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StarInsightsVegan Restaurants in Cape Town City Centre, South Africa

An Inside Look Into 100% Vegan Restaurants in Cape Town City Centre, South Africa

Veganism is not a sacrifice. It is a joy.” – Gary L. Francione

What is Veganism?

There is a global surge to make more health-conscious choices. One dominating movement in this narrative is veganism. A diet that includes only plant-derived foods and excludes all animal products and animal-derived foods. However, veganism goes beyond food consumption, it is an entire lifestyle that dismisses the commodity status of animals. Today, more and more people around the globe choose to embrace this philosophy.

Often vegan and vegetarian food are being used interchangeably. But vegan differentiates itself from a vegetarian menu. Smoothie bowls, vegan curry, burgers, vegan ice; gourmet vegan food can be found from Sea Point to Kloof Street in the city bowl.

In the face of this need, the food industry and related industries increasingly cater to the requirements of vegan living. Today, there are restaurants that serve exclusively vegan meals, while some may include several vegan options. This is so prevalent that, a restaurant that does not include vegan options may lose a large customer base.

Cape Town, A Hub For Lekker Vegan Foods

The Mother City, Cape Town, is home to various vegan restaurants and not all of them may be the same due to their different speciality cuisine. However, what do their customers have to say? Are they satisfied?

In this Star Insight report, we present you with findings that compare Cape Town’s 10 best vegan restaurants based on their reviews and ratings on Google as of 19 October 2022.

Best Rated Vegan Eateries in Cape Town City Centre, South Africa



Number of reviews 

Wild Eatery 5.0 74
Indikaap 5.0 10
The Fussy Vegan Gardens 4.9 43
We Café 4.9 122
The Vegan Butcherie 4.9 38
The Fussy Vegan Gardens 4.8 44
Infinite Café Plant-Powered Kitchen  4.8 29
Bamboo Plant Power  4.7 66
Vegan Streetfood 4.6 76
The Conscious Kitchen 4.5 166

Top Reviewed Vegan Restaurants in Cape Town City Centre, South Africa


Number of reviews 


The Conscious Kitchen 166 4.5
We Café 122 4.9
Plant – Camps bay 103 4.1
Vegan Streetfood 76 4.6
Wild Eatery 74 5.0
Bamboo Plant Power  66 4.7
The Fussy Vegan Gardens 44 4.8
The Vegan Butcherie 38 4.9
Infinite Café Plant-Powered Kitchen 29 4.8
Indikaap 10 5.0

Customer Feedback-based Analysis of Vegan friendly Restaurants in Cape Town City Centre, South Africa

According to our screening, we found over 20 restaurants that feature vegan restaurants but just over 10 are purely vegan restaurants, which all made it to our charts.

Vegan restaurants in and around the city centre of Cape Town have positive reviews from their customers on Google. The top-rated restaurants scored between 5.0 and 4.5 with a good volume of reviews. The highest-rated restaurants, with 5.0-star ratings, were found to be Wild Eatery and Indikaap with 74 and 10, respectively.

The most reviewed restaurant topping our second chart was found to be The Conscious Kitchen, with 166 collected reviews next to its 4.5-star rating. Closely followed are We Café and Plant Camps Bay, both with over 100 reviews and star ratings above 4.

These results are very impressive, and eKomi holds high esteem for businesses that service their customers to the highest standard. However, as a token of contribution, we would like to give Cape Town-based vegan restaurants an opportunity to amass even more reviews and ratings using our smart software-as-a-service (SaaS) for review collection.

eKomi For Best Vegan Restaurants in Cape Town City Centre, South Africa 

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