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The Top 10 Immigration Attorneys in Cape Town, South Africa

The Top 10 Immigration Attorneys in Cape Town, South Africa 

Being a foreigner in a country requires knowledge of the immigration laws of that country and their impact on one’s residence while in that country. Immigration laws are not always comprehended by the public, and many people may need assistance with their paperwork for visas and residence permits. In worst-case scenarios, many people are detained by immigration authorities for not holding a relevant valid permit and face deportation to their home country. 

This is when Immigration attorneys come into play, they help with a multitude of immigration-related matters for people wishing to establish residency in a foreign country. In this StarInsights report, we are looking into the most popular immigration attorneys in Cape Town, South Africa

What Services Do Immigration Attorneys Provide? 

Immigration attorneys provide legal services for individuals, families, and businesses that pertain to immigration law. They help their clients with the necessary paperwork, visas, and other requirements that need to be met. Immigration attorneys may also represent their clients in court in some cases.

They typically specialise in one or more areas of immigration law, such as employment-based immigration, family-based immigration and citizenship. Immigration attorneys represent clients in matters such as visa applications, permanent residency applications, and applications for asylum and naturalization.

Immigration Attorneys in Cape Town

Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city and the second most populous of South Africa. It welcomes numerous foreign nationalities from all over the world with various intents including studying, working, visiting, or settling. As such, immigration attorneys may be quite necessary for the city. 

We perused Google Maps to discover the best immigration attorneys operating in the city. We obtained over 50 results as of 02 November 2022 and then selected the best-rated and most-reviewed practices. Two separate charts were compiled as follows: 

Best Rated Immigration Attorneys in Cape Town

Firms Rating Number of reviews 
Gema Visa Services 5.0 2
Starzmann Consulting 5.0 112
Legal Immigration Service South Africa – LISSA 5.0 2
Visas Fast Immigration 5.0 1
IBN Immigration Solutions – CPT 4.9 91 | South African Immigration Lawyers 4.9 8
Breytenbachs Immigration SA Ltd Cape Town 4.9 148
De Jure Immigration 4.9 14
A Duval Attorneys 4.8 21
Black Pen Immigration Consulting Firm 4.8 119

Most Reviewed Immigration Attorneys in Cape Town 

Firms Number of reviews  Rating 
SA Migration – Visas 684 4.5
Breytenbachs Immigration SA Ltd Cape Town 148 4.9
Black Pen Immigration Consulting Firm 119 4.8
Starzmann Consulting 112 5.0
Intergate Immigration Service 105 4.3
IBN Immigration Solutions – CPT 91 4.9
Eisenberg & Associates | South African Immigration & Citizenship | Lawyer 85 4.7
Craig Smith & Associates 71 4.4
June Luna Immigration Attorneys 68 4.8
De Saude Darbandi 35 4.7

The eKomi Eye on the Findings

Out of the immigration attorneys listed with respect to their ratings, we are pleased to give a special mention to Starzmann Consulting (5.0-star), IBN Immigration Solutions – CPT (4.9-star), Breytenbachs Immigration SA Ltd Cape Town (4.9-star), and Black Pen Immigration Consulting Firm (4.8-star). They achieved both exceptional ratings and a high number of reviews (148–91). For the rest of the firms, with reviews between 21 and 1, it may be high time to accumulate reviews and stay afloat in the competition.

SA Migration – Visas (4.5-star) is the most-reviewed firm with 684 reviews. The contenders following are three of the previously mentioned high-rated firms, namely, Breytenbachs Immigration SA Ltd Cape Town (4.9-star), Starzmann Consulting (5.0-star), and Black Pen Immigration Consulting Firm (4.8-star) with 148, 119, and 112 reviews, respectively. We congratulate these businesses on their outstanding customer feedback. The remaining firms among the most-reviewed ones have a decent number of reviews and there is room for improvement.  

Conclusion Immigration Attorneys in Cape Town

Overall, we extend our congratulations to all the businesses featured in our report because they were the ones topping the Google search results when entering the search term “immigration attorneys in Cape Town”. However, while browsing the websites of all their websites, we did not find any firms that proudly display their customers’ opinions to attract and retain incoming traffic. 

As such, eKomi would like to make a positive impact to better Cape Town immigration attorney firms’ digital marketing. We offer a software-as-a-service that collects your reviews, which in turn tremendously boosts your conversion rate. Our systems are fully integrated with Google Seller Ratings, which means, your website will significantly improve in visibility and ranking on Google the more reviews you collect. 

Join the 15 000+ satisfied companies that have entrusted eKomi for the collection of their reviews. Contact us today. 

Keep Informed

In three months, we will re-evaluate the market of immigration attorneys in Cape Town. Stay tuned to the eKomi blog to find out if your firm gets recognition. 

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