The Top Gun Shops in Vienna, Austria

The Top Gun Shops in Vienna, Austria

The Top Gun Shops in Vienna, Austria

“It’s not a gun control problem; it’s a cultural control problem.” – Bob Barr

As is well known, a legal procedure must be followed to purchase a firearm in most parts of the world. You must acquire the necessary certificates for the selected firearm. If you have fulfilled all legal requirements and want to purchase a firearm, you must do so through a licensed firearms’ dealer. Austria is no exception, and boosts of some top class gun shops. According to Austrian legislation, certain classes of shotguns and rifles are allowed to be owned on a shall-issue basis. If you plan to buy a gun, this StarInsights report curated a list of the best gun shops in Vienna, Austria, where you can legally purchase firearms.

Industry Overview of Firearms

Austria is the 14th most militarized nation in the world, with about 30 civilian guns per 100 residents. The firearms and ammunition industry has a substantial economic impact, both nationally and at the state level. Due to an unprecedented number of Austrians exercising their fundamental right to keep and bear guns. Businesses have witnessed nothing short of amazing economic development in recent years. Sales of firearms and ammunition are anticipated to bring in more than U$31 million annually for this business in Austria (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute).

Impact of Customer Reviews on Gun Shops

Like any business, gun shops want to attract more customers, so they can grow. Selling firearms is very similar to selling anything else, except for the special regulatory circumstances. Gun retailers need to take care of their customers, manage their inventory, and safeguard profit margins. 

Price competition is not a viable business strategy. Gun businesses must discover a way to set themselves apart from competitors. One of a company’s most effective marketing tools for luring new clients is a good reputation. As a result, positive online reviews therefore have a big impact on consumers’ shopping decisions.

Reviews present a plethora of opportunities. They contribute significantly to business improvement and help consumers in making wiser decisions. So, using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, we conducted a study on the top-rated and most reviewed gun shops in Vienna. Without further ado, here’s eKomi’s curated lists of the top ten, respectively.

Top-rated gun shops in Vienna

Gun Shop Rating Reviews
RangeIsClear 5.0 163
Phantom Arms 5.0 24
Gun Garage Austria 5.0 21
Mario´s Shooting World GmbH 5.0 5
Gunsmith Martin Kruschitz 4.8 22
Gunsmith Franz Uitz 4.7 75
SCHUNKO KG Waffenhandel 4.6 535
Seidler Heribert KG 4.6 137
Wertgarner 1820 Jagd- & Sporthandels GmbH 4.6 100
Waffen Seper 4.6 15

Most reviewed gun shops in Vienna

Gun Shop Reviews Rating
SCHUNKO KG Waffenhandel 535 4.6
Austria Arms 199 4.5
EUROGUNS Waffenhandel 197 3.7
RangeIsClear 163 5.0
Seidler Heribert KG 137 4.6
Wertgarner 1820 Jagd- & Sporthandels GmbH 100 4.6
doubleaction OG 91 4.4
Gunsmith Franz Uitz 75 4.7
Schwandner Anton GesmbH 63 4.5
KETTNER 53 3.3

The top-rated security firm, with a rating of 5.0 stars out of 5, are four gun shops, according to the information displayed above. These include, RangeIsClear, Phantom Arms, Gun Garage Austria and Mario’s Shooting World. Although they are tied for the top spot, they have different numbers of reviews 163, 24, 21 and 5 respectively.

With 535 reviews, SCHUNKO KG Waffenhandel is the firearm supplier with the highest positive ratings. It is praised for having excellent staff and being a top service provider. Austria Arms is second on the list with 199 reviews known for a quality staff and a wide range of firearms. Followed closely by EUROGUNS Waffenhandel with 197 reviews and commended for its diligent work ethic and extra practical services like gun handling tutorials.

Congratulations to the firearms and ammunition retailers on this list with the most reviews and the greatest ratings. We applaud the CEOs of these companies for their tenacious efforts in upholding their brand reputation. The race for excellence has resulted in a massive output of results for their customer base. Given that they serve as a model for other gun shops in Vienna, it is important to recognize these accomplishments.

eKomi’s Recommendations and Conclusions

There are many subtle factors to watch out for when choosing a gun shops. Even though some decisions might seem obvious, such as choosing a firm with a track record of success.  Any gun shop can come in first place if there are enough positive reviews. In Austria , there are many firearms dealers, but most of them will go undiscovered if not looked for. 

eKomi’s review service includes a review system that allows you to obtain reviews regarding using your service and how it may meet the pressing demands of both prospects and customers. The eKomi team provides all gun shops in Vienna with a proposal, which includes a  free consultation.

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