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The Best Vocal Training Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

The Best Vocal Training Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

Over the past decades, Nigeria has rapidly become a focal point of the music industry on the African continent. From monumental artist Fela Kuti, the king of Afrobeat, to Burna Boy, Nigeria is home to Africa’s fine home-grown talents. Sounds ranging from traditional to pop music make up unique melodious cocktails that delight audiences in Africa and beyond. 

As the music industry is booming, many talents are aspiring to become the next superstar in Nigeria. Although the art of good music is the outcome of syndication between skilled individuals such as producers, beatmakers, instrumentalists, and vocalists, among others, the singer that performs a song is the entity made synonymous with the song by the listeners. As such, having a good voice is paramount for success in the music industry.

Where can upcoming Nigerian artists get vocal training? What are the best-rated institutions eKomi recommends? These are the questions that we are answering in this StarInsights article. 

Vocal Training Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, the capital of Nigeria, is the hub of the music industry in the country. We perused Google Maps to find the best-talked-about music schools there are based on their ratings and reviews. The data was extracted on 04 January 2023 and arranged as follows:

10 Best-Rated Vocal Training Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

Vocal Training Schools Ratings Reviews
Flaming Tunes Music School and Consult 5.0 1
GS Music Workshop 5.0 4
Majestic Music Academy 5.0 10
MasterVibz Academy 5.0 2
Krisplay Musica 4.9 11
Joelaz Music Academy 4.9 50
Home music Instructor 4.9 11
Dee-chords® Music Academy 4.9 26
Prince of Peace music and Art institute 4.8 6

10 Most Reviewed Vocal Training Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

Vocal Training Schools Reviews Ratings
Joelaz Music Academy -50 4.9
Lee Ellie Music School -40 4.7
Dee-chords® Music Academy -26 4.9
BJ MUSIC AUX -18 4.9
Tonality Music School Lagos, Nigeria -17 4.5
Masha Music Academy -17 4.5
SINGBETA Voice Training studios -13 4.8
Krisplay Musica -11 4.9
Home music Instructor -11 4.9

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