The Top Famous Pubs in the United Kingdom

The Top Famous Pubs in the United Kingdom

The Top Famous Pubs in the United Kingdom

Pubs in the United Kingdom have been true meeting places for the inhabitants and a must for every self-respecting Englishman since the 15th century. They are a place to sit down and have a hot meal during the lunch break, as well as a place to enjoy kick-offs with colleagues. During this time, Public Houses (pubs) began to appear on street corners as a type of inn where one could find room and board. Today, they are a popular destination for people of all ages and backgrounds, including tourists, who want to sample authentic English cuisine as it was once served. Check out our Starinsights article on the top famous pubs in the United Kingdom.

The Love for Pubs in England

Historically, men who were overburdened with work and family obligations were the primary customers. Pubs, to some extent, become an ideal place for those breadwinners to immerse themselves in self-moment, free of family chaos, with the advancement of society, the pub has become an essential part of the British people’s lives, attracting people from all walks of life. 

Pubs are no longer exclusively for men as the economy and culture grow. People of all ages and backgrounds, including women, men, children, and the elderly, have become primary consumers of pubs. Even on a cold winter night, pub goers, particularly the young, often gather outside the establishment, grabbing a beer. Some important festivals, such as Christmas, will feature a special dinner or performance. After visiting a few local pubs, we concluded that nothing is more important to the British than a pint of beer in a pub. Today, it is not only the alcohol and food that draw people into pubs, but also the most talkative and comfortable environment. For some pub goers, a regular visit to the pub is a must.

Moreover, there are numerous pubs spread throughout the countryside where people prefer to have their Sunday lunch. People usually go there with their families or friends, and they eat traditional roast lunches like road beef or chicken with other sides. They’d like to do the adventure before or after dinner if time allows. So Sunday lunch in the countryside is not a great choice for a family gathering for the British.

Data collected on the Famous Pubs in The United Kingdom

A visit to a pub is one of the greatest pleasures for foreign visitors to Britain. Public houses (pubs) are cultural icons in the United Kingdom. On any visit to a British pub, you can expect to find real ale, open fires, snugs, and a friendly and welcoming environment. This data has been gathered from Google Maps, however, it is subject to change over time. The tables below show the best-rated and the most-reviewed famous pubs in England.

The Best rated Famous Pubs

Pubs Ratings Reviews
Southampton Arms 4.7 1 193
The Grenadier 4.6 1 627
Ye Olde Mitre, Holborn 4.6 2 091
The Harwood Arms 4.6 1 073
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese 4.5 4 449
The Lamb & Flag, Covent Garden 4.5 3 380
The Dove, Hammersmith 4.5 2 148
The Harp, Covent Garden 4.5 2 784
The Star Tavern, Belgravia 4.5 981
The French House 4.5 1 639

The Most reviewed Famous Pubs

Pubs Reviews  Ratings
George 5 104 4.3
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese 4 449 4.5
The Lamb & Flag, Covent Garden 3 380 4.5
Prospect of Whitby 3 537 4.4
The Spaniards Inn 2 872 4.3
The Old Bank of England 2 781 4.4
The Harp, Covent Garden 2 784 4.5
The Old Wellington 2 359 4.5
Princess Louise, Holborn 2 308 4.4
Ye Olde Mitre, Holborn 2 091 4.6

The first table displays the findings of our research on the best-rated famous pubs in England, United Kingdom, and we can see that Southampton Arms came in first with a rating of 4.7. Ratings are important in business because they aid in the improvement of customer service and experience.

The second table displays the Google Maps results, and as can be seen, George leads with 5 104 reviews. Even if a company’s link profile is of poor quality, the reviews help it rank well.

Final Thoughts – The Top Famous Pubs in the United Kingdom

It is still quite common in England to have a historic pub nearby. The pub remains the community centre, where people and families gather to eat and drink. However, recent studies show that the tide is turning, and people are increasingly likely to visit a pub for food rather than drink. This trend appears to be accelerating. While there are still many thriving pubs per capita, there has been a steady decline over the last decade in particular, and some believe the traditional type of pub has a limited lifespan. If you find yourself in the heart of England and want to quench your thirst or eat a hearty meal, check out the pubs listed above.

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