The Best Nail Bars in Cape Town, South Africa

eKomi StarInsights Report on Nail Bars in Cape Town, South Africa

The Best Nail Bars in Cape Town, South Africa

Millennials vs. Gen Z and how those Generations shape online perceptions of nail bars 

Like every other industry, beauty is evolving to satisfy the demands of its customers. Today’s beauty consumer spans several generations, so it’s important to clearly understand the differences in beauty perceptions between Millennials and Gen Z. In this article, we explore the variances that exist and their impact on the reputation of nail bars in Cape Town. Read further to find out more about the best nail bars in Cape Town, South Africa.

Millennials are no longer the most sought-after generation regarding fashion and beauty. That honour now goes to the rapidly expanding Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2010. This digital native cohort has grown up with technology at their fingertips. Their obsession with social media has made them among the most image-conscious teens of all time, leading to more sophisticated personal styles and beauty habits that influence consumers across age groups.

These two generations have various worldviews and demand various things from their beauty businesses. For this reason, the beauty industry has to recognise the importance of each of its consumer segments if it wants a bright future. How people perceive a brand has a significant impact on its market share. 

As a result, online reviews are essential to bringing in new customers, retaining current ones, and maintaining a positive online reputation. In the opinion of eKomi, the growth of a company depends on ratings and reviews because they commonly influence a client’s impression. So, using customer ratings and reviews from Google Maps, we created a list of the top and most rated nail bars in Cape Town.

Top-rated nail bars in Cape Town

Nail Bar Rating Reviews
Glitterella’s Nail Bar 5.0 27
Little Daydream Mobile Beauty 4.9 72
Laura beauty studio 4.9 20
Starboy Nails Bar 4.8 136
Hashtag Colour Nails 4.8 110

The top rated nail bar is Glitterella’s Nail Bar with a stunning 5.0-star rating from 27 reviews. Little Daydream Mobile Beauty and Laura Beauty Studio were next, both with 4.9 star ratings despite the difference in reviews. Starboy Nails Bar and Hashtag Colour Nails also followed closely, both with 4.8 stars.

The Best and Most reviewed nail bars in Cape Town, South Africa

Nail Bar Reviews Rating
Nails Of Note Paddocks 195 4.3
Sorbet Nailbar (Lifestyle on Kloof) 181 4.3
BOA Beauty Bar 160 4.3
The Glam Bar / Beauty Bar 136 4.6
The Nail Bar 125 4.6

Nails of Note Paddocks has the most reviews of any bar, with 195, making it the most reviewed nail bar, followed by Sorbert Nailbar on Kloof, while BOA Beauty Bar is in third place with 160 reviews. It’s critical for nail salons to understand that having a good rating with a large sample size is a very appealing feature to customers.

Our question to nail bars is: Are you ready for the new customers who are going to change the way you do business? Thankfully, you can now leave it in our hands while you focus on other areas of your business. eKomi provides stellar services that help businesses catapult their digital marketing by fully managing their customer feedback through our intelligent software-as-a-service.

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