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Audi Dealers in Toronto, Canada

The Best Audi Dealers in Toronto, Canada

Globally, there are roughly thousands of independent Audi dealers that primarily serve their local area’s new vehicle sales and new car service needs. When you make a new car sales query on the Audi website, you will be forwarded to the appropriate house. However, not all Audi franchises are created equal. Because your nearest dealer may not be the ideal business firm for obtaining the greatest bargain on your new Audi, just typing in ‘Audi dealer near me’ may not be the best option. As a result, today’s article is based on the market assessment of the best Audi dealer industry in Toronto, Canada.

eKomi’s Top Audi dealers in Toronto 2023

Audi is a German car brand sold across the globe, with recognition for beautiful cars with developed engines and frameworks. Audi dealerships are a great place to find quality cars at competitive prices. The staff of experts at these dealerships can help you find the perfect car for your needs.

There are 60 Audi dealerships in Canada as of October 20, 2022. (Source). This means more and more consumers are buying the product every day. eKomi has tallied up the top Audi dealers in Toronto after comprehensive research using the customer review survey to identify the best-rated and most reviewed companies on Google Maps. Outlined in the table below are the data collated from the research.

Most reviewed Audi dealerships

Dealership Reviews Rating
Audi Midtown Toronto 2146 4.6
Audi Queensway 1446 4.5
Audi Downtown Toronto 1179 4.4
Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing 1373 4.6
Audi Mississauga Mavis 1278 4.4
Audi Vaughan 994 4.2
Audi Uptown 922 4.1
Audi Barrie 654 4.6
Faraz Auto Sales 589 4.3
Curve Motors 502 4.5

eKomi sees the requirement for a larger number of positive reviews, as Audi houses are representatives of a form of transport that is related to the existence of millions of people. 

They deal with clients daily, from face-to-face interactions to providing information online. It is crucial that additional potential customers see positive online reviews, because they are a formidable force to be reckoned with when making judgements.

Audi Midtown Toronto is the most reviewed Audi dealership with 2146 reviews from a 4.6 rating. Audi Queensway follows with 1446 reviews while Audi Downtown Toronto is in third place with 1179 reviews. eKomi also used the ratings given on Google Maps to create another result on the companies with the best ratings, as seen in the table below.

Top-rated Audi dealership

Dealership Rating Reviews
Segal Motorcar CO. 4.9 119
Northline Motors Inc. 4.8 527
Toronto Auto Brokers 4.8 103
Audi Thornhill 4.7 592
Audi Brampton 4.7 772
Audi Mississauga Airport 4.7 258
Azores Auto Group 4.7 118
Audi York 4.7 54
Audi Midtown Toronto 4.6 2146
Nexcar Auto Sales & Leasing 4.6 1373

The leading Audi dealer in this category is Segal Motorcar CO, with 4.9 ratings. The second in line is a tie between Northline Motors Inc and Toronto Auto Brokers, with a rating of 4.8 stars. The difference only lies in the number of reviews 527 and 103 respectively., followed by Audi Zentrum Bologna – Filiale Imola, Penske Automotive Italy with 4.5 stars. While we praise the CEOs of the leading companies in the two classifications, we want to bring up the quantity of reviews on the grounds that such low numbers may not be adequately standard to persuade others to search for a similar assistance. 

eKomi’s Recommendation & Final Thoughts

This report on the Best Audi Dealers in Toronto, Canada comprehends that positive surveys lead to customer interest which, when matched with quality assistance, means more sales and profit for the business. We ask all Audi sellers to put resources into marking, promoting, and sales advancement through associations with review organisations like eKomi, to record enhancements in benefits and client connections. eKomi is additionally offering a free consultation to all Audi vendors to examine the nature of administration and how to get customer feedback

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