The Top Used Cars Dealerships in Harare Zimbabwe

Best Used Cars Dealerships in Harare, Zimbabwe

The Top Used Cars Dealerships in Harare Zimbabwe

Second only to our homes, in terms of cost, cars are usually one of the purchases we make. This probably means you don’t do it very often, and if you are unprepared, it can be intimidating. Before you enter a dealership, it pays to conduct your research to understand the process. Thus, if you plan to buy a second-hand car, which dealer should you approach? Today’s article is based on research into various used car dealers in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe.

Industry Overview

The motor assembly sector in Zimbabwe is hardly non-existent. Most of the cars on the roads are reconditioned imports, primarily from Japan. According to statistics from the Beitbridge border crossing, up to 200 used cars from Japan enter the Zimbabwean market each day. Despite all of this, purchasing used or pre-owned vehicles continues to be one of the most common ways to own a car in Zimbabwe.  

Also known as pre-owned cars, can be bought either directly from the owner or through a car dealership. Purchasing used vehicles has many advantages, including lower depreciation rates, reduced registration expenses, and a lack of road taxes and other mandatory levies. Conversely, the downside of this option is that it is easy to get duped. Some of the agencies or sellers may misrepresent some of the crucial facts about the vehicle and sell you faulty, disputed, or old vehicles.

How to Select the Best Used Car Dealership

It all comes down to doing thorough research and approaching a variety of sellers. Customer feedback in the form of customer reviews impacts a car dealership’s reputation. Through evaluating online reviews, one discovers how the public perceives the dealership’s goods or services, operational procedures, or customer service. In turn, numerous positive evaluations raise used car business’ credibility and make a good first impression on potential clients. Good reviews allow potential customers to trust a dealership and feel comfortable making a purchase because previous clients have had pleasant experiences doing so.

One of the more reliable indicators of a company’s brilliance is the quantity and quality of its reviews. Some of the factors to consider when selecting a dealership include: (Check for reviews that independently address these elements as well)

  • Check physical condition
  • Check running condition
  • Check registration documents
  • Check insurance
  • Check maintenance records
  • Written agreement
  • Payment Conditions
  • Ownership Transfer Confirmation

It is important to know about used car dealerships and how they function. eKomi conducted a study on the best and most rated used car dealers, using ratings and reviews given by customers on Google Maps, as seen in the tables below.

Most reviewed used cars dealerships in Harare

Dealerships Number of Reviews Rating
Amtec Motors 195 3.8
The Vehicle Exchange Centre and Carsales 67 3.7
Tongogara Motors 39 4.1
Tokyo Motors, Harare 34 3.8
Aomori Auto Pvt Ltd 33 4.4
Eminent Cars 31 4.1
Quest Motors – Dealership 29 4.2
BE FORWARD Zimbabwe Harare 29 3.9
Exquisite Cars Zimbabwe 14 4.9
SBT Zimbabwe – Harare 13 3.5

With 195 reviews, Amtec Motors is the most popular, with most reviewers mentioning how welcoming the staff is. The Vehicle Exchange Centre and Car Sales is second on the list with 67 reviews, and despite some unfavourable comments, most customers agree that the service is consistently exceptional. Tongogara Motors., with 39 reviews, is in third position. According to their reviews, they offer excellent service at extremely reasonable prices. Complementarily, ratings play a big role in how important a firm is. Over time, they increase customer satisfaction and sales and collaborate with reviews. Given the significance of both, eKomi finished the StarInsights evaluation by compiling a list of the top ten used Car Dealers in Harare.

Top-rated used cars dealerships in Harare

Dealerships Rating Number of Reviews
Exquisite Cars Zimbabwe 4.9 14
Tida Zim Motors 4.8 4
Aomori Auto Pvt Ltd 4.4 33
Heritage Motors Zimbabwe 4.3 4
Quest Motors – Dealership 4.2 29
Tongogara Motors 4.1 39
Eminent Cars 4.1 31
BE FORWARD Zimbabwe Harare 3.9 29
Amtec Motors 3.8 195
Tokyo Motors, Harare 3.8 34

More than half of the listed car dealerships have an average rating of four point something stars. This demonstrates that dealerships are aware of the value of ratings and reviews to their online reputation. In breaking down, Exquisite Cars Zimbabwe sits on top of the list with a 4.9 star rating, followed closely by Tida Zim Motors with 4 4.8-star rating and Aomori Auto Pvt Ltd with a rating of 4.4 star.

eKomi commends the proprietors of the top used car dealers in both categories for their exceptional services. Without a doubt, there is a very high demand for car rental services in Zimbabwe right now and luckily there are many used car dealerships across the country.

Our Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell, car dealerships must pay great attention to their reviews and ratings in addition to closing the transaction. Prospective buyers are more likely to read online reviews before making a purchase choice while looking for a car. Before a consumer even sets foot on the lot, reviews and ratings of car dealers give them critical information about the purchasing process. Additionally, the dealership will experience business loss if it has poor reviews. 

We urge all used car dealers in Zimbabwe to up their game and contact a review agency like eKomi. eKomi delivers positive reviews through organic surveys on as many platforms as possible and targeted marketing techniques to take your business to the next level. Request a free consultation for more information.

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