The Best Health Food Stores in Lisbon, Portugal

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The Best Health Food Stores in Lisbon, Portugal 

Health food is one of our favourite topics to cover. We wrote an article about health food stores in Paris precisely a month ago. Today, we are doing the same thing, travelling to Lisbon, Portugal, next door to France. As per our signature approach, we will contrast all the competitors using Google reviews and a star-ranking system to draw up our charts. Let us explore the topic, starting with some perspective. 

What Is a Health? What is a Healthy Diet? 

Health is the ability to perform daily activities without undue pain or fatigue, as well as the ability to adapt to changes in circumstances and environment. Health is generally perceived as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. The definition of health has evolved. However, despite much progress made by medical science in recent centuries, diseases remain a major challenge for human society.

A healthy diet refers to consuming food items which are rich in nutrients and vitamins. To ensure that you are on the right path towards maintaining good health, you need to consume food items which are low in calories but high in nutrients. A properly balanced diet will ensure that your body gets the right amount of nutrients it requires while avoiding any kind of deficiency which could lead to various health problems later on down the road.

Why Does Everyone Pursue Health Eating Today?

We live in a world that is becoming more and more polluted. The environment that we live in is slowly being destroyed. This means that we are slowly losing our natural resources, and the only way to prevent this from happening is by eating healthy food. Consequently, the relationship between health and food has taken a huge turn in recent years. There has been an upsurge in the public consciousness. People increasingly associate the benefits of eating healthy with optimal health. 

Eating healthy is important because it ensures that we stay fit and active throughout our lives. It also helps us maintain good health during old age. As a result, people are trying to ensure that they get all the nutrients that their bodies need for them to stay healthy and active throughout their lifetime.

Another reason why people eat healthy food is that it helps them boost their energy levels. When eating unhealthy foods like processed foods or junk food, your body will be flooded with sugar, which can lead to fatigue and brain fog. Conversely, if you eat healthy foods, you will get more energy because these types of foods contain antioxidants, which help keep your brain sharp and alert at all times.

Finally, eating healthy food helps us maintain an optimal weight level since they are low in calories compared to processed foods, which are high in calories but very low in nutrients (such as fibre). This makes it easier for people who want to lose weight or maintain an ideal weight level because they will not be tempted to overeat since they feel full after just eating small amounts of fibre-full food. 

Health Food Stores in Lisbon, Portugal 

We searched Google to find the Lisbon-based health food stores where people find the most value. We used their associated Google reviews and ratings as metrics. The results were tabulated and arranged in descending order as follows: 

Best Rated Health Food Stores in Lisbon, Portugal 

Shop Rating Number of reviews 
Farma Biológica 5.0 7
Cebate 5.0 100
Bomercado 4.8 191
Ra Suplementos 4.8 26
Girassol 4.7 26
ECOLONCO Greenshop 4.7 12
Lev 4.7 25
Celeiro – Campo de Ourique 4.4 35
Celeiro Dieta 4.4 30
Celeiro – Av. Roma  4.4 259

Most Reviewed Health Food Stores in Lisbon, Portugal

Shop Number of reviews  Rating 
Celeiro Av. Roma lisboa 259 4.4
Go Natural –  Carmo 243 4.2
Go Natural – João Barreira 239 4.2
Bomercado 191 4.8
Cebate 100 5.0
Ervanaria Rosil, Lda 58 4.4
Celeiro Republica 58 4.0
Antiga Ervanária 55 4.5
Go Natural – Av de Roma 48 4.2
Celeiro – Campo de Ourique 35 4.4

eKomi Comments 

With respect to high ratings, the range of star ratings was over 5.0-4.4 stars. The 5.0-rated stores were found to be Farma Biológica and Cebate with 7 and 100 reviews, respectively. Stores with a high number of reviews on this chart are Bomercado (4.8-star) and Celeiro – Av. Roma (4.4-star) with 191 and 259 reviews, respectively. These represent the highest reviews on Google reviews for this industry, so congratulations to these stores for achieving the top results. 

In terms of reviews, Celeiro Av. Roma lisboa (4.4-star), Go Natural –  Carmo (4.2-star), Go Natural – João Barreira (4.2-star), Bomercado (4.8-star), are the top four with reviews between 191 and 259 reviews. These stores possess both satisfactory ratings and reviews that vouch for their good service. The rest of the stores have accumulated between 100 and as low as 35. It may be time for these stores to better their review collection game to catch up with the competition. 

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