Top Online Clothing Retailers in Dublin, Ireland

Top Clothing Retailers in Dublin, Ireland

Top Online Clothing Retailers in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin has no shortage of great shops and boutiques. When it comes to fashion, there is a wealth of stores to choose from, in spite of your personal aesthetic. Although there are many online clothing stores where you can buy everything from formal clothing to casual clothing, not all of them provide quality service or high-quality goods at reasonable prices. As a result, getting a store that is dedicated to fashion and that offers quality and the best prices can be sometimes challenging. To this, our StarInsights report has examined the top online clothing retailers in Dublin based on Google user ratings and reviews.

Market Overview

Online shopping continues to be a growing trend globally. Even though some shopping enthusiasts feel that there is no substitute for the sensory pleasure one experiences when visiting their favourite stores, many shoppers feel that shopping via the internet has great benefits.

Contextually, Ireland mostly exports apparel, and according to reports, fashion is the largest market and accounts for 34.3% of the Irish eCommerce revenue. Moreover, the market is expected to grow annually by 6.01% (CAGR 2022-2026). (Source) Operators in this sector buy clothing from manufacturers or wholesalers and then sell it to customers. The majority of market participants run one or more retail stores where they sell products and frequently an online portal.

eKomi’s Review of the Top Online Clothing Retailers

With so many choices and platforms available for customers to make purchases from, it has largely become a requirement for all industry players to invest more in brand management and maintenance of a good online reputation.

To this end, retailers need to stay relevant in this competitive industry, by placing emphasis on quality, prices, brand, and reputation. For this reason, traditional clothing shops are gradually transitioning to an e-commerce business model. They are adjusting their business models to compete in the online market, just as conventional clothing retailers are putting more emphasis on selling online.

In light of this study, we analysed and reviewed customer feedback to gauge overall satisfaction. Based on the online clothing retailers’ official ratings and reviews as of March 2, 2023, the data used was taken from Google My Business Profiles. This report has, therefore, assessed the degree of customer experience and service provided using feedback from clients of online clothing stores in Dublin, Ireland.

Most reviewed online clothing retailers in Dublin

Store Name Reviews Rating
New Look 516 4.3
Indigo & Cloth 135 4.8
Genius Clothing and Footwear 123 4.5
Bershka 99 3.9
Om Diva 76 4.8
Misslibo 68 4.9
Fresh Cuts Clothing 57 5.0 54 4.4
Quiz Clothing 47 4.2
Rococo 27 4.7

With 516 reviews on their business, New Look is at the top of our most reviewed clothing retailer list. These reviews mostly praise them as the best apparel store in Dublin. In second place with 135 reviews, Indigo & Cloth is praised for their welcoming hospitality and talented staff. And with 123 reviews, Genius Clothing and Footwear is third on our list, with positive reviews on their top service and super helpful staff. 

Ratings are also critical to the importance of a business and increase customer satisfaction and sales in the long run. eKomi understands the importance of this and has completed the StarInsights rating with a list of the top ten rated online clothing retailer in Ireland.

Top-rated online clothing retailer in Dublin

Store Name Rating Reviews
Fresh Cuts Clothing 5.0 57
Larasfashion Online 5.0 10
Havana Boutique 5.0 6
Misslibo 4.9 68
Kalu Boutique 4.9 20
Indigo & Cloth 4.8 135
Om Diva 4.8 76
Rococo 4.7 27
Alyson Gray Ladies Boutique 4.7 23
MissE Boutique 4.7 7


The three highest-rated companies, as per Google Maps, are Fresh Cuts Clothing, Larasfashion Online and Havana Boutique all with 5.0-star ratings. The difference between these retailers lies in the number of reviews, 57,10 and 6, respectively. 

We salute the Owners of the listed clothing retailers in the two classifications and commend them for reliably creating quality help that results in positive reviews. Notwithstanding, we ask all clothing retailer to work with survey agencies like eKomi to enhance the number of reviews. Reviews are vital for ecommerce sites, to the extent that the vast majority of sites now display reviews and other user-generated content on their sites.

In Summing Up

The eKomi group provides all clothing retailers with a proposal to evaluate purchaser pleasure, which incorporates an unfastened session to decide the extent of development of an enterprise is at and to intensify its income improvement and online traffic. Be sure to check out eKomi’s blog in three months to read our follow-up assessment on which retailer will be the best and most rated in Dublin.


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