The Top Car Dealerships in Nairobi, Kenya (Revisited)

The Top Car dealerships in Nairobi, Kenya (Revisited)

The Top Car Dealerships in Nairobi, Kenya (Revisited)

Last year, eKomi StarInsights published an article on the top-rated car dealerships in Nairobi, Kenya. Due to the changing nature of businesses, technology, economies, social aspects, etc., we have generated a new category for the business evaluation and rating forum. Today’s blogpost is a StarInsights follow-up report, which involves a comparison of previous recorded ratings and reviews online in order to learn from an assessment experience. It’s a process that allows both businesses and consumers to reflect on the past, reflect on what they have learned, and consider how the previous insights can be used to develop and improve companies in various sectors. This article covers in-depth research on the top car dealerships in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2023.

Market Overview

The automobile industry is a pillar of the global economy and the main driver of macroeconomic growth and stability and technological advancement in both developed and developing countries, spanning many adjacent industries. As such, the industry is highly competitive, and the essential nature of reviews in the sector cannot be overemphasized.

In light of this, Kenya is one of the most promising and fastest-growing automobile markets in the Eastern Africa region. The automobile industry is supported by multiple factors, such as labour availability, R&D efforts, geographic advantage, and government support. In fact, Statista holds that with a positive outlook for the economy and greater household purchasing power, automobile sales in the country are set to witness a strong surge in sales by 2030.

As such, numerous dealerships have emerged on the market. This has changed the basis of competition from good designs and good products to providing services and managing consumer purchase and ownership experiences.

Selecting the Best Car Dealerships in Kenya

Even when you do some research, selecting a car dealership can be daunting. It takes more than just entering “best car dealership near me” into your preferred search engine and crossing your fingers for the finest results to find and choose the correct dealership. Undoubtedly, the internet’s a good place to start, but then what do you do with the seemingly infinite pages of results that you get from that search?

Complementarily, eKomi understands that car purchasers have several preferences, ranging from colour to engine to car seat, and when quality services are delivered. Hence, it will be apparent in the positive reviews of such a business or company. These reviews could result in higher consumer traffic for such a business, and the higher the traffic, the higher the chances of the customer purchasing a product.

Like anything else you do while shopping online, reading reviews of any dealership you are considering is crucial. Both the dealership’s own website and other websites that offer information about vehicle dealers should have reviews posted there. As a result, checking for both favourable and negative reviews often helps in selecting the best car dealership. 

Chiefly, online reviews give a feel for what other customers have to say about a company, even though nothing in this world is flawless. To this end, here is the current list of the top car dealers in Kenya who have been earning rave reviews from satisfied buyers.

Comparison of the top-rated car dealerships in Nairobi, Kenya

Car Dealership Ratings Reviews
ESR Executive | Executive Car Dealers 4.9 1010 4.8 75
Vozilo Motors, Nairobi 4.8 59
Jumbo DAA Kenya LTD 4.8 31
Al-Shujah Motors Ltd 4.8 25
Peach Cars 4.8 25
GQS Motors 4.7 7
Car Soko Ltd 4.6 162
MOTORHUB 4.5 329

Most-reviewed car dealerships in Nairobi, Kenya

Car Dealership Reviews Ratings
ESR Executive | Executive Car Dealers 1010 4.9
Automark 735 4.4
MOTORHUB 329 4.5
Smart Autos 181 4.4
Gigi Motors Ltd 175 4.3
Crater Automobiles Nairobi Limited 167 4.4
Car Soko Ltd 162 4.6
CarMax East Africa Ltd 151 4.5
Maridady Motors Ltd 150 4.3
Agba Car Sales & Service Centre 140 4.3

As of today, ESR Executive | Executive Car Dealers is the best car dealership in Kenya with a 4.9-star rating from 1010 reviews. Such a result is even more amazing because having a good rating with a large sample size is a very desirable feature. Additionally, the other listed car dealerships also have stable ratings while differing in the number of reviews.

In terms of reviews, ESR Executive also leads the pack with over a thousand reviews, followed by Automark with 735 reviews and MOTORHUB in third place with 329 reviews. Based on our findings, it is evident that the car dealers have invested in tools that enable them to improve their reputation. Congratulations to the top-listed dealerships for their great leadership, which is reflected in the high reviews. Today, price comparison is not enough to make a decision on which dealer is best for you.

eKomi’s Recommendations

While it’s well acknowledged that websites for car dealers must have quality content, Good customer testimonials are even more valuable because they are a powerful tool for persuading others to choose your dealership. Basically, potential customers will find it easier and are more likely to receive a better response if reviews include clear categories, alternatives, and ratings.

When a dealership begins to collect online reviews from customers, it is extremely important for them to continually monitor the online reviews they receive. Simply encouraging satisfied customers to review their purchase may not be enough in some situations. Therefore, eKomi helps increase user reviews by publicizing feedback from actual customers. Additionally, you can book a  free consultation to talk about how they can fully manage a feedback service that lets you focus on what’s truly important: growing your business!

Wrapping Up Car dealerships

Summing up, when buying a new car, the vehicle is key, but you should also feel comfortable with the people you’re buying it from. You want to ensure they’re not taking advantage of your good nature and that they’ll be there to help if you run into problems. Most car dealerships are honest these days, but the onus is on you to check them out. The internet makes it easy to learn about the experiences other car buyers have had, and you should supplement that with your own eyes, ears, and questions. Choosing wisely helps ensure your car purchase goes smoothly, and you get the after-sales service you want.


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