The Top Famous Caesar Cocktail In Canada

Caesar Cocktail Canada

The Top Famous Caesar Cocktail In Canada

History of the Caesar Cocktail

In 1969, a Calgary restaurant manager named Walter Chell is widely credited with inventing Caesar. Chell, an Italian immigrant, had been tasked with creating a signature drink for the Calgary Inn’s new restaurant. Chell decided to combine vodka with clam and tomato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and a few other spices, inspired by the flavours of spaghetti with clams. Calgary’s mayor, David Bronconnier, declared 13 May Caesar Day in 2009 to commemorate the cocktail’s 40th anniversary. The following year, Canada Dry Mott’s launched an online petition to make Caesar Canada’s official cocktail. According to a survey conducted in 2009, Caesar is Canada’s most popular cocktail. Every year, more than 400 million Caesar cocktails are consumed in Canada. However, the cocktail has yet to gain traction outside of Canada. Let’s take a look at the top famous Caesar cocktail in Canada and explore where its magic comes from.

Canada’s favourite drink-Caesar Cocktail 

The cocktail, created by Walter Chell at the Calgary Inn restaurant, was named Canada’s National Cocktail by Parliament in 2009, and it truly honours that special moment in Canadian culture. Every year, bartenders all over the country are invited to compete in a special “Best Caesar in Town” contest sponsored by Mott’s Clamato.

It’s rare to walk into a pub or restaurant in Canada and not see the classic Caesar on the menu. While it is similar to a Bloody Mary on the other side of the border, it differs in several ways, making it unique to Canada’s borders only. The most amazing thing about this drink is that it is frequently served with an entire meal on top of it, and every bartender seems to have their own recipe for it.

More importantly, Caesar’s savoury flavour has inspired one of the best food crazes of all time: fancy food piled right on top of the cocktail in crazy, creative, and delicious ways! The Caesar becomes so much more than a cocktail when it’s adorned with a bacon stir stick, a slider on a skewer, a melty grilled cheese sandwich, or an entire breakfast kebab. That is a food trend Canadians can support! As a result, the Caesar is now one of the most important, creative, and fun items on the menus of all of Canada’s best bars and restaurants.

The table below shows the Best Rated and Most Reviewed Best Caesar Cocktails in Canada. The research was conducted and obtained from Google Maps, however, these results are subject to change with time.

The Best Rated Caesar Cocktail places in Canada

Places  Ratings Reviews
Maple Leaf Tavern 4.6 790
Rodney’s Oyster House 4.6 2 316
The Carbon Bar 4.5 2 363
Fox on John 4.5 3 700
The Queen & Beaver Public House 4.4 1 919
Bar Hop 4.4 1 909
Score on King 4.4 1 028
Pure Spirits 4.3 1 636
Farmhouse Tavern 4.3 817
Earls Kitchen + Bar 4.2 1 923

The Most Reviewed Caesar Cocktail places in Canada

Places Reviews Ratings
Amsterdam Brewhouse 5 430 4.1
Queen Street Warehouse 4 032 4.0
Hemingway’s Restaurant and Bar 3 737 4.1
Fox on John 3 700 4.5
The Carbon Bar 2 363 4.5
Rodney’s Oyster House 2 316 4.6
The Pint Public House 2 204 4.0
Imperial Pub 2 009 4.2
The Queen & Beaver Public House 1 919 4.4
Bar Hop 1 909 4.4
Hunters Landing 1 758 4.0

The first table shows the research we have gathered on the best-rated Caesar Cocktail places in Canada, and we can see that Maple Leaf Tavern and Rodney’s Oyster House have taken the trophy for the first place. Ratings are an essential part of the business, and they help boost customer service.

The second table shows the result gathered from Google Maps and as we can that Amsterdam Brewhouse is leading with a score of 5 430 and then followed by Queen Street Warehouse with a total of 4 032 reviews and the rest are not far off.

The Thirst Quencher 

Caesar Cocktail concoctions are all the rage right now, relieving you of the burden of your at-home bartending skills and adding more enjoyment and ease to happy hour. Walter Craft Caesar, for example, has created its first-ever pre-mixed Caesar cocktail, made in Canada with premium vodka and its traditionally seasoned, all-natural mixer. The ready-to-drink beverage contains no high-fructose corn syrup, no MSG, and no artificial colours or flavours. It is also Ocean Wise recommended, which means that its ingredients were collected sustainably with the health of the oceans in mind.

It’s a famous lunchtime drink because it’s lighter and more refreshing than a typical cocktail, and it even has its own day, May 13th, every year. This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, with Caesar Fests, Caesar Crawls, and toasts to the drink held across the country.

In Summary – The Top Famous Caesar Cocktail In Canada

The recipe is always changing depending on where you try it, with some people preferring to add a touch of heat with Tabasco or dial down the clam juice, but as long as you stick to the basic stuff, you’re free to put your own spin on Caesar cocktail. Though some may be put off by the idea of a seafood-laced cocktail, the Caesar Cocktail has found the perfect balance of tart and savoury, making it truly unique and beloved by all Canadians as their own home-grown creation, the most famous Canadian drink came, it quenched and it conquered.

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