The Top High Schools in London

The Top High schools in London

The Top High Schools in London

High school is an important part of our lives. We enter a phase in our lives where we learn independence and responsibility. We meet different people from different backgrounds, which teaches us how to express ourselves and improve our social skills. Most importantly, we learn and further our education. Deciding which high school to go to can sometimes be somewhat difficult. I’m here to help you with that

When choosing a High School

When choosing which high school to go to you have to look at all the different aspects starting with how good is it academically based on passing rate. No one wants to go to a high school that has a low passing rate. The main purpose of high school is to learn and grow, so you can apply for higher education (University) or a job depending on how well you did. 

You also look into the other aspects like which classes you will be attending, how high the school fees are, how far it is from where you live, and how diverse it is compared to other schools. Other important aspects are student-teacher interactions, technology, the resources that are provided, how big the school building is, and lastly extracurricular activities. All this can be decided on through proper research.

Before the internet, you would have to call or visit the school building and have a chat with the school principal, who would then show you around the building and explain everything in detail. Nowadays, before you even set foot on the building, you have the luxury of going on to the internet and doing your own research. You then inform yourself through stats that are provided to you. You then go on and make an appointment, so you can have direct contact with the school. 

The stats I will be focusing on come in the form of reviews and ratings. It is used across the market whether it is a school like in this case or any other business that you want to inquire about. I will draft a table and further explain this, so you have a better understanding of how this system works. Below you will find a table of the best-rated and best-reviewed high schools in London

Top Rated 

Schools Ratings Reviews
Palmers Green High School 5,0 1
Highgate School 4,9 14
North London Grammar School 4,8 146
Wimbledon High School 4,7 18
Fairley House School 4,7 3
Woodlane High School 4,7 3
Blackheath High School GDST 4,6 22
Ricards Lodge High School 4,5 24
Francis Holland School, Regent’s Park 4,4 5
Henrietta Barnett School 4,4 60

Most reviewed 

Schools Reviews Ratings 
North London Grammar School 146 4,8
City of London School 96 4,4
Henrietta Barnett School 60 4,4
Pimlico Academy 54 4,4
Ricards Lodge High School 24 4,5
Blackheath High School GDST 22 4,6
Sacred Heart High School 20 4,0
Highgate Wood School 19 4,2
Wimbledon High School 18 4,7
Addey and Stanhope School 16 4,3

When looking at the information drafted on this table, you find that Palmers Green High School is the best rated with 5,0 compared to the other schools. The lowest rating on this table is Henrietta Barnett School with a 4,4 rating. On the reviews table, North London Grammar School has 146 and Addey and Stanhope School has only 16 which is the lowest. 

This information points out which school is the best based on ratings and reviews which are generated through customer feedback depending on their satisfaction. Reviews and ratings provide you with an overview of how well the school is doing. It narrows down the time and effort you take in order to figure out which school would be the best for you. eKomi helps improve these in order to generate better ratings and reviews. 

About eKomi 

eKomi is a respected and acknowledged worldwide feedback company that helps businesses improve their services through ratings and reviews. Through eKomi your business receives the exposure it deserves which will help the company grow.


Now we have established what ratings and reviews can do for your company and how they can help the business progress. In the future, it will be much easier to decide on what to choose and why it is the best choice compared to others. 


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