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The 10 Best Seed Shops in The Netherlands

Seed shops are places where one can procure seeds and other products related to gardening including seeds of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and even trees for those doing some serious gardening. Some people may also go to seed shops to look for rare and exotic plants that cannot be found anywhere else.

The seed shop also offers packets of potting soil and compost. These are used to help plants grow well. Some seed shops sell fertilisers for plants as well as insecticides for pest control. They may also sell products that help keep your garden or lawn healthy and looking good all year long.

However, in The Netherlands, seed shops are almost always synonymous with cannabis seed suppliers. The cannabis market in the country is the third largest in Europe.  If one is looking for a place to get hold of a wide variety of seeds, a garden centre or a plant nursery are more adequate places. As such, in this StarInsights article, the majority of the seed shops we reported specialise in the cannabis plant. 

Seed Shops in The Netherlands

We perused Google Maps to find the top seed suppliers from The Netherlands. We entered the search term “seed shops in The Netherlands” and obtained 65+ stores. Thereafter, we sorted them according to their reviews and ratings. The results of 02 November 2022 were obtained as follows: 

Best-Rated Seed Shops in The Netherlands

Shop Rating Number of reviews 
T.H.Seeds 5.0 4
Paradise Products B.V. 5.0 1
Sensi Seed B.V. 4.9 223
Dutch Garden Seeds 4.9 8
Zamnesia 4.9 1841
Sirius Smartshop Roermond 4.9 100
420 Shop Headshop | bong, grinder, wietpijp, wietzaadjes & vaporizer 4.9 44
Amsterdam Seed Supply (Online orders only) 4.8 19
Sensi Seeds Cornershop 4.8 74
The Hague Seed Center 4.8 55

Most Reviewed Seed Shops in The Netherlands

Shop Number of reviews  Rating 
Zamnesia 1841 4.9
Culture Boat | Coffeeshop & Seed Shop 1201 4.7
Vreeken’s Zaden 713 3.6
Azarius smartshop, headshop and vaporizers 674 4.5
Dutch Passion Seed Company 664 4.7
Barneys Farm Shop 467 4.5
The Headshop Amsterdam 404 4.5
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds | Online Seedbank 399 4.7
Amsterdam Genetics 362 4.7
Amsterdam Seed Center 272 4.5

Analysis of the Findings

The best-rated seed shops have between 5.0 and 4.8-star ratings. This is the end of the spectrum of star ratings, so we congratulate these shops for this achievement. However, when it comes to the number of reviews for the 5.0-star-rated shops, the number of reviews is not significant. T.H.Seeds has 4 reviews and Paradise Products B.V. has only 1. This is very little customer feedback and does not weigh against the competitors in this chart. 

Zamnesia is our top achiever in this chart with an unbeatable number of customer opinions amounting to 1841 reviews and an equally outstanding rating of 4.9-star. This shop has stellar Google Reviews and eKomi is extremely delighted but also proud. Zamnesia is one of the e-commerce seed stores that eKomi services. 

To date, it has amassed over 51 000 customer reviews with an aggregate rating of 4.8 stars on its website. The rating is almost the same on Google as on their own website, but the reviews are outrageously more than on Google.  This is the difference that eKomi brings to businesses. The opportunity to showcase good services and the number of satisfied customers on their own digital platform. 

The most-reviewed of all shops is also Zamnesia. It is followed by Culture Boat with 1201 reviews annexed to its 4.7-star rating. Such customer feedback is also satisfactory, and eKomi applauds Culture Boat. However, while visiting their website, positive customer opinions are not displayed. We strongly believe that is a missed opportunity for the business’s digital marketing and invite Culture Boat to look into a service like eKomi to help boost its digital marketing. 

The remained most-reviewed seed shops have good star ratings as well as a decent number of reviews, but that can be improved to remain afloat in the competition. 

The Impact of eKomi On Customer Reviews 

eKomi is currently servicing more than 15 000 companies worldwide to boost their review collection process. We are calling all seed shops in The Netherlands that would like to be the leaders in their industry to ameliorate the way they collect reviews. 

When users search for your service, they will be attracted to your great customer feedback on Google then once on your website, the testimonials from previous shoppers can encourage them to entrust your business. This is called customer retention. The more positive hype around your products and services, the more they find you credible and buy from you. 

Let eKomi handle your transaction-based reviews for your success. Contact us today to get started.

Keep Informed

In three months, we will re-evaluate the market of seed shops in The Netherlands. Stay tuned to the eKomi blog and find out if your establishment gets recognition.

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