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The Most Exquisite Holiday Accommodations in Franschhoek, South Africa

The Cape is where some good wine is.” – Selena Adewinogo

Franschhoek is a well-known destination for travellers from all over the world. It is one of the best-known and most sought-after wine-producing regions in South Africa. In today’s StarInsight, your industry insider, we are releasing information about the top accommodation places in Franschhoek, South Africa.

Franschhoek, A Beautiful Town Nested in Cape Winelands

Founded in 1688, Franschhoek is a town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. It was established by the French Huguenots, who fled to South Africa from religious persecution in France and Europe. The town is situated on the banks of the River Berg River, approximately 80 km northwest of Cape Town. The Afrikaans name Franschhoek can be translated as “French corner”.

It has been described as one of South Africa’s most attractive destinations for holidaymakers. The town has several museums including the Huguenot Museum and Heritage Route Notable residents include Andre Brink and Nobel Prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer.

Famous for its picturesque location, Franschhoek has a breathtaking setting owned by more than 1200 hectares of vineyards.  The town is an important tourist destination renowned for its fine restaurants and luxury accommodation options. 

The eKomi Investigation into Franschhoek Holiday Accommodations:

Top-tier accommodation is desirable for visitors during their stay in Franschhoek. Reviews and ratings would be crucial to decide which housing establishment to choose. We took it upon ourselves to contrast holiday accommodations in Franschhoek to inform companies of their relative placement against their competitors. 

As such, we conducted a study on 26 October 2022 on Google Maps and we fished for the most rated and reviewed. The results were separated and presented in two tables as shown below: 

Top-Rated Holiday Accommodations in Franschhoek, South Africa

Accommodation name


Number of reviews 

Maison Cabrière Boutique Suites 5.0 53
Chapter House Boutique Hotel 5.0 28
Farm Lorraine 5.0 12
Auberge Clermont 4.9 58
Maison du Cap Franschhoek 4.9 43
Franschhoek Pass Villa 4.9 12
Mont Rochelle 4.9 39
Le Petit Bijou Boutique Apartments  4.9 230
Plumwood Inn Guesthouse 4.9 36
The Coach House 4.8 52

Most Reviewed Holiday Accommodations in Franschhoek, South Africa

Accommodation name

Number of reviews 


Rickety Bridge Winery 510 4.4
La Petite Ferme 446 4.4
Le Petit Manoir Franschhoek 364 4.6
Le Petit Bijou Boutique Apartments – Deluxe Apartment 230 4.9
Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate 186 4.0
La Cotte Farm 177 4.8
La Fontaine Boutique Hotel 140 4.8
Franschhoek Boutique Hotel – Lion Roars Hotels & Lodges 130 4.6
Maison Chablis Guest House 113 4.8
Holden Manz Wine Estate 112 4.0

The eKomi Commentary Wine Farms South Africa

The best-rated holiday accommodation in Franschhoek were found to score between 4.8 and 5.0 stars. These are excellent ratings right at the top of the range. However, their associated reviews are not as high except for Le Petit Bijou Boutique Apartments with 230 reviews next to its 4.9-star rating. Apart from this accommodation, the rest of the competitors have a number of reviews between 58 and all the way down to 12. 

A service provider of high standards deserves to collect reviews from its customer base.   eKomi, the feedback company would be pleased to partner with the best-rated Franschhoek holiday accommodations to improve their review count and attract even more customers online. Nonetheless, we compliment all our entries for standing out of the many establishments in Franschhoek in your industry. 

Reviews-wise, all entries in our second chart have an incredible number of customer feedback. The top contender, Rickety Bridge Winery, has collected 510 reviews for a rating of 4.4 stars. The runner-up, La Petite Ferme, is close behind with 446 and 4.4-star as well. The rest possesses between 364 and 112 reviews for ratings ranging from 4.9 to 4.0 stars. These are all commendable results that we applaud. 

However, while browsing through each company’s website, we could not find a place dedicated to past customers’ testimonials. This is a powerful tool that boosts customer retention and increases your conversion rates. With such amazing customer feedback, it is worth investing in this marketing aspect. 


According to our research, the best Franschhoek holiday accommodation have decent customer feedback, especially the most-reviewed ones. In complement, eKomi would like to propose its intelligent review collection service that is already helping 15 000+ companies worldwide rocket their sales revenue. We offer you our modern software that will help you populate the web better with Google Seller Ratings integration. Take advantage now by contacting us. 

Keep an eye out for the eKomi blog for a follow-up on this topic in three months. We will assess Google Maps once more to know what holiday accommodation in Franschhoek is topping the charts. 

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