The top 10 Accommodations in Subtropical St. Lucia

Accommodations St. Lucia, South Africa

The top 10 Accommodations in Subtropical St. Lucia

Are you looking for a unique experience in an unusual setup? St. Lucia is by far the most diverse regent in all of South Africa. It is a holiday hide away where ocean meets bush and boasts a diversity of one of a kind ecosystems. When planning your holiday, make sure to tailor pick the accommodation, always nice to lay down your head where most comfortable after a day’s fun filled excursions. Although St. Lucia is situated in somewhat of a rustic natural set up, it is not short of a variety of different types of accommodation from modern to rustic including Villas, Lodges, Guest Houses, Cabanas, Bungalows, and Camping not to mention Urban Glamping. This article gives a comprehensive analysis of the top 10 accommodations in Subtropical St. Lucia, based on customer feedback.

St. Lucia is a settlement in Umkhanyakude District in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. A tiny village, yet to be admired, as it was selected World Heritage site in 1999 by the renown global organisation, Unesco. This small but charming village merely has a population of ca. 1100 inhabitants, surrounded by almost 300 hectares of flourishing wetlands. One couldn’t help but wonder if the wild life outnumbers their human, charming neighbours. Hippo’s can still be seen wandering down the streets at night in search of grass in the neighbourhood’s front gardens, so do not let them scope you. Do not be fooled by these teddy bear like giants as hippos may appear to be heavy and slow, mind you they can run at 30 km/h on land. Hippos can run faster than the fastest human in the world, but there’s good news, hippos are incapable of jumping. This piece of information together with the advice to walk with a lit torch outside at night is a given to visitors by the locals, ending the sentence:

“You might meet a hippo on your way to and fro the restaurant visit, best you’re prepared.”

A hustle free holiday—St. Lucia in a range of bush, ocean, and estuary activities all in a short distance from each other

On the west is the St. Lucia Estuary and on the east the Indian Ocean. An absolute must-do is the estuary boat trip, sailing on a see where hippos and crocodiles are existing in harmony. Explore the bush life whilst on a game drive, and the marine life on a boat or whilst snorkelling in a space less than meters apart. Cape Vidal beach aligned with some coconut trees and scattered playful vivid monkeys, such a delightful sight. Then there’s the summer highlight when turtles come onto the beach to give birth in summer. Short of nothing, right, a satisfaction for every travellers’ natural appetite. Other activities included: Sunrise Safari tours into iSimangaliso Wetland Park undeniably beautiful; Sunset Safari Tour into the Eastern Shores of iSimangaliso Wetland Park, Bicycle Rentals for some slow exploring; Zulu Cultural Tours; St. Lucia, an everlasting valuable memory. 

St. Lucia is a different type of small town, yes the locals are hospitable but not just them the abundance of wildlife invites the curious travellers to come and experience it all for themselves

Top 10 Rated Holiday Accommodations in St. Lucia, South Africa

Company Rating Number Of Views
Kwalucia Private Safari Retreat 4.8 27
St. Lucia Livingston Lodge 4.8 24
Lodge Afrique 4.7 123
Luxury Tents @ Urban Glamping 4.4 473
Hippo Lodge St. Lucia 4.4 92
Ndiza Loddge and Cabanas 4.4 101
Amazulu Lodge  4.3 160
Lake View Cabanas 4.2 283
Forest Lodge & Villas 4.1 234
St. Lucia Safari Lodge 4.0 256

Top 10 Reviewed Holiday Accommodations in St. Lucia, South Africa

Companies  Number Of Views Rating
Elephant Lake Hotel 486 3.9
Luxury Tents @ Urban Glamping 473 4.4
Lake View Cabanas 283 4.2
St. Lucia Safari Lodge 256 4.0
Forest Lodge & Villas 234 4.1
St. Lucia Eco Lodge Guest House And Eco Tours 165 4.3
Amazulu Lodge 160 4.3
Lake St. Lucia Lodge – Bungalow 153 4.5
Lodge Afrique  123 4.7
Hippo Lodge—St. Lucia 92 4.4

Commentary on the Findings

We at eKomi collected data from the official Google My Business Ratings for January 05. 2023 In order to present you with the above tables, the Top 10 Accommodation Options in St. Lucia. Kwalucia Private Safari Retreat and St. Lucia Livingston Lodge, both achieved the same rating 4.8-star-rating followed closely by Lodge Afrique in 3rd place and scored a 4,7 rating. The highest rating would be 5 stars. We acknowledge that the competition is hard in an industry that is constantly growing, therefore we at eKomi congratulate these 3 top-rated properties. Well done!

Elephant Lake Hotel has done a pretty good job by receiving a decent 486 reviews on it heels in 2nd place was Luxury Tents @ Urban Glamping with a remarkable 473 reviews and Lake View Cabanas landed 3rd with 283 reviews. This seems extremely remarkable. Congratulations to them all for having earned the feedback from their guests now paying out in positive ratings and exhilarating reviews.

In a summary, the most reviewed establishments have between 486 and 92 reviews, while the ratings of these properties are spanning from 4.0 to 4.8-star ratings. Such customer feedback could definitely better contribute to the successes of these establishments, which is absolutely brilliant having concise control over the business in this way one is kept better informed and knows exactly what to do in all situations. We thank the owners of the listed top ten properties in both categories for their excellent service and encourage them to contact an organization like eKomi, which can improve their digital presence with efficient teams that generate organic reviews. The eKomi team provides numerous businesses with customer satisfaction assessments, along with free consultation to determine the level of business growth and a literate sales development and an online footprint. It’s all about helping you to cultivate the best results possible.

Keep up-to-date

In three months, we will re-evaluate the holiday accommodation market in St. Lucia, stay tuned to know how your services are received by your guests. 

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