Top 10 Car Dealerships in Nairobi – Ekomi StarInsights 2022

Top 10 Car Dealerships in Nairobi - Ekomi StarInsights 2022

Getting a car is a lifetime achievement for most people. It is time for you to decide which of the top car dealers work best for you. Good or bad reviews on car dealers have a way of going viral quickly. Positive reviews are a social proof of trust encouraging readers to decide to purchase any product.

EKomi has grown to become the world’s leading producer of reliable and user-validated reviews and ratings. A while back, we launched an episode of our StarInsights report that turned out to be a great success.

We are a strategic advisory brand that specializes in strategic planning and generating reports for it. People from all industries and business sectors rely on this analysis to find the information they need before making any commitments.

StarInsights study provides a comprehensive benchmark series and reports on user ratings and reviews. User-validated referral and feedback have proven to result in strong customer trust and loyalty, the number one goal. In this episode, we conduct sector research within the top 10 Car Dealerships in Nairobi.

Seeing that the car business is very competitive, customer reviews are becoming more and more important. More companies are working hard to ensure that their products generate positive reviews from their consumers.

For this StarInsights report, we will be looking at the top-rated and the most rated car dealerships in Nairobi. In the top-rated category, we will be looking at some of the car dealerships in Nairobi with the best online ratings. A good online rating could suggest that the dealership is great in more ways than one, from their customer service to their after services. 

We will also look at the dealerships with the most reviews in the most rated category. In this section, we considered car dealerships in Nairobi with the highest number of reviews. In essence, this could reflect on the popularity of the dealership. Again, it could mean that the dealership is more accessible to the masses, whether online or multiple outlets. 

Our StarInsights Report is purely based on the official Google ratings and reviews. That said, let’s delve into the statistics. 


Dealerships Rating Reviews
Gigi Motors LTD 4.5 158
Car Soko LTD 4.5 140
Maridady Motors LTD 4.5  140
Autopedia Inc- Nairobi Showroom 4.4 60
Valley Road Motors 4.4 105
Car City Limited 4.1 64
Riri Cars Limited 4.1 50
Ace Prestige Autos 4.1 122
Al-Shujah Motors LTD 4.1 21
Autobox Motors Limited 4.0 35


As of today, Gigi Motors LTD, Gigi motors is the best rated with a 4.5 rating. It recently got to first place thanks to their consistency in selling quality products, and high customer service. Car Soko LTD and Maridady Motors LTD follow closely with a 4.5 star rating. These dealers have maintained this leading and competitive position for quite some time. In the recent past, the companies have shifted more of their focus towards addressing the negative comments and reviews on their product. This builds more customer trust and consequently a dramatic increase in sales.

The fourth place goes to Autopedia Inc- Nairobi Showroom. Although with a much lesser number of reviews, it still managed a 4.5 star rating. The dealer has placed a couple of reviews on its homepage, and each review published on its specific product. This tactic has elicited a whole new level of testimonials on the page, which is likely to increase customer confidence.

The last dealer on our list is Autobox Motors Limited with 35 reviews and a 4.0/5 star review. Considering the small number of reviews, the dealer has had an admirable growth rate, especially seeing that it is almost new in the car dealing business.


Dealerships Reviews Rating
Executive Car Dealers in Kenya 1000 4.1/5
Automark 684 4.1/5
Gigi Motors 158 4.5/5
Maridady Motors LTD 140 4.5/5
Car Soko LTD 140 4.5/5
Agba Car Sales and Service Centre 125 4.3/5
Valley Road Motors 105 4.4/5
Ace Prestige Autos 122 4.1/5
Valley Road Motors 107 4.4/5
Karen Auto Mart 88 4.0/5

Executive car dealers have scooped the most reviews, 1000. As the name suggests, the dealerships must be offering exquisite services to their clients. It is followed by Automark with almost half the number of reviews, 685. To have such a good response from customers, the Automark must have systems in place to motivate feedback generation. 

The number of reviews collected by Gigi Motors which comes in third place, is much lower compared to the first two dealers. It, however, has a higher rating of 4.5. It shows that though they may not be collecting as much feedback, their services are, however, top-notch.

We cannot help but admire and congratulate Gigi Motors LTD, and Executive Car Dealers in Kenya for being the best rated and most rated dealerships, respectively. Congratulations are also in order for the CEOs of the top 3 companies, Gigi Motors LTD, Samuel Mwai, Executive Car Dealers in Kenya, Dan Njoroge, and Car Soko LTD, Humphrey Bartien, for their great leadership that reflects on the high reviews.

Today, price comparison is not enough to make a decision on which dealer is best for you. Ekomi helps increase user reviews by publicizing feedback from actual customers.

We will be conducting a broader research and provide an update in the next 3 to 6 months re-evaluating how the ratings would have changed within the period. Stay tuned to learn more about which dealership will be the best rated and the most rated in Nairobi.

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