Top Notch Computer Stores in Johannesburg, South Africa

StarInsights Top Notch Computer Store Johannesburg South Africa

Top Notch Computer Stores in Johannesburg, South Africa

Computers have risen in popularity over recent years due to the expansion of digitalisation of our everyday life. From online schooling to home-based working, computers are the devices that enable all these modern settings we see today. In many households, a computer or a laptop may take the place of a TV because TV programs are just as available through the internet. The demand for computers will keep increasing as everyone needs to perform tasks online. 

How Customer Feedback Influences a Shopper Seeking Computers

When sourcing a computer or a laptop device, it is common practice to begin searching online. After entering the search term such as the name of the device sought or computer stores nearby, a few main factors will influence the final decision. These could involve distance for convenience, the ability to shop either online or offline, and the reviews of past customers.  

Out of all factors, the past customer feedback may either make or break the deal. They help the customer gauge the credibility and reliability of the merchant and its products and services, especially if they are exclusively online. Many people fear getting scammed online, so they exercise maximal prudence before thinking of transacting with online merchants. What past customers experience will forge their idea on the reputation of the seller. 

As such, customer feedback is paramount to the marketing success of businesses. This is the reason behind StarInsights, the customer-centric industry reports that engage businesses in the conversation of customer opinions as marketing tactics that drive business growth. 

Without any more delay, let us delve into the topic of the day, computer stores in Johannesburg. 

The Best Talked-About Computer Stores in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, Joburg, or Jozi, is South Africa’s business hub. Many businesses compete to offer the best value for money to their customers. Computer stores are one of them. Many computer stores in Johannesburg sell refurbished ones, new ones, or both. They may sometimes have computer repairs as add-on services. 

We searched Google Maps to pinpoint the computer stores leaving the best impression on their customers in the city as of 24 November 2022. To achieve this, we ranked them based on Google ratings and reviews from highest to lowest. The results were tabulated in two separate charts as shown below: 

Best Rated Computer Stores in Johannesburg, South Africa

Companies Rating Number of reviews 
Central Computers Warehouse 5.0 5 5.0 423
Shopello 4.9 28
CCS Computers 4.8 53 4.8 324
FirstShop 4.7 6444
Asetos Computers 4.7 151
C2KIT Computer Supplies (Pty) Ltd 4.7 127
John Computers ® 4.6 25
We Sell Laptops 4.6 81

Most Reviewed Computer Stores in Johannesburg, South Africa

Companies Number of reviews  Rating 
FirstShop 6444 4.7
PC International: Computers, Laptops & Accessories 799 4.3 423 5.0
Matrix Warehouse Woodmead 327 4.1 324 4.8
Matrix Warehouse Centurion 254 4.1
Matrix Warehouse Computers Cresta 183 4.0
Walsoft Computers 155 4.0
Mac Shack 153 4.6
Asetos Computers 151 4.7

eKomi Comments On the Findings

The star rating for the best-rated computer stores ranged from 5.0 to 4.6 stars. Two stores were found as 5.0-star-rated, Central Computers Warehouse and with 5 and 423 reviews, respectively. Below 5.0-star ratings, one particular store took the lead. FirstShop (4.7-star) was found to carry 6444 reviews, this is the highest on the chart. Congratulations to this top achiever for establishing such stature for themselves. exhibits a high rating and a decent number of reviews at 4.7 stars. Another store worth mentioning is C2KIT Computer Supplies (Pty) Ltd with 4.7 stars as well and 127 reviews. 

The rest of the high-rated stores possess reviews below 100. In comparison to the highest-reviewed store, these stores have very few reviews. They may need to look into better marketing ways as far as their customer feedback is concerned. The competition is tough. If a customer is scouting for computers around Johannesburg, a high volume of reviews left by other shoppers will undeniably weigh heavily in the decision-making process.   

In terms of the reviews battle, after FirstShop (6444 reviews), PC International: Computers, Laptops & Accessories showcases 799 reviews adjunct to 4.3 stars. The previously mentioned (423 reviews) has third place in this chart, followed by Matrix Warehouse Woodmead with 327 reviews sitting next to 4.1 stars. 

Matrix Warehouse noticeably populates our most-reviewed chart with two other of their stores featured in our table, with 254 and 183 reviews. The least-reviewed store was found as Asetos Computers (4.7-star) with 151 reviews. This is a decent number of reviews that could allow a potential customer to have an idea of a business, but it is not to the level of the top competitor.

Concluding Statements—eKomi Wishes to Boost the Volume of Customer Feedback for Johannesburg Computer Stores

In general, we congratulate all the companies that made it to our report. Throughout the research, we did not encounter a store that aggregated customer feedback embedded on its website. This is a missed opportunity for digital marketing. Shoppers have a high reliance on past testimonials before buying a product. 

This is why eKomi proposes a software that intelligently streamlines customer feedback management, from collection to your website, without you putting any effort. With SEO tools add-ons, you benefit from a turnkey solution that considerably changes your status in the digital marketing landscape.

Book your free consultation to learn more about how eKomi changes the game for your business. Contact us today. 

The Industry Follow-up—Stay Tuned 

In three months’ time, we will conduct an update on this topic to see which store stays ahead in the competition. Stay tuned to the eKomi blog to discover how your business compares to your competitors. 

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