics in London.

In today’s culture, one of the most important aspects determining our impression of beauty and appeal is facial look. The face is an important part of a person’s identity and a visual indicator of age. Generally, we have been consumed, to find individuals with specific characteristics to be the most beautiful. 

Besides, a distinct collection of facial features contributes to the impression of beauty and attractiveness. With the help of social media influencers, makeup artists, and vloggers, beauty and wellness goods, techniques, and treatments that were previously exclusively available to the wealthy and famous are now becoming more widely available to consumers.

As such, beauty businesses are continuing to integrate new technology and enhance their procedures in order to offer more personalized formulas for consumers, ranging from bespoke lip colour to personalized hair treatment. This is witnessed by the existence of multiple beauty establishments in the UK. A new breed of cosmetic treatment centres has emerged to cater to a selective and demanding clientèle for whom Botox and aesthetic enhancements are as routine as a dentist check-up.

Therefore, choosing a beauty clinic takes more investigation and attention than selecting a hairdresser or a nail salon. At the same time, it’s difficult to imagine a business that doesn’t prioritize client happiness. For the purposes of this StarInsights evaluation, we review the top-rated and most-reviewed beauty clinics in London based on publicly accessible data from Google Seller Ratings and its aggregated rating and review system.

Most reviewed beauty clinic in London

Beauty Clinic

Number of Reviews

The Laser Treatment Clinic 494
Harley Street Skin Clinic 328
The London Skin and Hair Clinic 201
Cosmedics Skin Clinics 60
The Cosmetic Skin Clinic 58
Clear Light Clinic 53
Skin Inspection Dermatology Clinic and Mole Centre London 31
Derm Skin Care Clinic & Face Treatment 27
London City Skin Clinic – Central London 21

With 516 reviews to its name, ASKINOLOGY is top of our most reviewed beauty clinic list. They are commended for their amazing classy experiences and praised for their knowledgeable professional team. The Laser Treatment Clinic comes in second place with 494 reviews, described as professionals with the utmost confidence. Third, on our list with 328 reviews, Harley Street Skin Clinic, is hailed for its knowledge, without exception every doctor and therapist is professional and skilled. (be it Botox, fillers or specialist laser treatments).

Ratings are also critical to the importance of beauty clinics and work in tandem with reviews to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run. eKomi understands the importance of both, hence we further reviewed the top-rated clinics in London.

Top-rated beauty clinic in London

Beauty Clinic


Derm Skin Care Clinic & Face Treatment 5.0
London City Skin Clinic – Central London 5.0
The London Skin and Hair Clinic 4.7
Clear Light Clinic 4.7
The Cosmetic Skin Clinic 4.6
Skin Inspection Dermatology Clinic and Mole Centre, London 4.6
The Laser Treatment Clinic 4.3
Harley Street Skin Clinic 4.3
Cosmedics Skin Clinics 4.2

Derm Skin Care Clinic & Face Treatment and London City Skin Clinic are the highest rated beauty clinics in London with a rating of 5.0 stars. Followed by ASKINOLOGY with a 4.8-star rating, while the rest of the beauty clinics earned an average 4-point star rating. This shows that these establishments understand the importance of reviews to business growth.

Congratulations to all the listed beauty clinics in both categories. In this increasingly competitive business, they recognized that gaining favourable evaluations and maintaining high patient satisfaction ratings is critical to success. With such an outcome shown above, eKomi wants more beauty clinics to be aware of the correlation between online star ratings and brand reputation.

Given the importance of online reviews, it’s definitely worthwhile for Beauty Clinics to use them in their marketing plans. They can increase credibility, entice leads to contact you, and improve your website’s ranking on Google.

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