The Best General Practitioners in Frankfurt, Germany

The Best General Practitioners in Frankfurt, Germany

The Best General Practitioners in Frankfurt, Germany

You never anticipate getting sick or needing general medical care from a doctor. But then, life is unpredictable and sometimes, the unexpected occurs. You become ill and are unsure of where to turn for assistance. For this reason, there are many medical practices advertising their services, and some of them may appear to be one of the best General Practitioners in Frankfurt, Germany. As such, finding a quality General Practitioner (GP) can be difficult. So it is important to know who to trust and where to go when you require medical care from licensed professionals. 

In today’s StarInsights report, we examine the top-rated and most reviewed GP’s in Frankfurt Germany, to understand their history of long-standing service, reputation, credibility, knowledgeable, and of course trust worth.

Industry Overview

General Practitioners (GPs) are primary care physicians who provide comprehensive medical care to patients of all ages. They diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions, and manage ongoing health issues. GPs also provide preventive care, such as regular check-ups, health screenings, and immunizations. They often serve as the first point of contact for patients seeking medical attention and can refer patients to specialists when needed.

At the same, time, many people choose to migrate to Germany because of its world-class healthcare system. Finding a general practitioner (GP) should not be difficult, as the country offers providers both within the public and private health schemes. However, the more options people have, the more difficult the process can be. Therefore, learning how to narrow down the field, set some criteria and priorities helps one to make an informed decision.

A general physician’s reputation and practise were once largely based on word of mouth. Today, the freedom of the Internet allows anyone with access to share his or her opinions with a larger population. Google is frequently the first place people turn when they need medical care. Online, they will find a mix of practise pages, personal webpages, and doctor reviews. The given details will help patients establish a clearer impression of the services and influence their final decision.

The Impact of Online Reviews on GP’s

Majority of patients regard an online favourable reputation to be extremely or very significant when selecting a healthcare provider. As a result, physicians and other healthcare professionals rely on internet reviews to attract new consumers. With that in mind, online reviews indicate a doctor’s genuine capacity to respond to a demand when it is called upon to do so. Honest evaluations reveal the truth about the service provided to patients.

Positive Impact:

Online reviews provide a platform for patients to share their experiences and provide feedback on the quality of care they received from their general practitioner. This can be beneficial for general practitioners as it helps them understand their patients’ perspectives and identify areas for improvement. They can serve as a valuable marketing tool for general practitioners. Patients are more likely to choose a general practitioner with positive reviews, and positive online reviews can help increase a general practitioner’s visibility and attract new patients.

Negative Impact:

Online reviews can also have a negative impact on a general practitioner’s reputation. Negative reviews can be detrimental to their image, and it can be difficult to recover from a string of negative comments. Online reviews may not always be accurate or representative of the general practitioner’s overall performance. Some patients may have unrealistic expectations or may not understand the complexities of medical treatment, leading to negative reviews that are not entirely fair or justified.

eKomi’s review of the leading GP’s in Frankfurt

Against this backdrop, the internet becomes the first place to seek the right info. Every business or practice often interacts with customers, and the market for GP’s is no exception. Therefore, for the purposes of this StarInsights analysis, the data used was extracted from internet reviews on Google Business Profiles of the respective Medical Practitioners in Frankfurt, Germany.

Top-rated general practitioners in Frankfurt

Practitioner Rating Reviews
Dr. med. Harry Mark 5.0 44
Dr. Heinrich Nemec Privatpraxis 5.0 15
Dr. med. Afshin Seresti – privatärztliche Hausbesuche in Frankfurt 5.0 16
Privatpraxis Dr. Völker 5.0 5
Praxis Dr. Adriana Marinescu 4.9 70
Dr Irina Ulrich, Allgemeinmedizin 4.9 69
Praxis Dres. Ihm/M.Bernhard 4.9 34
Dr. med. Michael Ling (Übergabe an Dr. med. Lena Müller) 4.9 19 Willi K. Altendorf 4.9 11
Irene Ebenhöh 4.9 10

Most reviewed general practitioners in Frankfurt

Practitioner Reviews Rating
Practice Ansar Hayat 168 4.6
Hausarztzentrum Bockenheim 139 3.2
House Medical Practice Sommerbrodt & colleagues 112 2.7
Praxis im Nordend 95 4.1
fradoc – Dr. Röbel & Kollegen 80 4.0
Group practice J.Krause & Dr. med. A.Chalupa 78 4.4
Praxis Dr. Adriana Marinescu 70 4.9
Wunder Armin 70 4.6
Praxis für Allgemeinmedizin,  70 3.3
Dr Irina Ulrich, Allgemeinmedizin 69 4.9

According to verified reviews on Google My Business, as of January 30, 2023, Dr. med. Harry Mark, Dr. Heinrich Nemec Privatpraxis, Dr. med. Afshin Seresti – privatärztliche Hausbesuche in Frankfurt and Privatpraxis Dr. Völker are the top-rated general practitioners, earning an astonishing 5.0 stars. The outcome demonstrates that many patients have been returning to these doctors for a long time, making them a sure inclusion into the list of the best. The other listed GP’s, however, did exceptionally well as reflected in ratings; they all have 4.9 stars.

Regarding reviews, Practice Ansar Hayat is ranked first with 168 reviews, followed by Hausarztzentrum Bockenheim with 139 reviews, and House Medical Practice Sommerbrodt & colleagues in third place with 112 reviews. The favourable feedback these doctors have got from patients who have attended or visited one of their practises supports such a conclusion, demonstrating their credibility.

Connect with the best General Practitioners in Frankfurt, Germany

In conclusion, online reviews have a significant impact on general practitioners, and it is important for them to monitor and respond to both positive and negative reviews to maintain their reputation and provide quality care to their patients Furthermore, it is vital for Medics to do everything they can to maintain their reputation as clean as possible. This includes ensuring that the practise provides proper patient care.

In today’s technology-driven environment, GP’s, elsewhere, can benefit from eKomi’s improved feedback and ratings. Several business have seen an increase in revenue as a result of eKomi’s excellent evaluations and good search engine rankings for their services. Do not hesitate to arrange a free consultation to learn more about how to increase the number of positive Google reviews.

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