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The Best Zanzibar Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Best Zanzibar Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Best Zanzibar Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

Best Zanzibar Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

The allure of Zanzibar is timeless, and seems to have everything that any like-minded sightseer might look for. Although, many different accommodation options to choose from exist. Bed and breakfast establishments are often a great choice for budget-minded travellers, as they offer a more affordable alternative to staying in a hotel. Therefore, in this article, we analyse the top bed and breakfast places in Zanzibar.

How Selecting the Best

Bed and breakfasts in Zanzibar range from traditional Swahili-style houses to modern and luxurious villas, offering a comfortable room or suite with private or shared bathroom facilities and a shared living area. There are many factors to consider, including location, amenities, cost, and atmosphere. 

Research is essential before choosing a B&B because of this. Search engines now provide a company or product’s average star rating and reviews online based on data acquired from consumer reviews. Customers that utilize these ratings are more likely to make educated choices, and B&B firms that use them are more likely to experience gains in bookings, web traffic, and revenue. Based on this, our article examined Zanzibar’s best bed and breakfast establishments with the best ratings and reviews.

Top-rated Zanzibar Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

BnB Rating   Reviews
Zanzibar Panorama House 5.0 1
UroaGetaway Bungalows 4.8 23
Jabar Lodge 4.7 20
Zanzibar Coffee House 4.6 943
Kilua Inn 4.5 46
Sarah’s House 4.3 4
The 189 Gizenga House Stone Town, Zanzibar 4.0 2
Zanzibar Lodge 3.3 10
Kelele Square 2.2 10

Most reviewed Zanzibar Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

BnB Reviews   Rating
Zanzibar Coffee House 943 4.6
Princess Salme Inn 110 3.5
Menai Bay Beach Bungalows 94 3.9
Kilua Inn 46 4.5
UroaGetaway Bungalows 23 4.8
Jabar Lodge 20 4.7
Zanzibar Lodge 10 3.3
Kelele Square 10 2.2
Sarah’s House 4 4.3

For the purposes of this research, data was gathered from Google Maps. Zanzibar Panorama House is rated 5.0 stars out of the top ten greatest B&Bs. UroaGetaway Bungalows follows in second with 4.8-stars, and Jabar Lodge is third with a 4.7-star rating. 

In terms of reviews, with roughly 934 reviews, Zanzibar Coffee House has done a pretty excellent job. With 812 reviews, Road Lodge East London comes in second, while Menai Bay Beach Bungalows, with 94 reviews, comes in third. 

Given such findings on the listed bed and breakfast accommodations, it is a job well done in a field where competition is set to increase. Congratulations to them for amassing such numerous favourable ratings and welcoming reviews.

eKomi’s Counsel to Zanzibar Bread & Breakfast Businesses

Online reputation for bed and breakfast accommodations is crucial in today’s digital world. Bed and breakfast accommodations that provide a great experience to their guests are likely to receive positive online reviews and positive word-of-mouth referrals. This, in turn, attracts more potential customers and increases the business’s online reputation.

In contrast, bed and breakfast accommodations that provide a poor experience are likely to receive negative reviews and negative word-of-mouth referrals. This can harm the business’s online reputation and reduce the number of potential customers. Consequently, it’s important for bed and breakfast accommodations to monitor their online reputation and take steps to address any negative reviews or feedback. 

Contact eKomi right away if you want to increase the number of positive reviews for your business.  eKomi specializes in increasing customer satisfaction and ranking. A free consultation will provide you with the necessary information on how to best achieve this goal without wasting time struggling alone against today’s powerful competition.

In conclusion

A strong online reputation is essential for the success of bed and breakfast accommodations. It helps to attract more potential customers and establish the business as a trusted and reliable option for guests. By monitoring and improving their online reputation, bed and breakfast accommodations can increase their market share and achieve long-term success.

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