The Best Mediation Services in the UK

The Best Mediation Services in the UK

The Best Mediation Services in the UK

The initial stance of law concerning legal disputes was adversarial. As such, legal cases were seen as a battle to be won by one party and lost by another. However, mediation came as a solution to the brewing enmity, which the adversarial system never failed to initiate between parties to a case. This StarInsights report shows the differing quality of legal services as provided by mediators and lists the best mediations services in the UK. It also emphasizes the need for reviews in the legal business.

Market Overview

Mediators have been able to find a balance between the need to get one’s opinion aired without offending the other party. The in-court argument system has led to more out-of-court disputes than would have been desired by either of the litigators and their parties. Businesses and individuals alike are now popularly going for the option to settle out of court, as opposed to slugging it out within the four walls of the courtroom.

Mediation as a system of legal dispute resolution has created an advanced method that costs a lot less than hiring a lawyer. Mediation also reduces the time spent getting a resolution to legal disputes. Where you might spend months trying to reach an agreement in a courtroom, you can get a quality decision that would satisfy the needs of both parties.

More recently, even judges are advising disputing parties to settle out of court more as a doctrine of equity, especially where the law seems to be oblivious of the situation due to the fast-changing environment in which the law is yet to catch up. While the services of these mediators are recognized, they can be more widely adopted if there is more awareness about it. Reviews from customers are necessary to create a buzz around the service.

eKomi’s Best-rated Mediation Services in the UK

Mediation Services Ratings  Reviews 
The London Mediation Service 5.0 37
Family Mediation Services 5.0 5
IPOS Mediation 5.0 3
Mediate UK 5.0 2
Mediate UK 5.0 1
Direct Mediation Services 4.8 9
Southwark Mediation Centre 4.2 17
South East London Family Mediation Bureau 4.1 22
Croydon Community Mediation 4.0 1
UK Family Mediation Service Luton 1.0 1

eKomi’s Most-rated Mediation Services in the UK

Mediation Services Reviews  Ratings 
The London Mediation Service 37 5.0
South East London Family Mediation Bureau 22 4.1
Southwark Mediation Centre 17 4.2
Direct Mediation Services 9 4.8
Family Mediation Services 5 5.0
IPOS Mediation 3 5.0
Mediate UK 2 5.0
Mediate UK 1 5.0
Croydon Community Mediation 1 4.0
UK Family Mediation Service Luton 1 1.0

The first three best-rated mediators on this list deserve to be recognized for providing premium mediation services to their customer base over time. The London Mediation Service was first with 37 reviews and a 5.0-star rating. Next is the South East London Family Mediation, with a 4.1-star rating and 22 reviews. The third is the Bureau Southwark Mediation Centre, with a 4.2 -star rating and 17 reviews.

Kudos to these mediators for the excellent legal job they have done. They have been able to settle legal disputes among litigants and parties to a case by ensuring that their respective needs are met satisfactorily and making sure that business and personal relationships do not run sour as a result of the mediation. This incredible job makes these mediators leaders on the charts in their fields. 

Our Final Thoughts on Mediation Services

Your legal mediation firm can also get on this list and top it with the right number of reviews which show your services as stellar and exemplary. The real test of any business is the testimonies that its customers give about it. eKomi review system creates a platform that allows your business to have amazing reviews that tell of the superb mediation services that your firm provides.

You can beat the top firms on the list over time with the right combination of good reviews and an amazing mediation service delivery system that satisfies both parties, as this StarInsights report will be reviewed in three months. You can create a performance-based system for your firm where your customers receive great services, talk about your business online and increase awareness as a result.


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